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An animated musical short from the world of Looking For Group.
An animated musical short from the world of Looking For Group.
2,701 backers pledged $132,640 to help bring this project to life.

LFG The Animated Series!


Hello Backers!

I just wanted to jump on here and tell you about our new Kickstarter campaign LFG The Animated Series. Sohmer had an epiphany detailed here and we are now looking to fund the pilot for an LFG Animated Series. We've got a bunch of great merchandise available as rewards including the LFG vol.6 hardcover, an LFG crew shirt and a plushie Richard hat.

As always, thank you so much for all of your support!

You can find the Kickstarter here: click me

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    1. Peter McAndrew on

      To clarify Chris' comment: there are three links in your post. The third should match the first, but instead it matches the second.

    2. Chris Willard on

      Your link doesn't actually link to the kickstarter, it links again to the post. I had to go searching for the KS manually.

    3. TheChosenOne on

      So with 132k you guys make a better looking short clip and with 60k more you want to make a full pilot? Ahuh...

    4. Robert Ashman on

      Oh good, a forum where my question won't be ignored... I asked THREE TIMES on the lfg blog post sooner made, and all three times the post was said to be waiting for moderation, and then was never posted or answered...

      So I ask here and now: will the licd pilot be released for fans unable to back that project in the same way that the this is war video was? I won like to see what a 22 minute pilot could be like....