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An animated musical short from the world of Looking For Group.
An animated musical short from the world of Looking For Group.
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Slaughter Your 4-inch World!

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Hey TiW Backer! 

We wanted to alert you to something very very cool that we're doing: The Richard The Warlock Action Figure!

Kickstarter approached us about participating in their "All in 1" event for March, and we thought it was a fun way to create a pre-order for this long-in-development figure!

Please take a look at the campaign and if you'd like one, you can be one of the first to get one!

Thanks so much,

sohmer, Lar & The Blind Ferret Crew!

This Is War... and THIS is Something New!


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Still Slaughtering, Still Comic-ing


Hey Guys!

Just wanted to touch base and let you know about a couple of the rewards that we're still working on. 

First up, the HD Slaughter Your World is still in the process of being converted. I know seems like it's taking forever, but I assure you it doesn't just seem like it. It's really taking forever. We are having to go frame-by-frame for the conversion, but we are working on it and as soon as it's ready, you'll be the first to know!

Second is the Mini-Comic Stretch goal. Now that we've got the holidays out of the way, Sohmer is scripting it up and we'll get it together and out the door as soon as we can!

As always if there are any questions, missing rewards or words of general encouragement needed, please feel free to drop us a line at: 

Take care, Talk soon!


New Years, HD and Mini


Hey guys!

Just a quick update for y'all to kick off 2014!

The HD version of Slaughter Your World is being worked on as we speak, as is the mini-comic that was promised. We had to wait for a hole in Lar's schedule to get that bad boy running, but we're on it!

Also, if you are still missing any rewards, please let us know at Please check to make sure all shipping costs were covered and we'll get right on it!

From all of us around these parts, to you and your parts, Happy New Year and let's kick 2014 off with a FWOOSH!


LFG - let's get animated!


Hello LFG fans!

The holidays are approaching and I don't need to tell you that the greatest gift of all is LFG!

Granny can keep her head warm with a wonderful Richard hat. Little Jimmy can learn to read with the digital omnibus on his tablet (kids these days, so spoiled). Crazy Uncle Ronnie can take out his anger issues with a soft Sooba plushie. There is truly something for everyone!

Get some holiday shopping done and support your favourite comic all at the same time! 

 As ever, you are the best and thank you for your support!