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We are bringing everyone's favourite warlock from Looking For Group to your world!
473 backers pledged CA$ 20,794 to help bring this project to life.


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CA$ 20,794


***UPDATE March 20th:*** We have surpassed  $20,000 on this campaign, so all orders will also come with a signed issue of LFG Comics! 

We did these with Dynamite a couple of years ago, and each issue features a classic work of art re-done for Looking For Group! 

Every order will receive one signed issue FREE, suitable for framing, reading, and generally loving! So let the world know! 

He’s more than more than bleeding eyes! He’s the real Legaran anti-hero! He believes that friendship is tragic! It’s Richard! After over 1000 pages of Looking For Group over the 10 years it’s been in print, behold the first fully articulated Richard action figure.

The short answer is watch this and read this. 
The long answer is that Looking For Group is writer Ryan Sohmer and artist Lar DeSouza award winning comic, satirizing epic fantasy games like World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons and epic fantasy movies like the World of Warcraft movie and Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie. 

Richard the undead warlock was just supposed to be a funny sidekick but his orphan-burning, baby-eating, ally-torturing antics somehow made him super popular with LFG readers. He quickly became the comic’s iconic character. It helps that his design is glorious. 

Richard has appeared in books, videos, and board games, on t-shirts, scarves, and socks. You might think that last one is just a joke, but nope: Richard socks, actually a thing.

Now you can own 4.5” of articulated plastic Dick!

The Richard Action Figure has been under development for over three years. We knew our fans would love a chance to play with whatever Dick we gave them, but we wanted to get it right. No one wants a Bart Simpson action figure situation where they either fill the top of his head in with spiked hair or they leave it flat and neither feels right. 

Catrina Arana, Design Manager of Boss Fight Studio, translated Richard’s awesome 2D design into three dimensions. We had faith in her skills based on her work on GI Joe, Transformers, and Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S., and that faith proved well-placed when her control drawings came in. 

 As you can see, Richard can move. He has 14 points of articulation, swappable heads, hands, and arms. We didn’t want a plastic statue with alleged articulation that only looks good in one pose. This is an action figure, emphasis on the action! 

A gorgeous action figure with killer articulation might have been enough for Brand X, but it was just the beginning for Blind Ferret!

After a decade of destruction, Richard’s had more character-defining moments than you can toss a flaming gnome at. We chose 20 accessories that capture these moments from throughout Richard’s existence. Including:

  • Three swappable heads for maximum expressiveness!
  • Two sets of hands for awesome accessory holding and spell casting poses!
  • Fwoosh and lighting spell effects that clip to Richard's hands!
  • Legara crown and kidney hat that fit over Richard's cowl!
  • Bear arms!
  • Pillaging shovel!
  • The Purse of Holding!
  • A bucket of blood!
  • The Fork of Truth!
  • And more!



 *Richard comes with the purse. It's your imagination that's not included. 

The Richard action figure and his accessories are compatible with other 1/18th scale action figures (where 4” = 6’).

Although there is just one reward tier, fear not collectors! You can get a second Richard action figure to keep mint in box as an add-on. Or a third. Or a fourth! 

 Add-On prices include shipping for extra figures!


Risks and challenges

This action figure is an adult collectibles for ages 13 and up. It contains sharp points and small parts not suitable for young children.

All images shown are based on pre-production samples. Final production versions of the Richard action figure and accessories might vary slightly in color and shape.

The estimated delivery date is based on quotes from the manufacturer. While we have faith in the manufacturer’s ability to deliver on its quoted timeline, there are no guarantees. Boats get delayed, production problems extend timelines, and other issues might arise. We will do everything in our power to deliver on our estimated delivery date.

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