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Cherry Pop: The Story of the World's Fanciest Cat's video poster

The true and quirky story of the world's most pampered cat, and the people who loved her. Read more

Miami, FL Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on November 22, 2012.

The true and quirky story of the world's most pampered cat, and the people who loved her.

Miami, FL Shorts
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Cherry Pop was no ordinary cat.

She ate nothing but filet mignon and Evian water, traveled in customized Louis Vuitton luggage, and lounged in a mini-Rolls Royce Corniche that matched her owners.  When Cherry Pop's birthday came around, the Vaneks pulled out all the stops, chartering yachts, hiring orchestras, and spending more on parties for their kitty and her friends than some people make in a year. Her lavish living made her a celebrity and she appeared everywhere from Time Magazine, The New York Times to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show and television programs in Japan, Australia, Germany, and throughout Latin America.  She was, to put it simply, the world's fanciest cat.  

Her human parents, Huey and Vi Vanek, were no ordinary people either. Although many people wrote off the lavish life they gave their cat as mere eccentricity, the Vaneks - popular South Florida socialites - were too busy insuring that the spotlight they were sharing with Cherry Pop allowed them to talk about the plights of homeless animals.

Yet all this happened in an age before the internet, and this unique story of animal devotion and love hasn't been properly documented for posterity.

This is where you and I come in. 

I want to insure that the story of Cherry Pop isn't forgotten. I'm working to make a short documentary film to insure that the story of this special cat and her human companions live on.


I'm lucky to have two wonderful filmmakers helping to make this film.  

Joey Daoud is a filmmaker and photographer living in Miami Beach, FL. His recent films include Bots High, a feature length documentary following high school kids who build kick-ass combat robots and Space Miami, a short documentary that chronicles a long-neglected rocket manufacturing and testing site in the Everglades that shows the beautiful side of the project's decay. He's currently is working on the short film Strike! The Greatest Bowling Story of All Time which follows Bill Fong as he embarks down a path of bowling perfection.

Andrew Hevia is a filmmaker based out of Miami, Florida. Recently named one of the city's top 100 creatives by the Miami New Times, he has served as associate producer on Amy Seimetz's feature film Sun Don't Shine, produced Barry Jenkins' short film Chlorophyl, and co-wrote and directed the short film Death Springs Eternal.  A founding member of the Borscht Film Festival, this December his feature-length documentary Rising Tide, a story about six Miami artists during the weeks surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach, the largest contemporary art fair in the world, will premiere on PBS.  


Making a short film can be expensive as everything adds up, and in order to make this happen I'm going to need your help!  

Funds will be used for:

  • Crew Expenses
  • Post-Production (color correction, editing, sound mixing)
  • Film Festival submissions (let's share this with the world!)

The goal amount for this campaign is less than what it will cost to accomplish this, but Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" platform so I chose a goal that is more achievable. This means that if the goal of $3,000 in 60 days is not reached the funds raised will not be received. Anything above and beyond the goal will go directly towards production costs and insuring that as many people as possible see this film. In the spirit of Cherry Pop and the Vaneks, I hope the completed film will not only delight viewers with this unique story but encourage people to get involved with animal welfare in there own communities. 

Risks and challenges

Our biggest challenge is timeliness.

We're looking to submit the film to a number of festivals in hopes of making there deadlines for 2013, so time is of the essence in getting this film done and out to the world.

Another challenge is adapting footage: Cherry Pop's owner Huey is granting us full-access to his treasure trove of memories and mementos - none of which are in digital format. Transferring all of his footage and photographs from the best analog sources to digital can be challenging, but we've already got some great progress in doing so and insuring the best possible quality for our finished film.

Our biggest risk is also time; we want to make sure to tell Cherry Pop's story while it's still clear in Huey's mind. He likes to remind us that at 88, he is still sharp and in fairly good health but "won't be on the planet forever," so getting this film shot and released ASAP is the best way to face that risk.

Our collective experience not only positions us to overcome any challenges, it assures us we can get this done in a way we and our backers will be proud of. As young creators, we know how to turn risks into opportunities to excel; it's how I've managed to help turn an abandoned warehouse into the cities most popular indie movie theater, and how Andrew and Joey have been able to create films with limited budgets, many roadblocks and few resources, but creating celebrated works of art.

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    MEW-SIC TO OUR EARS! Get an official vintage Cherry Pop postcard! One side will have a beautiful photo of Cherry Pop that's suitable for framing (one of three designs) and the other side will feature a personalized thank you for your support. These postcards were originally given to members of Cherry Pop's fan club and are no longer printed - we've brought them out of the vaults as a special reward for your support of the film!

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    WHAT A PURR-FECT PAL! Get listed on the film's website with a photo of you and/or your four-legged friend & receive a digital download of the completed film when released.

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    YOU'RE THE CATS MEOW! You'll be listed on the film's website, receive a digital download AND receive a DVD of the finished film which you can show all your friends (human, feline, canine or other).

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    PRINCE OF PURR-SIA! Receive all the rewards at the $25 level (website listing, digital download, DVD), and also have your name listed in the ending credits of the movie as a special thanks!

    Also, if you are in South Florida, you and a guest will enjoy a private screening of the finished film at Miami's O Cinema with fellow Kickstarter backers! See your name on the big screen where your generosity will be acknowledged in the film's credits!

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    A TRUE FAT CAT! For your kindness, you'll receive a copy of the film's mini-poster signed by both me and the artist as well as an invitation for you and a guest to the private screening of the finished film at Miami's O Cinema with fellow Kickstarter backers! Your name will be on the big screen where your generosity will be acknowledged in the film's credits. You'll also get a copy the finished film on DVD when its completed, a photo of you and your pet listed on the movies website and a big hug.

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    PICK OF THE LITTER! You're rocking my world - on behalf of all the kitties, I thank you. My thanks will include a package with all the aforementioned goodies (postcard, DVD, digital download, mini-poster, website listing, O Cinema reception) as well as receiving a shared credit as Associate Producer on the film.

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    BEST IN SHOW: What more can I say, other than a big Thank You and shower you with goodies? You'll not only get the cornucopia of aforementioned rewards, you'll receive a credit as Executive Producer on the film. You'll get the chance to enjoy a private screening for you and 10 of your closest friends to see the film you helped make, and afterwards enjoy a small reception and the chance to meet Cherry Pop's daddy, Huey Vanek, in person. (Private screening to be held in South Florida.)

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