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Soliciting your input!...

Posted by Leonard Rubin (Creator)

Hey folks-

Let me know how you would ideally like to use the M.O.M. ...I am still making decisions about a few of the design specifics, based on input from (both existing and potential) customers. While the trailer design fundamentals are all pretty much decided, the exact width, wheel size, frame tubing size, floor specs, etc. are all variables that can be optimized to match intended use--for example, if your main vision is to use it daily in grocery cart mode for in-store shopping, then that argues for smaller wheels, lighter weight & somewhat narrower width (and even six full bags of groceries constitute a relatively light load—say, less than 150 lbs.—for which 1-1/4" aluminum tubing is more than sufficient, as well as a lighter, 3/8" hitch-bearing and a shorter & lighter-duty tow arm!) Whereas, if your primary goal is regularly hauling heavy musical gear, like large guitar or bass amps—or job site toolboxes or appliances or machinery—then larger wheels, heavier-duty construction & wider is better (and 1-1/2" aluminum, or even steel, tubing is preferable—and more than justifies its greater weight—as well as a heavier, 1/2" hitch-bearing and a longer, heavier-duty tow arm)! Although two models are planned precisely because of these considerations, I can tweak either (or both), as use—or potential use—trends advocate (e.g. if your envisioned use would be regularly hauling very heavy, but not wide items—say, for instance, regular re-filling trips for a single heavy-but-narrow welding tank at a time—or moving a bunch o' cinder blocks around a job site—, but also doing the grocery runs, then you might want a heavier-duty construction/heavier, but narrower trailer setup that still preserved the in-store-aisles agility! :-))


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