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ATX Breakout Board for all PC Power Supplies V2.0



After a successful kickstarter campaign with my first ATX Breakout board, I have decided to make a V2.0 of the board with many improvements over the original.

The ATX Breakout Board V2.0 was first designed in Cadsoft Eagle.

Eagle Layout
Eagle Layout

After many designs I came up with this one, I decided this time I would have the boards manufactured rather than doing them all my self. This way production time will be decreased and the quantity increased.

The Eagle files were converted to Gerber files and sent off to a PCB house located in ShenZhen, along with a BOM (Bill of Materials) so that they could manufacture some prototypes for me. 

Prototype PCB's
Prototype PCB's
Final Production ATX Breakout Board v2.0
Final Production ATX Breakout Board v2.0

The ATX Breakout board V2.0 is compatible with 20 pin and 24 pin power supplies, there is also an extra 4 pin connector to take advantage of the 12V CPU Power for extra current output.

The output voltages are 3.3V, 5V and 12V (20 Amp MAX)

There is a voltage boost converter on-board that outputs 12V - 35V (4 Amp MAX)

Also included is a Dual USB Charging port, which has a jumper attached to it allowing you to use either 5V Standby power or Normal 5V (5 Amp MAX)

Output Ports
Output Ports

The output ports of the ATX Breakout board V2.0 require no tools to use, you simply press the lever on top to engage a wire into position.

Each voltage rail has it's own terminal block, with power and ground on the same block. Rather than having the same common ground for all voltages.

Micro JST 2.0
Micro JST 2.0

The ATX Breakout board V2.0 also comes with an Micro JST 2.0 Cable so that the board can be turned on with an external switch. Simply plug it into the board and use any switch of your own to control the board power. 


  • Size: 100mm x 50mm x 35mm  
  • Output Voltages: 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 12-35V  
  • Max Output Current: 20 Amp 
  • Max Output Current Boost Converter: 4 Amp (50 Watt)
  • Max Output Current USB: 5 Amp 
  • No tool output ports  
  • On-Board Boost Converter
  • External power-on capable
  • Wire Size Max: 12 AWG  
  • Wire Size Min: 28 AWG  
  • Blue LED power on indication

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge is to make sure all boards are manufactured in time and meet the highest standards.

As I have never done manufacturing on this scale before I must make sure everything is right.

Make sure all shipments are fulfilled in the required time.

As this is my third project on Kickstarter the process should go a lot smoother.

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