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An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
359 backers pledged £5,686 to help bring this project to life.

The Penultimate Update

Posted by Chris Booker (Creator)

Good Afternoon, Anthology Backers!

Together we have been on a long, and at times challenging journey that has lasted for almost two years - but, thanks to the faith of the Elite community and the hard work of the contributors and supporters - we made it.

It's hardly a secret by now that I set up the Kickstarter with little more than an idea - and it was a simple one - I wanted to create a book that gave voice to some of the budding authors within the Elite community to tell their stories, and I wanted to challenge myself (despite a lack of writing experience) to write one of my own. I also wanted to set the book apart by not only telling great stories, but showing off some great illustrations, too.

The goal we set for delivering an anthology of 15 stories, each with an illustration and in e-book format has been met. If you have not yet had your e-book (or PDF), then please - get in touch with your details.

Now, if you cast your mind back, you will remember that we also took on board additional pledges for physical copies of the book. This was a daunting prospect - with our limited budget and even more limited knowledge of creating a REAL book - we couldn't be entirely sure how this was going to turn out as an idea - but it was something people expressed interest in and something that as a collective, we really wanted to create, so we did a little preliminary research to ensure such a thing was even possible for the amount of money we raised to do it - and satisfied that it was - we took on board the pledges and would figure out the specifics of how to do it later on.

Fortunately, in an epic move for which we will all be ever grateful, Commander Dan and Fantastic Books Publishing stepped in and helped us to turn our good work into great work. Not only did they provide encouragement and help to edit our work, but they took on board the production of both our e-books, and both paperback and hardback editions of our print edition too. Not only did they do that, but with seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm, and at times questionable levels of sanity - they even arranged an entire Sci-Fi convention at which to launch them publicly. 

So the first part of the reason for this update is to once again say our thanks to everyone who has made this book possible - our faithful believers, our generous backers, our authors and illustrator, our publishers (including those who worked behind the scenes to edit our work, produce cover art, promote our project to the press, and everything else that needed to happen). Thank you.

And so to the second part of the update - the delivery of physical books, which I now have in my possession:

A Fantastic Delivery
A Fantastic Delivery

Once I've hit 'send' on this update, I will be immediately heading out for supplies of bubble wrap and brown paper and, over the next couple of evenings I will be undertaking an epic package-wrapping session - work commitments say that I'm not likely to be able to get to a post office whilst it's open until next weekend, but my aim is to have them all ready to send out next Saturday morning.

Physical Copy Pledgers - Please Read Carefully:

The way Kickstarter works is that we can only send out one 'official' survey to each level of backers, and we've already used that up back in April when we delivered the E-Books, so, if you pledged additional money (either through the Kickstarter or through Paypal afterwards) for a physical copy, I need you to get in touch with me through the Kickstarter website.

I need the following details:

Your name - so that I can confirm you as a physical book pledger.

Your address - or an address that you would like your book(s) to be sent to (and a name, if its a gift).

How many books you pledged for (I can confirm this, it's just a double check).

Whether you have a preference for hardback or paperback - I have some of each and I cannot promise that you'll get what you ask for in this regard, but I will do my best with what I have. I can promise, however, that both versions are of exceptional quality - so I hope you'll be pleased with whatever the postman/postwoman/aerial drone brings to you.

Whether you'd like your copy signed by me - I still have no idea why people would want me to sign their book, but it seems that some people do, and so I'm happy to accommodate.

And that's it.

I'll post a final update when all the books are wrapped up and posted, which will conclude our Kickstarter journey!

Didn't pledge for a book but want one?

If you didn't order a physical book and you want one, they are avaiable from our Amazon store, or direct from the Fantastic Bookstore.

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