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An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
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BETA Starts tomorrow! For tonight, an update...

Posted by Chris Booker (Creator)

Happy Beta-Eve, Anthology Backers!

I'm sure you're all set for tomorrows big event - but just for now, lets talk about books and some other lovely stuff.

First on the agenda is the frequency of these updates - you've noticed they're becoming a little less and that's because the main promise of this Kickstarter has been fulfilled (if you don't have your e-books yet, get in touch!) and the secondary promise of paperbacks will be fulfilled on schedule around the time of Fantasticon which is in around three weeks time on August 16th.

That's not to say that there isn't any further news - but as the KS phase comes to a close, we'll be concentrating on putting news on our website at - please visit us, follow us on Twitter (@EliteAnthology) and don't miss a thing!

So what IS in the news?

Well, we have been busy. With books written and in the hands of our backers, we've been promoting and press releasing like crazy to try and extend the reach of our work to the wider Elite community and beyond. If you enjoyed our book and want others to as well, you can help.

  • Talk about us (and to us) on social media - We use #FEF (Fantastic Elite Fiction) and #EliteDangerous when we're hashtagging - amongst others.
  • Give us a review - your positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads might be the difference between someone reading our book and not, please take a minute!

FEF App for iOS - Android soon(tm)

We've recently released a dedicated Fantastic Elite Fiction app for iOS devices, we'll bring the android version as soon as we've learnt Java :-) For now, iPhone lovers - it's free and on the Apple App Store. It would be lovely if you could find your way to leaving a review for the app there, too.

The app shows off our lovely book covers (for all five FEF books) and has some story and author bio's. You can also get a free sample of each book straight to your iBooks app, if you don't already own a copy of any of them and want to see what they're about.

Some of the new content on (including an exclusive audiobook snippet)

We also had a little social media competition and gave away some free book-cover posters, if you've read our book and want to write an extensive review - let us know!

Orion Arm News

We've also launched a new website - - still in its infancy, we intend for this site to be a go-to destination for your Elite based news - if you find a review, write a blog, attend an event, then be sure to let us know. As the game goes into Beta and beyond, we'll be taking stories from within the game universe - discovered a cool new planet? found an amazing trade run? Had a near escape from pirates? Write it up and send us the story, and we'll publish it for others to see. Anything goes, as long as its relevant to Elite: Dangerous... and clean(ish).

This site is about the Community - not about a few lucky authors, so if you've got anything Elite based that you want to share, then please tell us about it.

If you recently attended LaveCon (and weren't one of the organisers) then we want you to write about it! Get in touch!

Fantasticon is around the corner.

And we have our very own Cobra Mk III......

Fantastic Books Sci-Fi extravaganza is on August 16th at the Royal Mercure in Hull. I'll be there, other authors will be there, Frontier Developments may be there, Oculus Rift dev kits will be there, and apparently a dalek will be there. Who would win in a fight between a Dalek and a Thargoid? We need to know.

If you're a Thargoid and always wanted to fight a Dalek in a hotel in Hull - let us know.

Enjoyed our book? Please review it.

I know I said this a bit further up the post, but we're really delighted by some of the feedback we've had from all of the work we've put in - and we want more people to read it. If you have a few nice words to say about our stories, please do so here:

That's it for now, enjoy the launch of Beta!

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