Elite Anthology: Tales from the Frontier (working title)

by Chris Booker

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    1. ozoli on

      Indeed we will, but apparently he is not the only Commander with too much time on his hands...

    2. Darren Grey on

      As a further incentive, all Anthology backs get a free Anthology audio book if they back the new campaign at the £25 level. So veterans can for a mere £25 get the following:

      - All of the new rewards they pledge for
      - All 4 Fantastic Elite ebooks
      - Audio books of all books they've previously backed (including ours)

      Watch out for new extras being added to the campaign too. We can only offer all this if we reach our goal though. If you can please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. We are releasing a historic amount of game tie-in fiction at once here, and we want to make as big a deal out of it as possible!

    3. Phil Hibbs on

      Hm, that last line is encrypted differently and doesn't have enough clues in it. The MESSAGE ENDS was a huge clue. And I can't find this "instrument in which to use the message", I'm using my Perl script.

    4. Chris Booker Creator on

      Commander Hibbs, you may wish to look at http://www.elite-anthology.co.uk/crypto although you will need a decryption key for each message...

      Commander Ozoli, your dedication is impressive.

    5. ozoli on

      Commander Booker, your encrypted message had a typical ratio of common to non-common letters as well as too many occurances of repeated letters to provide any significant level of difficulty. It would take longer to work out the decryption key than to perform an educated letter substitution technique to solve it. :-)