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An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
359 backers pledged £5,686 to help bring this project to life.

Author Introductions: Lisa

Posted by Chris Booker (Creator)

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have another Author Q&A for you today, and a little appeal too.  It's amazing that we've managed to bring together 15 short story writers in just a couple of days who are ready to give up their free time in 2013 writing and working on this book.

We still need illustrators, but more than that - we need readers!  Please help to spread the word - not just amongst the past, present and future Elite players - but out in the Sci Fi and general gaming world too.  It will all help us to reach our writer's pack pledge level which is our target; as well as get the word out for Elite: Dangerous - which I personally think will make it's target, but we shouldn't rest easy until it's smashed it!

Here is the Q&A with our next Author, Lisa:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a 41 year old, male to female transgender. That's always a good start to these things :)

I work in Communications/IT and have been programming in one form or another since the VIC 20 days.

I'm an avid (if not hardcore) gamer who gets passionate about certain games to the point of being annoying (hence why I started a blog to discuss these things, so my housemate would be left alone).

My main hobby (besides gaming) is photography. I describe myself as an amateur with pretensions of being good at it.

When did you first discover the Elite games?

I played the 'original' Elite to death on the C-64. I later played Frontier, and FFE on the PC.
What's your favourite Elite memory?

From the original Elite, the day I realised I could do more than trade and fight. That was probably a revelation that stayed with me through every 'sandbox' game I've ever played. It felt so free!
With Frontier, it was the first time I landed on a planet. Just being able to do that was incredible.

I do have to say, having my screen covered in tribbles rates a mention though!

Have you written before or is this a fresh challenge? What made you back the project?

I've written bits and pieces before. I've made many starts on novels, but mostly have finished short stories. People keep telling me I'm 'good' at writing (whatever that means), and I enjoy it.

Truthfully, I'm not sure what made me back this. Just something made me want to be a part of this, and to write something about a Universe people seem to love as much as I do.

Do you know what you want to write a story about?

My plot is only very vague right now as I'm exploring ideas and seeing which can lead to sensible stories. The basic idea, however, is to explore Witch-space a little more. 

The main character is someone who has an instinctual understanding of how ships travel through Witch-space and can make course changes without timeshifting, or turning themselves inside out. Whether the story of how they found this ability is the core of the story, the introduction, or told in a flashback I'm still working on. I think I want to explore Witch-space more than just have it as a 'simple' conclusion.

What one thing most excites you about Elite: Dangerous? Something that's already been revealed or some feature you're secretly hoping for?

Really, it's a chance to get back into the Elite Universe and there. I always enjoyed all the things that Elite allowed: exploration, freedom of how you play your role and so on. I'm the sort of person that often ignores the main questlines in games to just explore the "levels" or landscape. So undoubtedly at least one of my Commanders will be just going boldly where etc etc!

The way DB has described the universe being created, and how it's going to evolve has me just as excited, as that means an even more interesting place to explore.


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    1. Alex Korbey on

      It will be interesting to see how the different shorts differ, sure plot points could well have similarities but the differences in writers could make for notable differences. The transgender thing could certainly add some flavour if Lisa writes a TG character.