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An anthology of up to 15 short sci-fi stories set in the official Elite universe and released in digital format (& maybe even printed!)
An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
An officially licenced collection of fifteen fully illustrated short stories set in the Elite: Dangerous universe, in E-Book, Paperback, Hardcover and Audio formats, published by Fantastic Books.
359 backers pledged £5,686 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Booker Creator on


      The fact is you are spamming a site that has to connection to your grievance nor any way to solve it.

      You are entitled to your opinions but this is not the place to post it.

    2. Missing avatar

      cs on

      @Chris Booker The fact is, how David Braben is treating his backers has doused all of my desire to engage in anything related to Elite, which includes your book, which I also backed.

      If it is acceptable for authors to publicly voice their stance on decisions/actions made by Frontier about Elite on their Kickstarter project, then it also acceptable for me to do likewise while notifying any observers here that "all is not well" in the Elite 'verse.

    3. Chris Booker Creator on

      Please don't use this comments section as a soapbox to air your grievances - this project was about writing a book under licence, we are not the developers of the game. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar

      cs on

      FYI -- on November 14th 2014, they put in a single sentence in newsletter #49 that implied that they were no longer going to deliver offline support.

      In newsletter #50, David Braben clarified that it was a "creative decision", not a technical issue, that was behind their decision not to deliver DRM-free offline support.

      The vast majority of refund requests have been denied or ignored for over a month now; from our best efforts to discover, there are only about 20 confirmed refunds.

      Read the project comments for more info.

      WARNING: The official forums are being *heavily* censored and people are getting banned/suspended for being the even the slightest bit critical of the actions of Frontier Developments.

      Reddit community if you are so inclined :

    5. Missing avatar

      cs on

      @David, @Michael, and any other FrontierDevelopments officer -- you are a disgrace.

      You continue to refuse to stand by those that supported you in your time of need to fund your project. You continue to hide behind the letter of the law while operating in complete defiance to the principles of an open and cooperative community that you consider yourself to be a part of. You have brought shame to yourselves, your company, and your country.

      Furthermore, you have abused the very nature of crowdfunding by coldly absconding with my money that I offered in good faith and in a spirit of cooperation and support. Your deeds -- your actions, your decisions -- will stand as a dark ominous warning to all future members of the crowdfunding community.

      Do the right thing. You have continued to insist that it was the right thing to remove offline support, therefore, it should not be too difficult to continue doing the right thing and refund those that feel that you bait-and-switched them.

    6. Chris Booker Creator on

      Hi, oGGe - Just saw your comment, have you got your books?

    7. oGGe on


      Has the e-mail containing information on how to download the book been sent yet? I'm afraid I must have missed it if it has.


    8. Chris Booker Creator on

      The formats produced will be:

      mobi - for kindle

      ePub - for other e-readers

      PDF - for any other device

    9. Phil Hibbs on

      Also, how do I know if my device can read whatever formats are available, when I have no ebooks other than PDFs? I'm tempted to just pick "PDF" because I know I can read those. I have an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S4. I guess I can get an Android app for pretty much any ebook format.

    10. Phil Hibbs on

      So what are the options for ebook format? I'm looking at a text box where I'm supposed to enter some kind of pereference for ebook format and I have no idea what the choices are.

    11. Chris Booker Creator on

      So these surveys are mainly to get names for credits which need to go in the books in all formats.

      The digital books should be ready soon, your details will be passed to FBP to send those out.

      Physical books will come later, I have many spreadsheets that tell me who backed for what - I (or someone else) will email people to get addresses when that information is needed :-)

    12. TFG on

      I'd forgotten about the physical book extra pledge! What about those who have also signed up to the Fantastic books KS? We get two copies?

    13. Darren Grey on

      We can figure those things out just from the amounts, Timothy.

    14. Missing avatar

      Timothy Giles on

      I thought the survey would include questions relating to the additional money some of us have pledged (for a copy of the book, to be sent UK or EU.....)- what happened?

    15. Darren Grey on

      Just a reminder to anyone visiting the comments here that we are currently running a Kickstarter with our publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, to produce a audiobook version of the Anthology, along with 3 other Elite novels:

      These won't be just any audio books, but properly acted and sound tracked, with sound samples sourced from the new game. Should be very cool!

      As an Anthology backer if you pledge £25 you'll get whatever you pledge, and a free bonus of all 4 ebooks, an Anthology audio book, an ebook of Fusion (25 sci-fi/fantasy short stories) and a bloopers reel of our amazingly acted video updates on the Kickstarter. This isn't to be missed out! And get your friends on board - for £1 they can a random Elite Anthology story and a copy of Fusion.

    16. Chris Booker Creator on

      At the moment we're looking OK for a Frontier Developments hosted solution rather than setting up a separate forum - that's the preferred solution since there's no point in duplicating work, and through FD we can share a space with other authors too.

      We should probably set up a website for the book; at the moment I'm little snowed under with paid work that feeds me and keeps a roof over my head, and we also need a 'proper' title for the book. Answers on a postcard.... :-)

    17. Darren Grey on

      David: This is still being worked out. There's some discussion about it here:…

    18. David Barton on

      Dusted off the old wacom tablet and getting my hand back in. But wondering how this will work? Normal owner's of the author pack will get access to DDF for insights into game etc. How will this work with this consortium? (Unless everyone pledged DDF level, I didn't but I'm just illustrator level)

      Regardless, do we need our own forum? Will there be an Anthology website? Somewhere I can throw up rough drafts for discussion without revealing to all and sundry? Willing to create one if required.

    19. Marko Susimetsä on

      @Dung Beetle: Ok, I get it now - I didn't know the forum software over there had such abilities. :) But, yes, sounds like a great idea!

    20. Dung Beetle (Tim Gayda) on

      @ Marko - Apologies for that, I wasn't very clear, probably due to the excitement last night! I meant that (if anyone wants to) we could add each other to our personal "contacts/friends" list on the FD forum, that way we can contact each other easier, and maybe send story drafts to each other over the FD forums. I think that'd make things easier and more private in the long run, but only if anyone wants to add me that is.

    21. Marko Susimetsä on

      @Dung Beetle: "add you"? What does that mean?

    22. Marko Susimetsä on

      @mark rushton-woods: I have two story ideas and one of them is with a female lead. Not sure which one I'll pick for the anthology...

    23. Flowswithdrek on

      Outstanding! Now we all have some work to do :)

    24. Dung Beetle (Tim Gayda) on

      So glad we've made it! Don't forget to add each other on FD forums. I'm known as "Dung Beetle" so please add me, unless I add you first of course! ;)

    25. Darren Grey on

      Not work, fun! This is going to be fantastic :D

    26. Chris Booker Creator on

      Thanks everyone, now the hard work begins I guess :-)

    27. Darren Grey on

      Mark, I have a lead female in mind, and a female antagonist.

    28. Roland on

      Congratulations everyone! It's locked in and going to happen! Let's make this book :D

    29. mark rushton-woods on

      Do any of you authors have a lead female character in mind?

    30. Dung Beetle (Tim Gayda) on

      Congratulations folks! Now let's do this...

    31. Garthyre on

      We did it! Congratulations everyone - I'll see my fellow authors in the bar...

    32. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      Congratulations and good luck to you all.

    33. Darren Maxwell on

      Glad to hear it, I'm not much of a reader but this is the only book I funded to the point where I would get a copy, the idea of short stories are much more appealing to me. Look forward to it. Well done :)

    34. Lisa

      Well done everyone! And thank you!

    35. Charles N on

      Congratulations on the funding! :)

    36. Matthew Benson on

      And there it is! Locked down! Fantastic stuff. Well done Chris and a brlliantly executed project.

    37. Matthew Benson on

      Seconds countdown!

    38. Darren Grey on

      The end! The end is nigh! :)

    39. Darren Grey on

      @DavidBarton Looking forward to the crayon drawing :D

      Paula, that's an amazing piece of news. Wowsers, gotta try twice as hard to make a great story now! Well, I was going to try twice as hard anyway, so now it'll be 4 times! ;)

    40. Marko Susimetsä on

      Paula, I like your humour! :D

    41. Marko Susimetsä on

      I wonder if they would agree to offer us at least editing/publishing in some format. But, yes, we'll work hard together to make our stories the best they can be! :)

    42. Chris Booker Creator on

      Well, if our book or any of our authors or illustrators get snapped up by a publisher - you remember old Chris, won't you? :-)

    43. Garthyre on

      Definitely like that word 'integrate' ;-)

      Well done @DavidBarton

    44. Chris Booker Creator on

      @Paula I did not, but that sounds like incentive enough to make the book the best we can doesn't it?

    45. David Barton on

      erk... I'm in. Time to buy some crayons and get practising!

    46. Garthyre on

      @Chris did you see this tweet from Gollancz?

      To clarify, we will work with Frontier and other authors to promote the game and all #Elite books &, where appropriate, integrate them.

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