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The novel gives a riveting and chilling fictional account of the war over the hydrofracking gas boom sweeping North America.
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'Fracking Justice' launch party was awesome

Posted by Michael J. Fitzgerald (Creator)

Kickstarter supporters:

The launch party Tuesday for Fracking Justice at the Hector Wine Company was a big success...  I believe we had as many as 150 people stop by. 

I signed a lot of books - and even one t-shirt!

Thanks for any support you were able to lend to this sequel - and earlier support for The Fracking War.

Here is a link to a blog I just posted about the evening, with photos and a link to more pix.

Launch Party Tuesday (June 2)! at Hector Wine Company

Posted by Michael J. Fitzgerald (Creator)

The Fracking War Kickstarter amigos:

The party is on to celebrate the launch of the novel Fracking Justice, the sequel to The Fracking War that you supported last year.

The launch will be Tuesday, from 5-8 p.m. at the Hector Wine Company (on Rt. 414 in Hector, NY). 

Copies of the new novel will be available. The new Fracking Justice t-shirts will be for sale, too. And I will be signing books.

If you can't make it to the party, Fracking Justice is scheduled pop up on various retailer websites very soon.

If you have any questions, email me at:

Hope to see you at the launch! And if not, enjoy Fracking Justice... It has a wild finish.

And as always, thanks for your support.


'Fracking Justice' Kickstarter - 7th inning stretch

Posted by Michael J. Fitzgerald (Creator)

Fracking War supporters:

The Kickstarter for the sequel to The Fracking War has 7 days left to run, which is why I'm sending out this missive today.

The Fracking Justice campaign is creeping closer to its goal, but still short. (Many thanks to those of you who have already joined in - 41 of you so far...)

If you are interested in getting an early-bird copy of Fracking Justice, sometime very soon would be a good time to order whatever book, e-book, audiobook or other reward you would like.

I was interviewed on a Rochester-area radio station this morning, during which someone logged on and preordered a book, actually startling the interviewer. I don't know if that person was listening at the moment or not. But it made us both chuckle. Radio still has juice, I think.

Here is the link to the Fracking Justice kickstarter.

As always, your support is greatly appreciated.



'Fracking Justice' party June 2!!!

Posted by Michael J. Fitzgerald (Creator)

Dear Fracking War backers:

If you have already backed Fracking Justice (through its separate Kickstarter campaign) this is old news.

But if not, the missive below went out yesterday to FJ backers about a wing-ding party planned for June to launch the new book.

Take a peek. I would love to see you there... 

And, as always, thanks for all your support. 


REWARD ALERT! We're having a party! READ ON!

Fracking Justice is a novel about a community standing up to protect unique and fragile ecosystems from rape and pillage by greedy - and unethical - energy corporations whose sole goal is to increase company profits.

If you've ever traveled or lived in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, you know what an amazing community has chosen to live there. And why.

So the author of The Fracking War - and the soon-to-be published Fracking Justice - has decided to do what we do best in Hector, New York - throw a party at a winery for the community and celebrate the new book, the fight, the lake, and each other.

Come listen to live music by local musicians, sip delicious Seneca Lake wines and spend an evening with great people!

What's the catch? The only way to join in the fun is by backing the publication of Fracking Justice - at any level! This is a private party reserved for backers of the book. It will be Tuesday, June 2 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at a Hector, NY winery.

And you'd better go back and re-read The Fracking War before the party. We're planning a trivia event/contest with great prizes.

• What were the names of the dogs? • What was the school bus song the children sang in the final segment? • Can you guess the original ending of the first draft? • And what character or characters from The Fracking War don't make it to the pages of the sequel?

Be prepared to have a great time and to win hilarious prizes! Just order your book, pick your reward, and you'll receive your invitation. You won't want to miss this great event! Copies of Fracking Justice will be there, along with the new, lake-blue Fracking Justice T-shirts.


Kickstarter for 'Fracking Justice' underway

Posted by Michael J. Fitzgerald (Creator)

WATKINS GLEN, NY - The Kickstarter campaign is underway for Fracking Justice - the sequel to The Fracking War.

Some folks who contributed to The Fracking War have already signed up for Fracking Justice.

My apologies for not getting this word out to you sooner... I've been bouncing back and forth between NY and California and at this moment, I might be hard pressed to say which state I am in!

This time the Kickstarter rewards include an inscribed copy of Fracking Justice and an e-book as before. But we have added an audiobook - which I am recording in New York next week. In addition, we have T-shirts designed by NY artist Amy Colburn, the same artist who did the cover for Fracking Justice. They will be Seneca Lake blue.

Here is the link to the Fracking Justice Kickstarter. LINK: FJ Kickstarter.

And below are the book endorsements from that will appear on the back cover: Filmmaker Josh Fox, author Will Potter, mystery writer Elle Ashe and Finger Lakes Times editor Mike Cutillo.

As always, thanks for all your support.

And in about a year, look for the third book in this fracking trilogy - Fracking Evil.

    ---------------COMMENTS FROM REVIEWERS--------------

Josh Fox, director of the films Gasland and Gasland 2

At a time when fracking and other forms of extreme fossil fuel development threaten to destroy everything we hold dear, Fracking Justice is there to remind us of the true cost of fracking. It may be fiction but it shows how the fossil fuel industry is fracturing not only our land but our communities. Read this page-turner, then pass it on.

Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red

"This isn't just a good read—it's grounded in a very real ecological crisis, and a backlash against those who dare to speak up. Fracking Justice captures exactly what is at stake, both for the planet and for our freedoms."

Mike Cutillo, executive editor Finger Lakes Times newspaper, Geneva, NY

Michael J. Fitzgerald has the uncanny ability to write in the meaty, fact-filled manner of a veteran hardscrabble journalist while also weaving a deft and enjoyable storyline befitting a seasoned novelist. In Fracking Justice — just like in The Fracking War — he puts his knowledge about the environmental and social issues associated with hydraulic fracturing to use in crafting a real page-turner with characters you feel for and care about. This is a must-read whether you want to learn more about fracking or are simply a fan of good writing.

Ellie Ashe, author of Chasing the Dollar

Fracking Justice is a smart, powerful page-turner! Michael Fitzgerald’s Fracking series is leading the way into a genre we need more of—environmental thriller. It’s exciting, edge-of-your-seat writing, and is all the more scary because it’s so timely.