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This project is a feature length documentary film about the life that shaped master Blues pianist James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris, Sr. Read more

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This project is a feature length documentary film about the life that shaped master Blues pianist James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris, Sr.

About this project


Man, Blues & God is a feature length film exploring the life story, personality and music of James Samuel “Cornbread” Harris, Sr. For over half a decade, Cornbread Harris has been a part of the local Twin Cities’ music scene. Now 83 years old, Cornbread is as active as ever, and considered one of our most treasured and celebrated musicians. You’ll find him playing regular shows at Minneapolis and Saint Paul clubs, public festivals and private events.

Cornbread is a born storyteller and his infectious positive sensibility, infused with humor and hope for the best of what’s to come, is touching and, yes, inspirational. A long time fan of Cornbread’s who also just happened to be looking for the perfect project, I approached him a little over a year ago to inquire about his willingness to be the subject of a documentary style film. After learning I was serious, Cornbread offered to compile a list of people I should interview, “…and not just people who like me. We want people in there who hate me too.”

As the director of this project, my intent is to create the Cornbread “experience”. Tons of people from here, there, and everywhere already love Cornbread. This is an opportunity for his current fans, Blues hounds, music lovers, and everyone who feels they would like to be a part of bringing his story to the world.


This is a package that will be available exclusively to sponsors of this movie, and will include (in downloadable form):

- Your choice of a single Cornbread CD (available list below)
- Exclusive behind the scenes photos from the making of
- Live concert footage montage of select Cornbread shows

It is possible that there will be additional items, but we guarantee those listed above.


- Everything from the standard Cornbread Download Package +
- Your choice of one additional Cornbread CD download (available list below)
- An exclusive music videoList of available CDs: Cornbread Live At Nikki's, Cornbread Supreme Volume I, Cornbread Supreme Volume II

HOW CAN WE GET IN CONTACT WITH YOU? is the easiest way. We will frequently check for and respond to your emails.


We have worked on this project for approximately one year and so far all expenses have been completely out of pocket. The project has reached a point where your help is an absolute necessity in its completion. Therefore, here we are.

Every dollar counts, so remember: if you donate, please tell your friends and family to help as well. Our $50,000.00 goal WILL finish this picture, of course your contributions can exceed that goal, but keep in mind if we don't reach this goal in 30 days...we get nothing. We absolutely do NOT want to see that happen.


Pledging is simple. Click on Back This Project and Amazon payments takes care of the rest. Keep in mind you can always upgrade your pledge and reward level as well. Once you have pledged you will see an option to manage your pledge. Simply alter your pledge amount or choose a new reward.

Have a friend that is a Cornbread fan or a supporter of the arts? Buy a pledge to this project as a gift to them. You must pledge in your name in order for processing the payment, however, once our goal is reached, we will message you via Kickstarter and you can provide us the information about the recipient of your gift pledge.

All contributions from you (less kickstarter's cut) will go directly to finishing this film


We are strongly hoping for late 2011. There is much that needs to and will be done. Updates will be posted on Kickstarter to let you see our progress. Also, don't forget you can always email us.

Finally, please don't forget that if we don't reach the goal, we get ZERO. So spread the word about this project and thanks again SO very much!

-Tom Zocher (director)


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    You (your name/state/country) will be listed as a sponsor in the film's credits. You will feel the love when you watch a film that you not only helped make a reality, but are officially a part of.

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    (The Bread & Butter Level) - You will receive a dazzling thank you card personally signed by The Director & Cornbread Harris, thanking YOU for your participation in the project + a spot in the sponsorship portion of the film's credits.

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    (The Bread Dough Level) - Includes The Cornbread Download Package (please see details to your left) + the dazzling thank you card + a spot in the sponsorship portion of the film's credits.

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    (The Cornbread Mix Level) - You will receive the official Cornbread Harris "BreadHead" t-shirt (exclusive to the film) + The Cornbread Download Package (please see details to your left) + the dazzling thank you card + the coveted sponsorship spot in the film's credits.

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    (The Breadbasket Level) - A cornucopia of goodness! You will receive the Cornbread DELUXE Download Package (please see details to your left) + the official Cornbread Harris "BreadHead" t-shirt + the thank you card and your official spot in the sponsorship film credits.

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    (The Little Red Wagon Level) Includes: Everything from The Breadbasket Level + Invite for two to the screening of the film in (presumably Minneapolis) when it comes out (travel to event not included) + Cornbread will personally record your outgoing voicemail or answering machine message, as only a smooth Blues man can.

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    Now you've gone and done it, you have officially made yourself an Associate Producer of Man, Blues & God! (Associate Producer Level) includes you listed as an Associate Producer in the film's credits as well as The Little Red Wagon Level + Dinner for two at the Loring Pasta Bar where you can (should you choose a Friday evening) watch Cornbread and his band play dinner music in this enchanted dining atmosphere (travel to these events is not included)

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    (The Cool Rider Level) You have risen to the absolute top of the mountain in our eyes! - All of the accouterments of the Associate Producer Level + Cornbread will play an event at the location of your choosing. It could be your house, your yard, wherever. Dates subject to availability. If your location is outside of the Twin Cities metro area, travel expenses & lodging must be provided.

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