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Pirates, Vodouisants, and Witch Hunters battle each other and beasts of legend in the mystic waters of the Caribbean. Climb aboard!
Pirates, Vodouisants, and Witch Hunters battle each other and beasts of legend in the mystic waters of the Caribbean. Climb aboard!
Pirates, Vodouisants, and Witch Hunters battle each other and beasts of legend in the mystic waters of the Caribbean. Climb aboard!
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    1. ismilealot
      on August 18

      I love the concepts presented so far. I've never had a sea-themed campaign so far and I'm looking forward to seeing this material and integrating it into my games.

    2. Brett Weihing Creator on August 1

      Hi Travis,
      I can make the change manually to change the pledge level. I will do so, it will leave a 20 dollar balance and you will need to renter the survey. I will also resend that to you. Thanks Travis we appreciate the support.

    3. Travis Bryant
      on August 1

      I was considering upgrading my pledge from digital to softcover physical, but didn't see an option for that on the pledge manager. Did I just miss it? I can add a book in Addons, but not upgrade. Thanks!

    4. Brett Weihing Creator on July 12

      Thanks Dave, we appreciate your support.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dave Dostaler
      on July 12

      Pledge response provided! Although I spent another chunk of change. Looking forward to this! Thanks!

    6. Marc Hameleers on June 21

      Congratulations! Looking forward to the book!

    7. Madagain
      on June 21

      Gratz!, looking forward to it. Can't wait to pillage the booty.

    8. Timothy Davis on June 20

      Congrats on a successful canmpaign.

    9. Neal5x5 on June 20

      200% funded sounds a like a nice round number. I hope you get there.

    10. Missing avatar

      Martin Blake
      on June 19

      Thanks Brett. That clarifies what I thought was the case. I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out! Thank.

    11. Brett Weihing Creator on June 19

      Hi Martin, As of a short while ago we have reached all of our stretch goals. In regards to the decks this means in both cases (Cast of Cards, Playing Card Decks) you will receive a code for Drive Thru Cards that will print cards at our cost, but you will have to pay the shipping. In regards to the additional decks on the add ons, this refers to any extra decks you would like to purchase beyond the free ones. I hope this helps. Thanks for the Question.

    12. Missing avatar

      Martin Blake
      on June 19

      Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.... I'm looking to finalise my pledge and I'm a little confused regarding add-ons. Mostly due to the word "additional" being used for the two card decks. As a swashbuckler backer, do I get any of these decks (noted that I'll pay for additional postage)? Or do I have to add them on?

    13. Brett Weihing Creator on June 19

      Hi Nathaniel, Currently we are looking about 180-200 pages. This is just an estimate as we still having to go through layout and art. Thanks for the question.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gullion
      on June 19

      How many pages long do you estimate the Rulebook will now be with the stretch goals we've unlocked?

    15. Timothy Davis on June 18

      Congrats! You've made it pass the 12000 mark!

    16. Andreas Persson on June 18

      One single dollar left... that's mildly annoying.

    17. Brett Weihing Creator on June 16

      Thanks Steven this has been a fun project and we are so close to opening up our one sheet adventures. We have some great names on that list. Check out our prior updates. Thanks.

    18. Steven Vande Vyvere on June 16

      Hey guys, I was just doing some catching up on backlogged podcasts, and heard you talking about this on The Wild Die. It sounds amazing, and I'm super happy that I was able to make it in on this before it ended!

      Love the sound of the sea battles and the treatment you have for ships!

    19. Sarah Daniels on June 13

      Thanks for making an Instagram-sized graphic to share; I've just put the word out (again!) on my account.

    20. Brett Weihing Creator on June 13

      Thanks Egg for the shout out. We may not have a million backers but we have the best ones!

    21. Egg Embry
      on June 13

      To help spread the word, I wrote about this campaign (among several others) on my blog. I hope it helps to get more eyeballs on this Kickstarter. :-)

    22. Timothy Davis on June 8

      Ahoy mateys! Looks like we've become stagnant again. Quick drop the oars and row with all your might you mangy Sea Dogs ! We need to make it to the next stretch goal!

    23. Brett Weihing Creator on June 6

      Thanks Pete, it was a fun interview. I am excited for everyone to see what we have.

    24. Pete Jones on June 6

      Just listened to your pitch on the Wild Die Podcast, so one new backer from that show.

    25. Richard Ferris
      on June 5

      3 wild die is fine by me. Thank you for adding this!

    26. Brett Weihing Creator on June 2

      Hi Lori, Yes you will. We need to discuss the details on how this will happen. I will post a comment when I have the method. Thanks for the question.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave Dostaler
      on June 2

      Will we be able to add copies of the soft cover rulebook to our pledge as well? I did the books for my crew option and I get 5 soft covers but I need 2-3 more. Thanks!

    28. Robert Davis
      on May 30

      This is terrific news! I'm in for the wild dice option - thx for creating this add-on.

    29. Brett Weihing Creator on May 30

      Richard and Robert, We decided we would go with an option of 3 wild dice for $12. Because of special printing and shipping costs it is not worth our costs to do just one. I hope this option is good for you. I should have an update soon announcing this and a couple other exciting things.

    30. Richard Ferris
      on May 30

      I'd like to add a +1 on Robert's request for just the wild die as a separate add-on. I really don't have a desire to buy the entire set and don't want to pay $15 just to add the one special die onto the order. I would pay more to have a couple of the wild die, though, especially since the logo is fantastic.

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert Buckey on May 29

      Thanks Brett, I'll let her know!

    32. Brett Weihing Creator on May 29

      Hi Robert, Most of our art will be done by Rick Hershey. However, we will be including other artists in specific areas of the project. If he would like to send examples of his work to we will keep him in consideration.

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Buckey on May 28

      Are you guys looking for artists? I have a player in my regular group who is an excellent artist.

    34. Brett Weihing Creator on May 22, 2017

      I will discuss your request with my collaborators and let you know. Thanks

    35. Robert Davis
      on May 22, 2017

      Excellent - don't feel like I'm going mad anymore :) One question - any chance of the wild die being made available as a separate add-on? Not being funny but it's normally the wild die that people want for a Savage Worlds setting.

    36. Brett Weihing Creator on May 22, 2017

      Thank You Robert, it was not just you. I am going to claim that I had been cursed with a voodoo spell that caused me to drop the section. Sorry, it is up now.

    37. Robert Davis
      on May 22, 2017

      Is it me or is the info on add-ons missing? I can see the stretch goal info but nothing about add-ons :(

    38. Brett Weihing Creator on May 20, 2017

      Thanks John,
      Chris "Savage Mommy" Fuchs is on that one occasionally I believe. We will all be on the Wild Dice Podcast this week, but try to catch my partners the Savage Mommy and Savage Bull on the Savage Cast. (hmmm I think I need to use word Savage more )

    39. John Petritis on May 20, 2017

      Heard about this through Jerrod Gunning's Savage Worlds GM Podcast

    40. Brett Weihing Creator on May 19, 2017

      If we hit the $14,000 level than everyone with digital rewards and higher will get the cards printed by DriveThru Cards and you will pay shipping. If we don't they can be purchased as an Add-on or if you are wanting additional decks they can be purchased as an Add-on
      Thanks for the Question

    41. Brett Weihing Creator on May 19, 2017

      Ahoy Mateys!
      We did it and could not be more thrilled. 100% Funded, There will be extra portions tonight for sure.

    42. Gilbert Gallo on May 19, 2017

      Hey, did anyone realize we're FUNDED? :D Guys, we should celebrate!

    43. John Pyrich
      on May 19, 2017

      Are the stretch goals decks included in any of the pledge levels or do they unlock the add-ons?

    44. Timothy Davis on May 18, 2017

      Argh! Ever time I check on this it looks like it backed. So close!

    45. Brett Weihing Creator on May 18, 2017

      Hello All,

      Our book is definitely a settings book. Think of mystic element somewhere between Pirates of the Spanish Main and 50 Fathoms. We have been getting such good feed back that I am looking to put an adventure in now. More to come on that as we need to talk with some people.

      As far as the adventures that are on the Stretch goal, we will vamp them up to the books standard. Those three adventures were what started this whole thing going. I created them for Chris Fuchs "Savage Mommy" to run at the local conventions.

      I believe right now I have 9 or 10 different ship types in the book. We are using different mechanics for the ships and ship battles. We want it to follow Savage Worlds moto of Fast Fun and Furious, with the play tests so far it has been that.

      Thanks Timothy, It was Christopher Landauer "Savage Bull" idea for that. It is a great way to have pregens and have your work as part of the game. I am anxious to see what others will create.


    46. Timothy Davis on May 18, 2017

      That's not a bad idea, Brett. Players get to enrich the world by providing characters that'll double as pregens and npc's to craft adventures around.

    47. Meradanis on May 18, 2017

      I'm interested in a campaign or adventures, too. Does the setting book include any of those?

      As for the 3 strech goal adventures, are you going to pimp them up to the same standard as the setting book?

      I hope you'll include a variety of ship types that are more or less historically accurate. :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Javier Becerra Varo on May 18, 2017

      Hi guys! Is this a "regular" setting book, or is it more of a plot point campaign in the likes of 50 fathom? If it's the first, is there any plan to publish a campaign for it?

    49. Brett Weihing Creator on May 17, 2017

      Thanks Timothy, I would expect nothing less from a buccaneer. I hope you made them walk the plank. We do have archetypes and if we hit the $ 9,000 mark (looking good so far), we give everyone with the digital rewards an opportunity to submit a character to our Crossed Swords and Voodoo buccaneer folio. It will basically be a pdf grouping of pregens.

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