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A magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction in the classic pulp style!
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Rejoice, mortals! The time of my return draws nigh!

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

 Our next Kickstarter will launch issues 3 and 4, and offer subscriptions for future issues. Here are a few of the stories you’ll find in issue #3, which is already in the works!

The Wizard of Remembrance, by Sarah Newton

The memnovore towered over him, its mouth distending into a translucent sleeve of slime. Acid burned Suven’s flesh, and he screamed. In the demon’s larval embrace, he prayed for oblivion.

Five Deaths, by James Enge

The heavy stone door moved easily upon its hinges; Morlock pulled it open and stepped through cautiously. Lernaion was about to follow when there was a sudden bodiless screaming and the door slammed shut.

Tyrantsbane, by John Hocking

Someone in the garb of a royal guardsman came out of the stairwell. His blue armor was covered with blood and there was a fist-sized hole in his cuirass through which Benhus could see the wall behind him. There was a sword in each hand and, as he advanced, the dead man lifted both weapons.

The Face That Fits His Mask, by Bill King

A lifetime ago Skardus was the most feared assassin in the kingdom, a deadly killer with a monstrous secret. He settled down, found love, a family, a new life. Now, his past has caught up with him, and it threatens to tear the whole world apart.

Mortals, watch this space for more information in the months to come!

DCC Annual Kickstarter

In other news, if you are a fan of DCC RPG, you may be interested in checking out our Kickstarter for the DCC Annual. It's live now and, as with all DCC releases, is steeped in pulp literature influences!

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    1. Jordan Joestar on

      Issue #2 will be available in the next campaign?

    2. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      Yes we will be doing subscriptions for International backers!

    3. Missing avatar

      V2C on

      Will subscriptions be international backers friendly ?

    4. Missing avatar

      V2C on

      Thanks for the update !