Tales From the Magician's Skull

by Goodman Games

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    1. Joseph Hoopman

      The importance of Carter and the BAF cannot be overstated; and I love the enthusiasm in his introductions, even if his scholarship was sometimes ... questionable.

      And now I'm dreaming Ballantine Adult Fantasy editions of Journey to the West and Outlaws of the Marsh and The Three Kingdoms.

    2. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on

      It was with pleasure that I tracked down and read a tone of those BAF books. I read ALL of the introductions, even when I realized I wouldn't be reading any more William Morris or Cabell, whom I found interesting but not worth pursuing. As I found almost all of them through internet book searches of used book stores, it was a little like taking a correspondence course on the history of fantasy fiction, with a friendly letter from Lin Carter in almost every book.

      James Stoddard wrote a wonderful essay about that himself and it eloquently sums up the place the series continues to hold in my own heart, flaws or no: