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A magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction in the classic pulp style!
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Issue #2: Scott Lynch, Nathan Long, illustrated Merritt, and more!

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

It's time to tell you a little about issue #2 of Tales From the Magician's Skull! While issue #1 is nearly complete, issue #2 is still in the early production stages.

Our goal for issue #2 is 6 stories, the general target range for the magazine. (We may go slightly higher or lower depending on final length of the stories in each issue.) 

We're excited to announce that one of the stories in issue #2 will be written by Scott Lynch! Many of you know Scott already from his Gentleman Bastard series. It's too early to post details on his story, but we are excited to publish his work and believe it will be a great start to issue #2.

Issue #2 will also contain a story by Nathan Long. Titled Haata Blood, it is a gripping sword-and-sorcery thieves' tale:

All they’d thought to find at the villa were the drunken party guests and their riches, but while Anla and Lanci were traipsing out, skirts jingling with stolen coins and jewelry, they chanced upon something far more sinister. Some of the party guests were dabbling in blood sacrifice. When the two down-on-their luck robbers decided to intervene, the threat of retribution from the partygoers was the least of their worries, for dark forces were at play. If they didn’t act fast, everyone, the guilty and innocent alike, would soon be drained of life...

In addition to the existing fiction roster, we're also going to try something new with issue #2: an illustrated adaptation of a classic pulp story. In this case, it is Abraham Merritt's short story The People of the Pit, illustrated by Stefan Poag. This doesn't replace any of the stories; it's an entirely new addition. Here are the first few pages of Stefan's adaptation...

 Issue #2 is going to be awesome. We're really excited about the magazine and the reception so far on Kickstarter. Thanks everyone for your support and please help us to keep spreading the word in these last few days!

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