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Why You Should Join The Legion Of The Skull

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

We have a little over a week left in this Kickstarter, and I think it's high time we revealed what it means to be a member of the Legion of the Skull! Many of you have already pledged at that level - and we thank you. For the rest of you, there's still some time to sign up.

The Legion of the Skull exists to build a community of sword-and-sorcery fans.

Here's what this pledge level entails.

1. Benefactors List. Your name will be printed in the benefactors list in Tales From The Magician's Skull #1.

2. Chapter of the Skull. As an optional benefit, we will run a feature in the magazine called Chapters of the Skull. Think of this as a directory of kindred souls - the seeds of your future book club, perhaps, or a list of like-minded correspondents. (Has anyone else read the letters between REH and HPL?) Any Legion member in good standing can form their own Chapter and provide their contact information to be listed in the Chapter directory. We will provide a survey at the end of the Kickstarter that allows you to give us this info. You can also print a one-liner: "Looking to start a S&S book club in the San Francisco area" or "Would love to correspond on REH lore."

3. Directory of Book Stores. Who doesn't love to browse a book labyrinth? We've posted on this previously and we intend to support brick-and-mortar stores in the magazine. At the end of the Kickstarter, Legion members will be given a chance to submit their favorite book store to be included in the directory. 

4. Membership Card. Yes, you get a real life membership card, which you can present at secret meetings, over-21 clubs, and initiations into dark rites.

The Legion membership card. This could be yours!
The Legion membership card. This could be yours!

5. Bookmark. We'll send you an official Tales From the Magician's Skull bookmark. Actually we'll probably send you several so you can give some to your friends.

This bookmark could also be yours!
This bookmark could also be yours!

 6. The Secret Membership Pin. We can't show you's a secret. But if you join, you'll know how to recognize your brethren. 

7. Essay compilation. There have been several requests to compile the essay updates from this Kickstarter into a published booklet. (And you haven't even seen them all yet! There is more great reading to come.) Members of the Legion will receive an added booklet with these essays printed and compiled.

8. Bonus story. In addition, the compiled essays booklet will contain one additional story. This is a stand-alone sword-and-sorcery tale by Howard Andrew Jones that was previously published in our Gen Con 2016 Program Guide. For most of you who run in "fiction paths" rather than "gaming paths," we think this will be the first time you've read it. It features some characters who also appear in Tales From The Magician's Skull #1 and is a great complement to that issue.

9. Advance copy of issue #1. Issue #1 is complete except for a couple final tweaks...but of course we also need the benefactor names and other information noted above. Legion members will receive a copy of the "beta" edition of issue #1, before all the "post-Kickstarter information" is added. They will then later also receive a copy of the final version of the issue. 

The Skull Scrolls

And this brings us to the idea of a letters column. We do intend to have one, and it will be called The Skull Scrolls. And we'd like to start it with issue #1. For you Legion members who see the beta edition of issue #1, you'll have a window of time to read it and write to us with your comments. Some of those comments will appear in the letters column which will ultimately appear in the final, printed version of issue #1.

Join the Legion. Join today!

We hope you'll consider it. Please upgrade your pledge level to Legion of the Skull. By the time we're done with this, you'll have a community of fellow fans to start your Chapter with!

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    1. Ernie Batten on

      We are getting close! Pretty excited for this project to go "live".

    2. Eric Miles

      You convinced me. I just join the Legion.

      I feel so metal!

    3. flyaturtle~

      Wow. And yassss...

    4. Mick Gall on

      "Chapter of the Skull", eh? I'm thinking that might be a great place for a writer's accountability club/beta reader group to get started...