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A magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction in the classic pulp style!
A magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction in the classic pulp style!
808 backers pledged $36,820 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jeffrey Olesky on November 2

      @Goodman Games Glad to support this project. Please keep us informed when yearly subscriptions come available!!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Jones on November 1

      Excited to see this in print, and glad to see so much support for the magazine. That said, do you all really intend to print the second issue on a different paper stock just because of a missed stretch goal? It would be a shame.

      I'm not really sure why the two stretch goals are 20k apart to begin with, I cannot imagine the print run on this thing being anywhere near the size that it would cost even one tenth of that for the upgraded paper.

    3. Goodman Games 20-time creator on November 1

      @Smasterson: Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad we hit a chord. The Skull commanded us to focus primarily on print production, with only PDF as an electronic edition, for a couple reasons. First, the layout is an important aspect of enjoying this publication. It harkens back to the aesthetics of Weird Tales and the pulp era in many ways. Viewing the text flowed in a different format changes the experience. Second, electronic formats come and go. LP, 8 track, cassette, CD...we think PDF is likely to be the format that best retains the aesthetics of the layout and is most likely to endure. We want Farnsworth Wright to turn over in his grave when you crack open this magazine, and print+PDF is most likely to accomplish that.

    4. Todd Stephens
      on November 1

      Judging by the numbers pledged for the various levels, I'd say most of the backers are here for the physical product.

    5. SMasterson on November 1

      FIRST my congrats!
      This is an awesome KS that I'm very excited to be a part of. :) I've always loved the old stuff from Weird Tales days and the works of Robert Howard in particular. This seems like a spiritual successor, which fills my jaded, necrotic heart with glee.

      SECONDLY my rant.
      I'm torn. I swore to never buy another PDF-based fiction mag because it's antiquated (and seemingly only still used by RPG-centric folks...WHY??) and just plain abominable for tablet reading--which is exactly where most folks read digital fiction nowadays.

      Yet here I am, backing this. Le sigh. 1) Because it's a strike at my weak spot! You cads! 2) There are gobs of free online converters that will de-encode PDFs and send them to your Amazon/Apple/Google/etc. accounts for permanent storage in a mobi/epub format. (I use the kindle app on my iPad and there are clear instructions on the Amazon site for this process if any others are interested.) But still, I'm peeved that I have to jump through hoops to do stuff that every other purveyor of fiction does for their customers already. There's this vast electronic profit river frequently called "the long tail" in which short fiction format thrives, yet so many--n/m I've gotten it out of my system now. :) Looking forward to issue #1!
      /end rant

      PS: OK, I'll concede that for non-fic stuff, PDFs are marginally better as that content is typically read on a laptop. Though even my non-fic stuff (industry papers and the like) is still provided by the originator in an mobi/epub format if I really wanted it so.

      /end rant for real

    6. Goodman Games 20-time creator on November 1

      @Troy: Well said!!

    7. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on November 1

      @Mick Gall - I grew up in those same KC suburbs. 7-11, Quik Trip - even U-Totem (I'm old).

    8. Goodman Games 20-time creator on November 1

      @Troy: Well said!!

    9. Mick Gall on November 1

      @Troy Chrisman
      Fond memories of riding my bike to the local QuickTrip (Kansas City MO suburbs) for soda (welch's grape), candy bars (100 grand) and Savage Sword of Conan!
      The quicktrip had a random and sporadic comic spinner, but SSOC was always there with the magazines.

    10. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on November 1

      Ladies and gentlemen, I will proudly slow clap the is entire day for what has been accomplished here. An S&S magazine kickstarter that will soon surpass the $35,000 mark? That's exceptional. Heartfelt congratulations for those he who dreamed it, designed it, wrote it, pledged it, enabled it, and the proud parents who birthed it. And even a tip of the top for the ol' Skull himself.
      Magazines have always been essential to me. From perusing the rack at the local 7-11, the comic store or even the long dead newsstand, I was always drawn to magazines. Weird Tales, Eerie, Famous Monsters, The Rampaging Hulk, Circus, Hit Parader, Mad, Cracked, Crazy - and the one that changed it all, The Savage Sword of Conan. Novels, pulps, comics - all have been a huge part of my life, but magazines always had more draw. They were easily digestible in small nibbles or satisfying enough for a long feast.
      But over the years - like mana in Niven's "The Magic Goes Away" - magazines have faded. They have become smaller. Titles have gone digital or stopped publishing altogether. Yet, S&S is more prevalent than ever due to the Internet, blogs and those keeper of the sacred flame who shall never let it wane.
      Those keepers are at the heart of this new magazine. At the heart of keeping the tales and the delivery of those stories true to their magical, creative and at times, secretive roots. So today, let us celebrate them, welcome a new beginning to an ageless craft and look forward to a bright future fueled by cherished memories from our past.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dan Sich on October 30

      @GoodmanGames: Ah, nevermind! I figured it out: $30 for the two print + PDF issues, $16 for shipping, overcharged $4 to be reimbursed after KS.

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Sich on October 30

      @GoodmanGames: If I pledge $30 for the 2 print issues (and PDFs), will I be reimbursed $14 at the end of the KS? The campaign page reads:

      "When you make your pledge, shipping charges will be applied. They are as follows:
      "Canada, UK, and EU: $8 for issue #1, $16 for issues #1 and #2"

    13. Goodman Games 20-time creator on October 30

      @JediOre: Whoa!! We should have called it right there and seen if something special happened...
      @Dan: Sounds like you want both issues in print? Choose the $30 pledge level titled "Issues #1 & 2, Print+PDF Edition." (Or you can also pledge at Legion of the Skull level.) Hope that helps.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dan Sich on October 29

      Question for Goodman Games: I pledged $16 (the amount specified in the KS description) to have issues 1 & 2 (print) shipped to Canada. But the reward specifies PDFs. It appears that to get both issues in print I need to pledge $30. Can you verify? Is see one other comment and a response from you that suggests there's a $20 stop-gap option, with $4 reimbursed after the kickstarter finishes. I don't see that $20 option anywhere. Thanks!

    15. JediOre on October 29

      Just logged in to see the new update and the total number of backers is 666. Creepy. Happy upcoming Halloween everyone.

    16. Alvin Helms
      on October 29

      Honestly, I'm not seeing enough value in the Legion of the Skull pledge level for me to bump my pledge upward. I'm already backing for Print + PDF copies of #1 & #2, so the Legion would be double my current pledge. For me, that would require some more definite temptation than what you're offering.

      How about committing to a #3 & #4, and making a 4-issue Subscription part of the Legion of the Skull pledge? That would certainly be enough to convince me.

    17. Shane Bradley on October 28

      If the skull needs some motivation send him over to my gamemasters house half hour with his dogs and I'm sure he'll become all sorts of agreeable muahahahahaha

    18. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on October 27

      @Shane That's a great question. I'll try to have a word with the skull when he's feeling less feisty, and then explain "Facebook page" to him, and see what transpires.

    19. Shane Bradley on October 27

      So when is the legion of the skull Facebook page starting up?

    20. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on October 24

      Current read - "Conan and the Emerald Lotus" by John C. Hocking. The oversized first edition paperback - my old eyes appreciate the large type.

    21. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on October 24

      We are Legion!

    22. flyaturtle~ Mage at Saga World Builder
      on October 23

      Loving the essays (yet difficult to read on my tiny phone). Any chance a few could be included in the book? Or as a cheapo zine booklet?

      Also, +1 for more maps or location illustrations, or item/NPC stat SGs. There can never be too many. Let’s blur that line. Blur it!

      (And yeah. I want a dry erase talking mr skull bookmark too, but who doesn’t? Or a meme generator webpage)

    23. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on October 21

      Thanks for the continued support, guys! We're determined to bring you great sword-and-sorcery!

    24. Chainsaw on October 21

      Good luck!

    25. Stefan Pokorny, Zaltar of Valoria on October 20

      Love this, I'm in and I want the Pin!

    26. Missing avatar

      Anthony Riley on October 19

      Made my pledge, excited about this!

    27. Goodman Games 20-time creator on October 18

      @Ourboros: We only just cleared the first stretch goal!

    28. Missing avatar

      Ouroboros Games on October 18

      With all the extra money this project is generating, are we going to get more than 2 issues?

    29. Jeffrey Talanian on October 18

      I'm in! Looking forward to another great Kickstarter from Goodman Games. Cheers! ~Jeff T.

    30. Raymond Fowkes Jr.
      on October 18

      Yikes! Almost missed this one here also. Might have hit target audience a bit better if included it in the Tabletop section as it does include RPG material.

      So, yeah, I just joined a secret cult. Tell ma I love her! ... at least when I disappear I’ll be surrounded by a bunch of classic RPG luvin’ friends! ... as I slowly open the eerily creaking door to enter the candle lit room ......

    31. Missing avatar

      James Stuart on October 17

      Appendix N trading cards!

    32. Goodman Games 20-time creator on October 17

      @Troy: Interesting idea to collect the essays! And we still have quite a few to share.

    33. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on October 17

      Thank you for the essay on REH, it was a great read with my morning coffee. Please tell me these essays will be published in the magazine or another collection? They are great resources.

    34. Missing avatar

      Shana Horn on October 15

      Flights of Fantasy on Sand Creek Rd in Albany, NY is the best local book store.

    35. DW
      on October 13

      Looking forward to a some new pulp stories. Need more creativity juice.

      Sold by the artwork. It would be wonderful to have a whole thick book of DCC style art and maps to stitch together into campaigns or hand-outs.

    36. Goodman Games 20-time creator on October 13

      Everyone, welcome! Glad to have you here.
      @Shawn: You have indeed detected an error! The shipping for 2 issues to Canada should be $16. But due to some back-end issues we aren't able to change this in the KS pledge at this point. After the KS is over, send us a message via Kickstarter and we will refund you the $4 overcharge.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Stuart on October 13

      I'm in.

      This is my chance to make up for the fact I couldn't get on board the pulp movement in the 1930's.

    38. Desus on October 13

      @Shawn: Should be an error, as it is only 16$ shipping fee for both issues to Germany.

    39. Jeff Vandine on October 13

      I came on board because Goodman Games sent me something on this, otherwise I never would have known about it. Tip to Goodman; maybe send out those notifications a bit earlier?

      And, what the heck, I've bumped up to the Legion level, though I suspect most of the bennies will be for folks who attend conventions -- since I live way out in the boonies on a limited income, I don't get to do much of that anymore -- but I figure the extra stories will still be worth it...

    40. Missing avatar

      Shawn Kehoe on October 12

      *more than twice the SHIPPING cost of a single issue, to be clear. :-)

    41. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on October 12

      Jaquays had some amazing art for Metagaming. Very excited.

    42. Missing avatar

      Shawn Kehoe on October 12

      Question for the Goodman staff: when I examined the pledge shipping to Canada, it said that issue 1 alone would be $8 shipping added, but issues 1+2 would be $20 added, more than twice the cost of a single issue. Is issue #2 planned to be larger than issue #1? Or would they be shipping together in a bigger envelope?

    43. Bobby Lee on October 12

      So I backed this on day one after seeing it in a Facebook ad. DCC and Goodman Games kickstarted my love for classic speculative fiction, so this was right up my alley.

      Yet...I somehow only realized today that Goodman Games was running this.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Gower on October 9

      I've been excited about this project ever since it was announced. Now that the project was successful so quickly, does it bode well for it's continued existence? I'd love to see more issues down the road. I'm also curious for more details on what to expect when I join the Legion of the Skull.

    45. Jeffrey Olesky on October 9

      @GG: no worries and thanks for the response.

    46. Goodman Games 20-time creator on October 9

      @Jeffrey: Sorry but we don't plan to have add-ons for this Kickstarter. We will have them for the DCC Annual when that one goes live though.
      @flyaturtle: The Skull bides his time...but all will be as foretold.

    47. flyaturtle~ Mage at Saga World Builder
      on October 9

      Membership has its rewards.

    48. flyaturtle~ Mage at Saga World Builder
      on October 9

      The Legion grows...any hints on what may be involved?

    49. Goodman Games 20-time creator on October 8

      @Mark: Not planning on Epub/Mobi for now...but we'll keep the suggestion in mind!
      @Patrick: Yup! HAJ is a huge factor in this!

    50. Jeffrey Olesky on October 8

      @GoodmanGames Please make available ya’lls new adventures for add-ons! I have been waiting to add them to this KS!

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