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A magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction in the classic pulp style!
A magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction in the classic pulp style!
808 backers pledged $36,820 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. 1soni
      4 days ago

      Rec'd in Arkansas today.

    2. Sniderman 5 days ago

      Arrived today bundled with my other GG KS goodies. Looks FANTASTIC! Thanks much!

    3. John Warren 5 days ago

      Got my box of GG goodness today! Thanks!

    4. Goodman Games 21-time creator 6 days ago

      @Vadim That would be my expectation, yes.

    5. Goodman Games 21-time creator 6 days ago

      @Jason Any day now. Keep an eye on your mailbox.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Baldwin on April 16

      Hi, I'm just wondering about if the shipments to Australia are on the way? I haven't really kept a close eye on this, but curious to know.

    7. Vadim Golembo on April 15

      If your bundling stuff, might I get my order with my MCC box of goodies?
      No rush, just wondering...

    8. Goodman Games 21-time creator on April 12

      @John I understand your frustration. Trust me, we worked through a lot of options on this. The quickest one overall is the method we chose. The fact that so many projects came due at the same time created an odd situation. In a perfect world everything fell into place in due course, but with circumstances hitting the way they did this is actually the fastest way to get books to as many people as possible in as short a time as possible. As to sorry!

      And it's not torment. It's anticipation! Right? ...right?


    9. John Warren on April 11

      I hope you guys will consider doing something different for your fulfillment next time. Some backers got their stuff a month ago and some of us are still waiting. Do you always ship to people in Ohio last, or is it alphabetical by last name? :-)

      I had a similar experience with your Kickstarter for "How To Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck." On that one, I swear some people got their books a full two months before I got mine.

      Also, I got an email from you last Monday (4/2) saying that you had shipped my copy of Into the Borderlands, but it has been nine days now, and it hasn't shown up. Why must you torment me this way?

    10. Goodman Games 21-time creator on April 4

      @Stephen Do not panic! As others have stated, we aren't going by backer number. There's a lot of moving parts to this one (and the others, as Tony suggested--we're bundling where possible), so things are shipping at a steady pace.

    11. Tony A. Thompson
      on April 4

      Received this and Dungeon Alphabet today in the same box...constructive criticism on the packaging methods left in the DA project page...s far as the book, great work as always as one can expect from GG..

    12. Zach Pierce on April 4

      @Stephen, backer #84 here. I don't think they're going in order.

    13. Jeffrey Olesky on April 3

      @Stephen they are coming... Goodman Games always follow through. No need to be worried, Man!

    14. Stephen Murrish on April 2

      I'm backer #416... shouldn't I have gotten mine by now? Kinda worried...

    15. Goodman Games 21-time creator on March 30

      @Ryan They, in fact, ARE still going out. I just got a new note about a batch going out yesterday, actually. So, yes, it still might be in the process of getting to you. So sorry about that, but we promise we're moving them as fast as possible. Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ryan Flynn on March 30

      So are the USA order still going out? New York here and was just curious as to the shipping status. Thanks!

    17. Jim McLaughlin
      on March 26

      I got my Legion pledge a few days ago. Very nice! Thanks.

    18. Goodman Games 21-time creator on March 22

      @Geraldo So sorry that the book hasn't shown up yet. The orders are being processed as fast as possible, so you should see it soon. (And the overseas orders are processed overseas, so they'll ship on their own schedule, btw.) Thanks!

    19. Goodman Games 21-time creator on March 22

      @Raven and @David Bessenhoffer I'm so sorry for the delay! I sent messages to both of you today. Thanks!

    20. IlGialloMondadori on March 21

      Got my copy a little while ago, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The paper you used is fantastic. Loving the first story. Keep up the great work!

    21. Raven Shadowz
      on March 21

      I sent a message about the damaged and bent membership card and never heard back from anyone. Has anyone else heard back about this?

    22. David Christopher Lee on March 20

      My copy arrived in Hiroshima today and it looks great. I am looking forward to diving into it this week.

    23. Missing avatar

      Geraldo Macedo
      on March 19

      Guys, I'm wondering if there's an issue with my order? To this day, I still haven't received my printed copy and I'm in the US????

    24. Jordan Joestar on March 15

      My copy arrived today in Italy. What can I say? Great job, looks awesome and in these days I'll read it. :)

    25. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on March 13 case that wasn't clear, go to the top of THIS page, where it says Created by Goodman Games, click on Goodman Games and then when THAT page pops up, select the CONTACT ME button. That will get you to the people who can help.

    26. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on March 13

      I'm thrilled to hear that the copies are coming in and people are loving what they're seeing.

      In those instances where something has gone wrong, please send a message to Goodman Games on Kickstarter! They’ll get back to you. I'd address any issues myself, but I'm on a secret assignment for the Skull, in an undisclosed location.

    27. Jeff Vandine on March 13

      Mine came in today and it looks fantastic. Everything was in great shape and well protected by the hard envelope it was in!

      Am enjoying both the mag, and the EXTRA stories for us Legion of the Skull members! Bwa ha ha ha ha!

    28. David Bessenhoffer on March 12

      Hey guys - got my copy and it looks absolutely fantastic, except the lower right corner got smushed in shipping, and the membership card came folded in half. Any chance of exchange for replacement?

    29. Rob 2.0
      on March 12

      Woo boy this book is nice!

    30. Missing avatar

      Brandon Neff on March 12

      Got mine! For some reason I was expecting a small pulp book, this is huge and chock full of goodness!

    31. Raven Shadowz
      on March 12

      I got my package in the mail today, Everything looks awesome except for the cardboard Legion of the Skull Card, the opposite side of where you sign the card most of the writing has been torn off but not all the way through the card and the card is bent length wise.

    32. Goodman Games 21-time creator on March 10

      @Paul Stay tuned for further information... >.>

    33. Paul Sheppard
      on March 10

      For issue #2, is there going to be an option to buy it in ebook format?

    34. Goodman Games 21-time creator on January 5

      @Seth Thank you for that! Goodreads is a huge part of the reader community, so your help promoting us there is very appreciated.

    35. Seth Lindberg on January 5

      I started a Goodreads item/book entry for "Tales # 1" so backers can start leaving reviews, and adding it to their libraries.

    36. W. E. Craig Jr on January 1

      Oh my! It looks like my Chapter of the Skull has been listed under the Colorado chapters and not Delaware... oh well, I guess there wasn't enough space on the page.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Stuart on January 1

      And the art! I forgot to mention the art.

    38. Missing avatar

      James Stuart on January 1

      Yeah, it does look great. Quality layout and still retains that garage-rock-band-community-fanzine-badass-feel at the same time. Now I just need to read it.

    39. W. E. Craig Jr on January 1

      WOW! The digital copy looks great!

    40. Missing avatar

      Jim Burress on December 31

      I am not seeing the download digital content button.....

    41. Goodman Games 21-time creator on December 18

      @Kevin It'll probably still be the week between Christmas and New Year's. We're finishing up layout right now, and as soon as we have that finished, we'll be releasing it. It's close, we promise!

    42. Kevin Daignault
      on December 18

      @Goodman Games - Any idea if we'll be able to download the PDF this week, or are we looking at receiving the PDF around the end of the month still?

    43. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on December 6

      @Geraldo Physical copies won't ship until January.

    44. Missing avatar

      Geraldo Macedo
      on December 6

      Do you guys expect to have a printed copy shipped in Dec or should we expect it just in Jan?

    45. Howard A. Jones Collaborator on December 5

      @Kevin Daignault We're giving the Legion of Skull readers just a few more days to respond for the letter column. You should definitely see a PDF before the end of the month. All the stories are in place, and most of the ads. Pretty soon I'll consult with the skull and see if he's pleased enough with the look to declare it final.

    46. Kevin Daignault
      on December 5

      @Goodman Games - How soon should we expect the PDF copies of the first issue of "Tales From the Magician's Skull" be available for download?

    47. Goodman Games 21-time creator on November 27

      @Eric I just sent you a PM about this. Thanks!

    48. Eric K. Rodriguez on November 27

      I'm not a complete ding dong, nor an expert, but still can't find where to download? Why isn't the link just in the post above?
      Eric in WA

    49. Daniel J. Bishop on November 27

      I may just not be good at this, but I am a backer and I have no idea how to get into the backerkit. Help?

    50. Missing avatar

      Andrew Alvis on November 27

      I didn't receive a survey, commented on a post about it last week and never got a reply. Please respond.

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