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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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PDF of First Two Modules and Judge's Screen Now Available!

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Good Day, Everyone! And we mean it is a GOOD DAY!

We have now released the first two adventure modules—MCC #1: Hive of the Overmind and MCC #2: Fallen Star for All—through BackerKit! In addition, we've also released a revised PDF of the Judge's Screen

The print versions won't be shipping until later, but for now you can read and enjoy the PDF versions of each of these products. We are revving up the releases for MCC, and this is just the start. 

As always, thank you for your support! You guys are the best! 

~ Goodman Games

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    1. Craig J. Brain on

      Again, just so impressed with this Kickstarter. Thanks very much!

    2. Missing avatar

      michael collett on

      These are awesome! Great job Goodman Games.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Lambert on

      Seeing them now. I will say, as a Rulebook in print only, I'd be happy to upgrade to the print block if you'd make an offer...

    4. Jeremy Smith on

      Nevermind, I guess I should have read some of the other posts. I will just wait for an update.

    5. Jeremy Smith on

      Now it is letting me in but I dont see the rewards

    6. Jeremy Smith on

      I am having issues with Backerkit, it isnt recognizing me or my email. I am positive it is the same email I have used before. Can one of yall help?

    7. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Marc Thanks! Someone else pointed that out, as well. We're fixing it.

    8. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      Hey Everyone! Okay, the matter has been cleared up, and everyone who has pledged to get the core book or higher now has access to the modules. (Meaning, if you only pledged $1, sorry, but no.)

      Again, we do apologize for the confusion, and thank you for both your patience and for bringing this to our attention. Our mistake, but it is now corrected.


      ~Goodman Games

    9. Marc Plourde

      Fall Star Says it's level 1 on the cover but level 5 on the title page.

    10. Diana Sharpe

      My Backerkit lists two "All Backer Adventure"s--Hive and Fallen Star WOOHOO!

      Thanks, GG :)

    11. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      As for the Mutant Manual and the AI Addendum, I believe those were both incorporated into the core book, were they not?

    12. David Jenks on

      "Please send out another update to your backers to let us know when these modules have been posted to BackerKit for the KS Backers to download."

      Indeed. Add me to the list of backers that sees vapor, currently.

    13. Kevin Daignault

      @Goodman Games - I'm glad we were able to clarify that situation before it got too far out of hand.

      Please send out another update to your backers to let us know when these modules have been posted to BackerKit for the KS Backers to download.

    14. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      Hi Everyone! Okay, I just spoke with The Powers That Be® and it was confirmed that you are all correct! EVERYONE who pledged is supposed to have access to the PDF versions of these files. We are now in the process of updating the files to make them available to all Backers. We do apologize for this misunderstanding, and will have it fixed ASAP. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and, again, we do apologize! Thanks!

    15. Donald Colton on

      @Andy Action ... Read through the comments below (particular the comment from @Goodman Games) ... should clear things up for you ... or make things more murky ... depending on your perspective.

    16. Andy Action

      Feeling like a dolt here - not seeing any of the PDFs when logged into Backer Kit.
      Amy I missing something?

    17. Donald Colton on

      I have to leave my 2 cents ... I most definitely concur that the campaign notes and every update relating to stretch goals are very clear that every backer (presumably those that backed either pdf or physical copies of the rulebook) will receive FREE pdf's of said stretch goals. I updated to the print block, so I have gotten the pdf's, but had I not updated and was expecting pdf copies of the various stretch goals only to now find out those stretch goals were NOT included .. I'd be a mightily P.O'ed. GG needs to seriously reconsider their position on this, or they may end up with a full blown revolt.

    18. Audeamus on

      Yup, I'm a print backer so it doesn't matter to me, but reading update #6:

      "Mutant Crawl Classics claimed another stretch goal today. All backers will get PDF's of the Mutant Manual plus three adventures!"

    19. Joe Connolly on

      I'm agreeing with the other commenters... It seems clear in the Stretch Goals section of the Kickstarter that modules and non print items are free to backers. I backed at the "MCC RPG foil hardcover +PDF level". If we are not receiving these PDFs, this was a poorly written Kickstarter... as evidenced by the amount of confusion.

      I expect the following in PDF form
      Rule Book - Received
      Level 1 Module
      Level 2 Module
      Muntant Manual
      Level 3 Module
      Level 4 Module
      AI Addendum
      Blessing of the Vile Brotherhood
      Apocalypse Ark
      Reliquary of the Ancient Ones
      The Data Orb
      Judge's Screen - Received
      Color Map
      Character Sheets and Creature Codex - Received

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Nichol on

      Update#15 says that all backers get all adventures for free in PDF.

    21. Diana Sharpe

      @Creator, I think you should reread the stretch goals on the campaign page. As many noted already, they say "free in PDF form to backers."

      And how about from update #6: All backers will get PDF's of the Mutant Manual plus three adventures!

      And from #8: All backers now get PDF editions of the Mutant Manual plus four adventure modules.

      All along it has seemed clear that all backers would receive the stretch goal adventures with their pledges.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Is there a direct link to the files? I thought previously there had always been direct links, but I could be mistaken.

    23. Paul Stefko on

      Not sure how "Free in PDF form to backers." can be misread.

    24. Missing avatar

      Erik Talvola

      agreeing with the rest - stretch goals usually (in my kickstarter experience) not simply things that you can buy, and the "free in PDF form to backers" was very confusing.

    25. Missing avatar

      SheerTerror on

      @Lowell Francis Same.

    26. lonejedi

      That's how it read to me, too: PDFs were free for all backers, but only delivered in print with the $50 Print Block add-on. I didn't see any option for adding on the PDFs :(

    27. Colin Brodd on

      I also based my pledge partly on "Free in PDF Form to Backers" - what the heck?

    28. Scott Dexter on

      I too am in the mildly disappointed about this. Oh well...I'll end up getting them in time anyway.

    29. Jim Krueger on

      Yeah... Didn't realize we were supposed to manually add the stretch goal items as add-on items. Seems like that should have been automatic, since they're stretch goals...

    30. Lowell Francis

      I too misread "Free in PDF form to backers" on the modules in the stretch goal listing.

      Wish that had been clearer.

    31. Paul Stefko on

      @Goodman Game That's odd, because on the campaign main page, each module stretch goal says "Free in PDF form to backers."

    32. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      The modules are available to folks who either got the full print block, or added the modules in as add-ons at the end. If you are only getting the core book, you will not see the modules. Sorry for any confusion.

    33. TheGratefulNed on

      Like almost everyone else, I only see the updated screen for download.

      @Kathleen Lambert - The $40 level is hardcover + PDFs. PDF-only was the $25 level.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Nichol on

      When I login to BackerKit, I see the updated Judge Screen but not the adventures.

    35. Matt Martinez on

      Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the adventures, either. Are they only being made available to certain levels of backers?

    36. Mark Delsing

      Likewise not seeing the modules.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Lambert on

      Seeing the new screen, but not the modules. I was in at the 40 level--I thought I was getting PDF modules but not print?

    38. Sniderman

      Yay! Thanks much! (Er, the cover of Fallen Star says it's a Level 1 adventure, but the title page says it's for Level 5.)

    39. Kevin Daignault

      I just logged into the BackerKit portal and found the updated Judge's Screen waiting for me.

      However, I did not see links to download the PDFs of the first two adventure modules.

      Can you investigate this issue at this time?