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Typos, Dice Chains, Gaming, And More

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Lots of recent news with MCC RPG. We hope you’re all enjoying the rules PDF – and we hope you’re playing the game!

There Are Some Typos

The advantage of this modern era we live in is that fans like you can find our mistakes in digital form, and tell us what to correct before the final print product. MCC RPG is at the printer, but no ink has yet been applied to paper; we are in the proofing stage. We’ve decided to extend the proofing stage to capture all the callouts you fans have made. This has a couple implications.

First, the printed book will be delayed. The delay process is not “one for one”; i.e. if we extend the proofing by three weeks, it causes a more-than-three-weeks delay. We essentially lose our spot in the print production queue and have to “re-enter the line” at a later date. We won’t get that information until we submit the final proofs to the printer, but the delay could be several months.

Second, the final printed book will be better. We’ll be able to capture your feedback, correct typos, and adjust things for the better. I think we’ll all be happier with this result.

As a reminder, please post all “identified typos and concerns” to the errata thread. We’re using that as a master log of things we need to review.

What’s a Dice Chain?

Have you ever tried to look at your nose? It’s right in front of your eyes, yet your mind mentally filters it. You can’t see it unless you make a conscious effort – and then, there it is. They call this “nose-blindness” and it applies to writing RPG’s, too. I’m personally quite tickled that so many fans believe MCC RPG is incomplete.

For example, let’s take the dice chain. Here at Goodman Games, we are nose-blind to the dice chain; it has become so ingrained in the way we game that it did not occur to us to explain it, in the same we no longer explain how to read a D4.

Now go re-read your red-book D&D Basic Set and find the part where they explain how to read a D4. Yes, it was really in there (page 4 to be precise). We don’t put that in RPG’s anymore because we assume the reader knows it. We did not explain the dice chain because we assumed the reader knew about it. And yet…some of you don’t.

This is a wonderful thing.

Welcome to all the new fans! If you don’t know what a dice chain is, that means you’re coming to us from outside the world of DCC RPG. Welcome! Whatever your previous game of choice, welcome to DCC RPG and of course MCC RPG. You’re about to enter a wonderful community that has reignited the passion for gaming in many fans. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

We’re currently assessing the feedback to determine what we’ve been “nose-blind” to. We’ll find a way to include it in the final book. Dice chains, ability explanations, and perhaps a few other things deserve a brief explanation.

Hey, We Playtested That

As some of you may know, one of the things we pride ourselves on at Goodman Games is that our products are meant to be played. We also like to read them and collect them, of course, but everything we publish has been put in front of players many times. This is especially true of MCC RPG, which has been playtested for (literally) years prior to publication.

There are some examples of reader feedback where we believe our actual play experience trumps an initial read of the rules. In general, if you feel something “reads unbalanced,” we strongly encourage you to play a game. In fact, play a campaign. Everybody’s play style is different and there are always variances between tables, but when it comes to the shaman (for example) we think you’ll find it actually plays quite well when “the rubber hits the road.” Give it a couple months of table time then circle back with what you think.

The Road Crew for MCC RPG

Goodman Games provides lots of free swag to people who run our games in stores and cons (and bars and schools). We call this program the Road Crew and you can learn more about it right here. We will soon be starting up some MCC-specific swag for the Road Crew. You don’t need to wait for the printed book to start playing. Please feel free to start running games right now – and tell us about it so you can get some swag.

Play With The Local Guys

In fact, if you so choose, you can play with other MCC fans who have already backed this Kickstarter! Here is a map of all MCC print backers in the USA. (We did not include PDF backers because we don’t have your physical address. And we didn’t include international because we don’t have the appropriate mapping software.)

As you can see, there are some places with a high concentration of backers. Looking for a game? Use the Kickstarter comments to find one! If there was ever a good time to start an MCC game, it is now.

Geographic distribution of MCC print backers (click to zoom in)
Geographic distribution of MCC print backers (click to zoom in)

 Invite Us To Game And We Might Show Up

Since you have to wait a little longer for the print book, we might as well fill the time with gaming. Jim, Brendan, and the rest of us love to run MCC. If you invite us, we might come play MCC with you. Here are the criteria for games we like to attend:

  • Schedule the game in a public space, preferably a game store.
  • Give us at least 30 days’ notice.
  • Ensure at least 6 players are signed up for the game.
  • Tell us when and where. (USA locations only please…except for Bermuda. We’ll fly to Bermuda.)

Send your invitations to and we’ll see what happens. (And feel free to post here, too, in case there are other local players!)

Until Next Time

We’re busy working through the corrections, so make sure to post them to the errata thread. We hope you are starting to figure out your first MCC adventure. Start gaming and let us know how it goes!

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    1. Sniderman

      How long will the "typo gathering" last? Is there a cutoff date in mind so the project can get back on the printing schedule?

    2. Thwick on

      Yep, take the time to get it right if I am paying for a hard-bound foil covered masterpiece. Nothing more frustrating than getting a final copy of a book full of AMAZING ADVENTURES that is full of typos and missing illustrations like some other companies.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Lambert on

      On the nose blind thing. I was looking for a chart of primitive weapons and couldn't find one. (That could be my quick perusal--it seems like every kickstarter I've pledged to in the last two years is paying out this month and I'm suffering from choice paralysis on reading them.)

    4. Brian W Adams

      They are pleased, especially about the dice-chain issue, because it means those people probably are not carryovers from DCC, who would have had that info from their DCC experiences, but rather new people interested in the game.

    5. Diana Sharpe

      Like Rob and Sniderman, I am also confused about your being pleased that backers think your book is incomplete. Was it your goal for us to believe it to be incomplete? I really hope there is a misunderstanding on your part about what that phrase means.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ian Wyckoff on

      I support the decision to delay the printing. It's not an easy choice, but I would rather the product be revised and benefit from review by the DCC fanbase.

    7. John Warren on

      I'm confused by the backer map. There's a 96 on the border of Ohio and Indiana. Is that Cincinnati? That doesn't seem right, considering that would mean there are no backers in Indianapolis or Columbus, and I know that's not true. Similarly, there's a 51 near the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania (maybe Pittsburgh?). But no backers in Cleveland? Or maybe the 96 or the 51 is the total number for Ohio?

      Anyway, it's an interesting map, even if I don't understand it.

    8. Rushputin on

      Adding my voice to the chorus that I find a delay a price I'm entirely willing to pay for a (more) perfect book.

      Seriously; this is _Kickstarter_. I've got campaigns 9 months behind and they're tracking as-expected. You slip a semester or two and you're still overdelivering.

    9. DGoth on

      Oh my gosh, someone actually would prefer a book with Day-0 errata. That's amazing.

    10. Missing avatar


      +1 to the near-unanimous affirmation of the acceptability of delays in exchange for typo-squashing and rule-clarification work!

    11. David Ackerman on

      I also applaud your willingness to push back your print release to deal with these issues. A wise and brave choice. I am surprised at your Dice Chain Blind spot since the Dice Chain is unique to DCC (as compared to D4s which are rather more ubiquitous ;-)), but am very happy to hear that you are reviewing MCC with a greater eye for completeness. As someone new to your game line, I am looking forward to an MCC that can be played without reference to your other products.

    12. John Blakemore on

      Thank you for being willing to take the hit by missing a Gen Con release to ensure a complete, stand-alone game with the fixes included. Bravo for listening to feedback from your backers!

    13. David Crowell on

      I think it is better for Goodman Games and the reputation of MCC to miss the Gencon release target and put out the best, most complete book possible than to meet that deadline with a product that does not feel up to their usual standard.

    14. Tom Bolenbaugh on

      Thank you! This is good news. One of the many reasons I am a fan of Goodman Games.

    15. Missing avatar

      Trismegistos on

      Great news that GG are using their fan base of highly intelligent pedants & rules-masters (I think that describes most of us here, right?) to pick out those typos and unstated DCC rules - this is excellent for everyone concerned, and like everyone else here, I don't mind at all waiting a few more months for a much better final product.

      And I just want to congratulate each and every one of you MCC backers who's taking the time to make this the best game possible by contributing to the errata thread. You rule!

    16. Sniderman

      Yeah, I thought "I’m personally quite tickled that so many fans believe MCC RPG is incomplete" was an odd turn of phrasing. "People are complaining that our game is unplayable due to missing rules and unclear explanations! Hooray!"

      o_O ?

    17. Silver Bowen on

      I'm 100% happy to wait for further proofing. Thanks for taking the time to get it right.

    18. Michael Potter

      I am glad you made the decision to fox the book. Other than pure typos, there needs to be more of the base DCC rules brought in to make it a more effective stand-alone rules book.

    19. Rob Monroe on

      "I’m personally quite tickled that so many fans believe MCC RPG is incomplete."

      This would horrify me as a game designer. There are some things that need to be included in a "complete game," even if they are no-brainers to experienced gamers. I'm honestly surprised that all of the general rules weren't just copy-and-pasted from DCC.

    20. Dan Domme on

      This is fantastic news. If there's one thing that I associate with Goodman Games, it's product quality. I was fearful that the cries of criticism would go unheeded, and this directly counters that. Looking forward to seeing a more perfect book in my hands a little bit later.

    21. Zach Pierce on

      Can't please everyone apparently, but I'm very happy to hear that the fixes will be included in the print book. I'm very much enjoying what's in the pdf and have no problem waiting longer for the print run.

    22. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Heather McDonald: Yes we will support games at cons too!

    23. John Dominguez on

      Noooo!!! So will the book be out by year end? I'd rather just have an errata sheet issued on the Goodman games website and the book in my hands.

    24. Michael Kuykendall on

      Very happy with this update. Thanks and good job GG! Hail Dark Master!

    25. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      @Adam M

      In addition to bonuses and penalties on your roll, you its possible for the GM to have you move up and down the dice chain. This is the dice chain: d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30. If you can use a Longbow and are firing it at long range, instead of the traditional d20, you're rolling a d16 (-1d on the dice chain). If you don't know how to use a Longbow and are firing at long rang, you're rolling a d14 (-2d on the dice chain).

      It doesn't only apply to d20 rolls, it could apply to a lot of things. It's really up to the GM to decide when its applicable. I've seen some convert every +2 or -2 modifier to a slide up or down the chain.

    26. Brandon Barnes

      17 Backers in the Mississippi Gulf Coast?!

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam M

      So, what is a dice chain? You talked about it in this update, but didn't actually explain what it was! :-)

    28. Demicanadian on

      So I totally understand that it might have been caused by nose-blindness, but at current state this book is indeed incomplete.

    29. DGoth on

      I'm new to MCC/DCC but I played a couple games at Gary Con. I'm very pleased with this delay, and intend to talk up Goodman Games when I'm at Gen Con in August. (And play in at least one game).

      Also, I'm not an organizer, but I feel like mini MCC/DCC con at Games Plus in Mt Prospect IL would go over well.

    30. Demicanadian on

      Actually dice chain is explained in the introduction. Once. In single sentence. But there are other things in combat chapter (the one that claims you're supposed to be experienced Judge) forgets that according to rulebook there's no such thing as Opposed Roll in MCC :D

    31. Dani Jang

      Awesome update guys. Besides the infos dropped out because of nose-blindness, I loved the concept of Shaman, just want to see more AIs later. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Heather McDonald

      Hey, any other San Fran Bay Area players? Also would you consider coming to any conventions or is the invite just to come to game stores?

    33. Nick J. on

      I realize delaying a product could cost Goodman Games some revenue, but I'm glad to hear you want to get it right the first time even it means pushing release back by a few months. I wish more software/game developers took this tactic with their products.

    34. Burleaf on

      Thank you for the update and awesome news. What we have right now is very cool, but I look forward to seeing it in a more polished state. Seriously, thank you again! Just shows how amazing you all are. Keep up the great work!

    35. TheGratefulNed on

      I'm about a quarter of the way through the book and I'm loving it!

      I'm glad you posted about the errata thread, I was going to ask where we could report typos, etc.