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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

The apocalypse is finally here: the Mutant Crawl Classics PDF has been posted for backers to download! You can find it in the Downloads section of BackerKit. And you should soon receive a notification regarding this.



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    1. Lynn Fredricks on

      Thanks again for your help in sorting out the PDF problem! :-)

    2. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Kevin @orrin BackerKit is the tool used to help process and distribute orders from Kickstarter. Send me a PM and I'll respond with the link to your BackerKit page. Thanks!

    3. orrin on

      Where do i find the backer kit?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kevin weatherwax on

      What is backerkit?

    5. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Russell Townsend: Good catch on the McAusland credit, that should be corrected! We agree he is perfect for this subject matter - there were some scheduling issues and such that prevented us from working with him more on MCC. However, the good news is Will is coming to Gen Con this year! For the first time ever. So if you will be there, it's a great chance to get his autograph!

    6. Johan Kristian Milde on

      I also need to have my BackerKit survey locked down

    7. Lynn Fredricks on

      I have not received anything yet.

    8. Russell Townsend on

      What happened to all the Will McAusland art and his Art Credit?! I was so disappointed to find only 3 pieces of his work...and no art credit. Kovacs, Mullen, and Poag are excellent, but McAusland is the post-apocalyptic master. What Happened!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard Rivera

      Still no downloads on backerkit

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Becker on

      Hey everyone,

      Survey confirmed. No download section is showing on the backerkit page.

      Also, another question. If we ordered a second copy of the hardcover will there be another set of the Kickstarter rewards shipped or can these items be purchased for an additional cost (example the RPG screen)? My friend wanted to piggyback on my order and this is why I added the second Hardcover. Thanks.

    11. Robertson Sondoh Jr on

      I haven't got my backerkit link yet

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Clunie on

      From Backerkit: Survey is answered, You can still make changes until the project locks down the survey. No Downloads

    13. Missing avatar

      Tim Ramsey on

      I don't see the download section either.

    14. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      DAMN YOU! Couldn't you have waited one more day? My report cards are due tomorrow!

      Sleep is for the weak.

    15. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Brent I have just locked yours down. You should be good to go. Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Brent Ault on

      Goodman Games, their helpdesk said it's waiting for the Project Creator to lock down my survey.

    17. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      Hey All! If you are having difficulties finding the download on your BackerKit page, you do need to lock it down and finalize your address. Once you have done that, the download should appear when you refresh the page. If that doesn't happen, please contact us directly through the Message system and we'll find out the problem and get it resolved. If you are having trouble finding your BackerKit page, also Message us directly and we can help with that, too. Thanks!

    18. Jim Krueger on

      I also apparently hadn't finalized my backer survey. Just did it today, I'd expect the download link to appear shortly?

    19. Brian W Adams

      @Nathan No, the screen is a three-panel portrait orientation. The PDF is of the complete front and back, followed by the 6 individual panels. Landscape would be shorter and wider (Savage Worlds screens are laid out this way).

    20. William M Wilson on

      @Nathan - MCC is supposed to be self-contained and self-sufficient, though, rather than a DCC supplement...

      It seems like the only way for Shamans to get any of the Patron spells, too, is by getting 24+ on Patron Bond?

    21. Nathan Land on

      @William, Look on page 18 under Wetware Programs and Spells. It describes that Wetware Programs are merely spells. No different from Arcane/Divine Spell in the DCC universe. Essentially, at least the way I see it, use spells from DCC as Wetware Programs in MCC.

    22. William M Wilson on

      Are there more Wetware programs than just the ones listed for the Patron AI's? It seems kind of weird to have support for Level 5 wetware, but Shamans never get more than a single Level 3 based on their patron?

      I almost feel like there's a section missing, here.

    23. Nathan Land on

      @Jonas, The judges screen is in both Landscape and Portrait.

    24. David Crowell on

      Where do we send errata? Page 28, pretty sure the Rover's second level Crit Die is supposed to be 1d12, not 1d2 as given in the table.

    25. Jonas Schiött

      A question about the judges' screen: is there any possibility of getting one in landscape orientation?

    26. Missing avatar

      michael collett on

      Love it! It's beautiful, great job!

    27. Nathan Land on

      Looks great! I do have one question, on page 18 where it talks about Wetware Programs and Spells. Should I just use the Arcane/Divine spell lists for Wetware Programs?

    28. James Smith on

      I'm also unable to find the download section. Might need to include some more detailed instructions? It could be because I didn't finalize my survey until today. I thought I had but, apparently not.

    29. Missing avatar

      Brent Ault on

      I'm also not getting a downloads section. Hopefully soon, I'm dying to read this!

    30. Benjihad X-ian on

      No downloads section here yet on BackerKit.

    31. Christian O on

      It's beautiful

    32. Wendy Lord

      WooHoo! It looks great! I can't wait to dive in more deeply, then just skimming through it!

    33. Brent Rose

      This is great! No graffiti at the bottom of each page like DriveThruRPG put on the DCC stuff! Thank you!

    34. Andrew Merzetti on

      I can't locate any Downloads section at BackerKit. But I did have to create an account, so that's a plus.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stephen Pennisi on

      It looks amazing!!!!!

    36. Zach Pierce on

      Today is a good day!

    37. Philip Reed

      Awesome! Link worked and downloading the files now. Thanks!

    38. John Dominguez on

      nevermind, got it. wooo!

    39. John Dominguez on

      There a link to backerkit?