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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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Last Stretch Goal Cleared. Now On To Last +1

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Mutant Crawl Classics has cleared its final stretch goal! We'll now ship physical copies of the book in a custom-printed mailing carton; and we'll also include a full-color poster map. The map will be at least 11"x17", and we may be able to print larger depending on final amount of the KS.

But wait, you say! What about goals above $175k? Surely there must be a final stretch goal!

And yes...there is. Tomorrow, on the final day of the Kickstarter, we will announce the next stretch goal. For today, though, let us just bask in the awesomeness of it all. Or maybe that glow isn't awesomeness, maybe it's radiation...

Gen Con Pickup Of T-Shirts

Although MCC won't be out until next year, the T-shirts can be printed now! We will have a limited quantity available for pickup at Gen Con. If you pledged for the T-shirt add-on, look for details on this in about a week.

Shipping Charge Calculations For Add-Ons

We recently became aware that BackerKit, which we plan to use, does not readily accommodate the flat-rate shipping we would like to do. Our attempt on another Kickstarter to charge a flat +$5 shipping for add-ons was foiled by BK setup, and after conversations with the company today, it looks like that's not an easy option. (If you're a Judges Guild backer, look for an update tomorrow!) For MCC backers, please be aware we have to change how the add-on shipping works. For most of you, this will be an improvement. We're going to charge per item as follows:

  • Dice: +$2 shipping per tube
  • T-shirts: +$2 shipping per shirt
  • Slipcases+ +$2 shipping per slipcase

Hopefully this is simple and straightforward. But if not, speak up!

Appendix N

Hey, did you hear the news? We're in negotiations with the estate of another Appendix N author. And this is a different author than Fritz Leiber, which you probably know about from our DCC Lankhmar project...and also different from the one we're announcing at Gen Con. Just thought you might want to know, since this one will really be popular among MCC fans. Of course we won't be able to tell you who it is for several months...but hey, thought you should know. Heh heh. Teaser alert. One more good reason to get in on MCC.

On to the last stretch goal! More tomorrow!

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    1. Jim Wampler Collaborator on

      @James re: PDF map — This is an unknown until the format of the map is finalized. Further information will be forthcoming as we get the map done.

    2. Darrin Fesperman on

      Will you have the T-shirts for sale at GenCon or only available to backers?

    3. Diana Sharpe

      To commenters, I thought the print block included shipping.

    4. Kevan Chapman on

      RE new Appendix N author's estate -- Ooo! Can it be Andre Norton? Please please?

    5. Jason Abdin on

      I know it's already been acknowledged that someone guessed what's in the works, but I would really love some Michael Moorcock and Hawkmoon for MCC. In fact, I'm kinda hoping to run Hawkmoon as my campaign setting for MCC.

    6. Noah Guzman on

      If we add an add-on item, do we add the shipping fee as well or will this fee be collected later in backer kit?

    7. Jarad W.

      Its Roger Zelazny for sure, Damnation Alley all the way.

      Though I'm still hopin for Vance! Dying Earth for MCC would make my life complete

    8. Dan Domme on

      I am hoping for Jack Vance as well, but maybe Andre Norton? She would be an awesome "get" for MCC!

      I mean, just look at the cover for Eye of the Monster:

    9. Missing avatar

      James on

      Will there be a pdf map for pdf backers?

    10. Adrian on

      Is there any way for those of us not going to GenCon to get that T shirt early? My naked body demands it!

    11. Dan Daley

      @James When I selected the book + block pledge level, it automatically added $15 for shipping. If you are adding the print block as an add-on to the book only pledge level, then you would have to add $5 for shipping of the print block manually. I would think that you would be up to $40 + $50 +$15 (book + block + shipping) + $25 + 2 (dice + shipping) = $132.

    12. James Floyd Kelly

      Maybe it's just too early, but I'm a little confused still about shipping. I backed for basic book + block so $90. I added dice +25 and shipping +2 so what my total backing currently shows is $117.00. When the KS ends, will the $15 shipping automatically be added for a total of $133.00?

    13. Missing avatar


      So the $2 shipping for add-ons is for international backers as well?

    14. Cory "DM Cojo" Gahsman

      So one project based on an appendix N author is being announced at GenCon and another is in the works? Wow! I am hoping for Jack Vance and Roger Zelazney myself. I can see Dying Earth tying into the 998th Conclave of Wizard's module very well!

    15. Missing avatar

      William Walters

      Since you will be using BackerKit will we be able to add dice and a T shirt after the KickStarter ends?

    16. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Forrest: Yup, now it's only $2. Long story short we have to make it item-by-item instead of flat rate. So for folks who only ordered 1 or 2 add-ons, you come out ahead!

    17. Missing avatar

      Forrest Aguirre on

      Wait, so if I thought I was going to pay $5 for shipping on the t-shirt, I am now only going to pay $2? Did I read that right?

      And I'll add my voice to the chorus chanting for Jack Vance!

    18. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Please let it be Fred Saberhagen and the Lost Swords !!!!!!

    19. Nick J. on

      Please be Jack Vance, please be Jack Vance, please be Jack Vance ...