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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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Judge’s Screen Confirmed, Leatherbound Edition, Vote for Your Favorite Foil Color Scheme

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Only four days left in this Kickstarter, so time to finalize some details! In today’s update:

  • Vote for your favorite foil color scheme
  • Stretch goal cadence updated to include judge’s screen
  • Leatherbound edition added as pledge option
  • Jim Wampler on Sanctum Secorum podcast

Vote for Your Favorite Foil Color Scheme

After yesterday’s update there were a lot of comments on possible color schemes for the MCC RPG foil edition. We’ve produced some mockups to show possible options. Which one do you like best?

What's your favorite foil edition color scheme?
What's your favorite foil edition color scheme?

Important caveat: The final printed book may not be the exact colors seen in these mockups. Both foil and cover material colors can vary from what you see on your monitor. But we’ll consider fan input in what we produce and try to get something close to what you request based on this mockup.

Updated Stretch Goal Cadence – Including Judge’s Screen

There’s a pretty clear consensus that the judge’s screen is a popular option. It definitely seems more popular than the character sheet pad! The next stretch goal (which we are close to clearing) is the Data Orb. After that, we have changed the cadence. It used to be the character sheet pad at $160k. It is now the judge’s screen at $150k. And yes, the threshold dropped! The judge’s screen has a print cost that’s a little more than the character sheet pad, but it’s much cheaper to ship due its lower weight, so we were able to reduce the threshold. Please spread the word and help us get there!

Leatherbound Edition

A number of fans indicated an interest in a leatherbound edition, so we have added that pledge level. The basic level is a leatherbound book plus the color slipcover. We include the slipcover by default because it helps protect the leather from scuffing. There is also a “leatherbound w/ print block” option.

We’re happy to support interest in the leather edition, but leatherbound production is very expensive! This pledge level is limited to a total of 50 copies, so if you are interested please pledge soon.

Jim Wampler Interviewed on Sanctum Secorum Podcast

And finally, MCC creator Jim Wampler has been interviewed on the Sanctum Secorum podcast! Sanctum Secorum is a podcast about DCC RPG, specifically focused on the inspirations of the game – both Appendix N and otherwise. The podcast celebrates the inspirational fiction that can keep your game fresh and exciting.

This particular episode includes Jim along with Bob, Dave, and Jen to discus Kamandi, Appendix N, and other inspirational inspirations for MCC RPG. It's a very fun episode with great energy - check it out!

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    1. Steven Roman on

      #1: GREEN ON BLACK

    2. Brian Gilkison on

      #1 Gold on green
      #2 Green on black

    3. DM Perky on

      Green on black!!!

    4. Bulldozers

      Green on black :)

    5. Wayne Rossi on

      Green on black

    6. Rushputin on

      Green on black
      Gold on green

    7. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      After seeing the mock-ups, I change my vote to green on black followed by gold on green.

    8. Missing avatar

      PeskyNeedler on

      Green on black.

    9. A. C.

      Green on black

    10. Mark Argent

      I like the green on purple!

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Harris

      Green on Purple!

    12. Jeffry Crews on

      Green on Purple!

    13. MadMoses on

      Green on black! GREEN ON BLACK! ;)

    14. joe schwalb on

      Dark shiny green foil on bright flourescent GLOW IN THE DARK green faux velvet!

    15. joe schwalb on

      Gold on purple is the one i would reach for from the choices shown...i just pledged for the color cover so i could comment and possibly add more for a foil cover. I have two questions...
      1. Will the leather cover be the same style/scheme as the foil cover?
      2. Has no one already thought that, perhaps, some part or all of the foil cover might be able to be made to GLOW IN THE DARK??

      That is all.

    16. James Floyd Kelly

      The purple with green has me thinking Joker too much. The other three look great, and I especially like the Green on Black option.

    17. Missing avatar


      Chalk another one up for gold on green.

    18. AL1EN on

      Green with Gold Foil or Purple with Green!!!

    19. Wolff on

      Even though I'm not getting one, that green on purple really looks nice..

    20. James Walls on

      Green on Purple!

    21. Missing avatar

      Joseph Salvador on

      Green on black is my favorite, second choice would go to gold foil on green.

    22. Missing avatar

      Randall Hodge on

      I like the green on purple

    23. Sniderman

      My vote's for green on black!

    24. Adrian on

      Green on purple, definitely

    25. Jon Hershberger on

      Here's a vote for gold foil on a green book cover.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Cassidy

      Green foil on black book.

    27. Brian Artiaco

      1) Green writing on Purple
      2) Gold on green

    28. Missing avatar

      Allen White on

      Green foil on purple and I'll upgrade to foil!

    29. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Gold on green. 2nd choice green on purple.

    30. W!

      Green on purple.

    31. Missing avatar

      Edward Green on

      1) Gold on purple
      2) Green on purple
      3) Green on black
      4) Gold on green

      Though I have to say they all look great.

    32. Missing avatar

      Derek Miller on

      Green on purple. I want this book to stand out in my collection!

    33. Jason Abdin on

      My vote is for the Green on Purple. Though I also like the gold on green.

    34. Keith Garrett

      Green on purple!

    35. SkyTwo

      Green on purple?!? Even people in a post-apocalyptic wasteland should show SOME taste!

    36. Jon Tate on

      Green foil on black

    37. Missing avatar

      Jeff Smith

      Green on purple.

      (Green on black would be my second choice.)

    38. Missing avatar

      Charley Phipps on

      Green on purple is my 1st choice
      Green on black is my 2nd choice

    39. Noah Guzman on

      1. Green foil on purple
      2. Green foil on black

    40. DGoth on

      If green on black is the winner, I'd be really tempted to increase my pledge and get the leather edition.

    41. Craig Janssen

      Green on black
      Gold on green

    42. John Taft

      I hope you meant 100 leather bound copies as you are offering 50 x 2, and already at 49 pledges.

    43. Missing avatar


      Green on purple

    44. Todd Beaubien

      I vote for Green on Purple.