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Data Orb, Stretch Goal Preferences, Foil Choices, And Other Topics

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Lots of topics today!

  • What is the Data Orb?
  • Stretch goal preferences: rank the GM screen vs. character sheet pad
  • Foil and leather(ette) choices
  • Gen Con events

What is the Data Orb?

The next stretch goal is the Data Orb, an exciting MCC supplement. Exactly what is this? It’s more than a game aid – it’s something that will make you a better GM. And it is primarily written by TSR legend Tim Kask. Tim was TSR’s first employee, the original editor of The Dragon (back when it had “The” in the name), a player in Gary Gygax’s original Metamorphosis Alpha playtest group, and an editor at TSR when Gamma World was being developed. Tim has also recently collaborated with James M. Ward on a forthcoming SF adventure called Dark Colony. And Tim is the driving force behind The Data Orb!

This most holy of ancient relics has been passed down between tribal shamans from generation to generation, for thousands of years. When held in both hands by shamans of exceeding intellect, this golden orb contains and communicates the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of every shaman who has ever held the device. Communing with the orb grants the user access to a huge database of information on how best to navigate and survive the terrors and travails of Terra A.D.

This digest-sized PDF is both a supplement to MCC RPG and an actual in-game artifact that can be used. Written in collaboration with TSR veteran Tim Kask, this digital collection of gaming advice and best practices from the dawn of role playing games has been written specifically for the MCC RPG system, all contrived in the in-game voices of long since perished shamans and mutant tribesmen.

Contains sage advice and vignettes on such topics as:

  • Never split the Seeker team.
  • Never fire a particle beam weapon into melee.
  • Always listen at the computer-locked door first.
  • Conserve your resources - you have more arrows than dazer pistol charges.
  • How to keep a clear firing solution for your wetware programs.
  • Never attempt to master that smart metal unless you’re sure. Real sure.

...and much more.

In game: PCs consulting the orb merely do so by activating it and rolling on the handy tables located at the front of the booklet.

Out of game: This sage tome provides a basic introduction to game mechanics of MCC RPG.

The Data Orb is our next stretch goal, at just a couple thousand dollars away. Help us clear it! It is a PDF goal, and what the heck, we'll add it to the print block as well.

Stretch Goal Preferences

As the following stretch goal, several backers have said they’d prefer to have an MCC judge’s screen over the character sheet pad. For the $160,000 stretch goal, cast your vote, backers – character sheet pad or judge’s screen? Most votes wins!

Gen Con Events

Although MCC RPG won’t be published until next year, the game is very playable in its current manuscript form. Jim Wampler has been running games for years, and he (and others) will be running games at Gen Con this year!

If you will be at Gen Con, definitely play in Jim’s 0-level funnel tournament Reliquary of the Ancient Ones. And look for the various other MCC events on the schedule. You can get the complete events schedule on our Gen Con page.

Options for the Foil Hardcover

For the foil art, some backers have expressed an interest in green foil. To take a step back, there are options for both the foil and the cover material. I think a fun possibility may be to print the cover material as a green surface, then layer on gold foil to that. I happen to have printer samples lying around my desk so here are a couple shots of possible color options. This specific material is called Skivertex, and it is a durable surface for book covers. (We’ve used similar materials on our other gold foil products, though never in green.)

Some green cover material options
Some green cover material options


A few other green options
A few other green options

I love the idea of a green theme. But rather than use green foil, I would lean toward a green cover material, topped off with a gold foil. Thoughts?


Lots of topics today. While rooting around my printer samples, I also came across some leather samples I have. Leather is more expensive but can achieve more subtle textures and colors. Specifically in regards to the color green, there are several interesting options available. A leatherbound edition of MCC RPG would be pricy – the book alone (no slipcover or print block) would be about $120. But it could look really cool. If there is sufficient interest, we can add a leatherbound option. Let us know.

Leather options in green color shades
Leather options in green color shades

And finally, for those interested in learning more about the printing process, I (Joseph Goodman) will be running a seminar at Gen Con called Book Manufacturing 101. Every time I make a post like this, I get questions on print production. Feel free to attend the seminar (see our Gen Con event schedule) if you want to learn more about these topics.

That's all for today. Let us know on "character sheet pad vs. GM screen" and any preference for foil / leatherbound options!

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    1. Steven Turner on

      This new book is gonna be awesome! I can't wait to dive in and start reading and playing. Thanks DCC RPG you ROCK!

    2. SkyTwo

      Way to add the Data Orb to the print block-- that's the sort of thing that keeps me forking over my money with a smile.

    3. Missing avatar

      Fernando Ramirez on

      Judges Screen,...character sheets can always be printed ( I guess a screen can be made too) but a good quality screen is always a nice plus +!

    4. AL1EN on

      Too bad they don't make a lawn green ostrich (5325) - That would be Muta-licious!!!

    5. AL1EN on

      Oooo!! If you pick a GREEN Skivertex color ( Lawn Green - 5225, although the fake ostrich 5337 is pretty gross & would look interesting with the right green or other foil!) I'd HAVE to switch my pledge to the FOIL!!!

    6. AL1EN on

      Judge's Screen! +1!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sturm on

      Might have said this in another thread, but yeah, landscape screen all the way.

    8. James Floyd Kelly

      So glad to know I'm not the only one who prefers landscape screens. A shorter MCC screen would make it easier to see the players' expressions when they encounter the radiation-damaged intelligence of the genetically modified Venus Rat Trap plantient.

    9. Scott Kellogg on

      Dark green book, please! Black is common and predictable. When we make band shirts, we look for designs that aren't black. It helps us break out from the pack. We always, however, offer at least one design on black.

    10. Weisenwolf on

      Yep judges screen rocks

    11. John Anthony on

      * Definitely screen over sheets, although printed sheets are also cool.
      * I have a moral issue with buying leather, so no interest in that.
      * Love the idea of green-on-green foil cover.

      ... and I'd just like to point out that I'm off-the-scale excited about this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jim Graziano on

      Judges screen is my vote and my vote is for the judges screen.

    13. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      Well, it does indeed sound like a strong preference for the GM screen! It shall be so!

    14. Jake Parker on

      Screen over character sheets, for certain, with a landscape screen being my preference.

      I like gold foil on dark green, and the leather option sounds awesome.

    15. Cory "DM Cojo" Gahsman

      I have come to like landscape screens more these days. I like to see my players better.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jess on

      Judge's Screen.
      Black leatherette, green foil.

    17. Trevor Bramble on

      - Judge's screen, rather than character sheet pad
      - Black cover material, green foil (but if you must do gold foil, use a rather dark green cover material, 5228 or 5227)

      Definitely not interested in leather.

    18. Missing avatar

      mike domino on

      Judges screen for me.

    19. Missing avatar


      Judges Screen Please

    20. Keith Unger on

      Screen please!

    21. Lloyd Rasmussen

      Judges Screen please, Dark Master!

    22. Phillip Tucker on

      Judges Screen all the way.

    23. Keegan Fink

      Not sure where to cast my vote officially, but I'm hoping for...


    24. Kane Cathain

      Judge's Scream... uh, Screen

    25. Thomas Novosel on

      Judges screen doodads

    26. Missing avatar


      I cast my vote for judges screen.

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sturm on

      Judge's screen by a mile. Maybe even two miles.

    28. Missing avatar

      Peter Mette on

      My vote is totally for GM's screen over Character Sheet Pad.

      Also a curious question, is it possible to attach a Print Block of Dice after the kickstarter ends? Can only put so much on one paycheck. :/

    29. Bob Brinkman on

      I'd prefer a screen over character sheets. Green with Gold foil sounds great!

    30. Anthony M. Abboreno on

      *too... stupid typo.

    31. Anthony M. Abboreno on

      Judge's screen, to, haha! ! I'm excited for all this.

    32. Missing avatar

      Eric Nolan on

      Am I the only person who thinks a pad of character sheets is more useful than a GM screen? Just kidding, I think the screen is way more useful too.

      I think green foil on a black cover would be great but I don't think I've ever seen that done before so perhaps it would be a bit of an experiment.

    33. MadMoses on

      Green foil on black book. Definitely.

      Judge screen is much better than character sheets.

    34. Missing avatar

      Wayne Fishback on

      Character sheet pad.

      I quite like the idea of a green cover with gold foil. In general I prefer gold foil--green foil I don't think will pop as well, and come on, not everything has to be green!

    35. Mike Carlson

      I vote Judge's Screen.

    36. David Jenks on

      DM's screen.....oh please please please please please please please please please please please.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris Scholl on

      Or Skivertex 5225 with dark green foil, etc. Sorry, color theory training kicking in...

    38. Scott Swift on

      Vote—Judges Screen

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Scholl on

      But damn that 451381 BISON leather green looks tasty! (I cannot, however, commit to leather).

    40. Missing avatar

      Chris Scholl on

      Judge's screen vote here! Also, I would like to suggest something radical: Monochromatic foil cover with a lighter, brighter, mutant-y cover (like the Skivertex 5223) with a dark green foil that contrasts value while reflecting light off of the surface.

    41. Jon Tate on

      Judge's screen and green foil on black like the t-shirt.

    42. Mark Markham on

      DM screen would probably be more useful for me.

    43. Karim Dhambri

      Judge's screen.

    44. Christopher Weeks

      Judges Screen by a mile!

      Green foil on black or very dark [green|purple] background.

    45. Noah Guzman on

      Judge's Screen

      Definitely prefer green foil on black

    46. Steve Dodge

      Judge's screen.

      A dark green cover with gold foil sounds great.

    47. Rick Hull

      Judges Screen (classic/portrait, please).

      1st (& 2nd) preference still green foil on black, but I can live with any choice that still has green in it.

      Can't afford leather :-(