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Add-Ons Confirmed: The Print Block, Tees, Slipcases, Dice

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the great feedback on the campaign - we're listening and we hope this post fills in the gaps for add-on items! We have added a section to the campaign text called "Add-On Items and Pledge Levels." And you may also notice there are now two additional pledge levels! Yes, this answers the questions on how you can get the stretch goal items in print - the short version is, upgrade your pledge to include the new "print block" pledge options! More details below!

Oh, and we added a T-shirt...

Add-On Items and Pledge Levels

The Mutant Crawl Classics Kickstarter has already cleared a number of stretch goals, and we've had many requests to get those in print! Most stretch goals are in PDF, but to answer the requests to have them in print, we've added pledge levels that include the "Print Block" (as we're calling it).

What is the "Print Block"? The print block is a $50 flat rate, and will include printed editions of all adventure module stretch goals cleared through the end of the campaign. (Note that the stretch goals include other, non-adventure items, and the print block is strictly the adventure modules.) The adventure modules have a printed retail price of $10 each, and as of the time of this writing, there are 5 adventure module stretch goals cleared, so the print block is at normal retail price (5 modules x $10 each = $50). However, the price of the print block does not change as we clear more stretch goals. So if we clear all 7 adventure module stretch goals, this will be a $70 value for only $50. (And who knows, maybe we'll go past 7!) You can find a breakdown of the adventure module content in this recent update.

What are the pledge levels with the print block? You can pledge for the basic hardcover, or the gold foil hardcover. And we have added pledge levels so you can pledge for "basic hardcover + print block," or "foil hardcover + print block."

What other add-on items exist? You can also add these items to your pledge:

  • Dice! A 14-die set, including all the "funky dice," available in either radioactive green or glow-in-the-dark color schemes. Each set is $25. Check out this update for more details on the dice.
  • T-shirts! A black tee with the MCC RPG skull in vivid green. Add +$25.
  • A slipcase! A color slipcase to enclose your hardcover. Add +$25.

What are shipping costs for add-ons? If you select the print block add-on pledge, an adjusted shipping cost is included. If you add anything else (dice, tees, and/or slipcase), please add an additional flat rate of +$5.

Will there be other add-on items? We do not plan to add any other add-ons. We've heard the requests for various other items, but we're really trying to make this an efficient Kickstarter to fulfill. With 1,500+ backers and counting, we've got to find a way to get your books out efficiently, so we're finding economies of scale in the way we handle the add-ons!

What about print editions of AI Addendum and the Mutant Manual? Based on the pretty strong consensus from backers, we're going to work those into the core book. So backers will get the PDF edition free, and then when your print book arrives (if you're a print backer), you'll find this additional content integrated as part of the overall core book layout. In essence the core book will now be approximately 32 pages longer, with that extra content made of AI patrons and new mutations! There is no additional charge for this (although it may delay the book a little...we'll see).

I think that's all for now. Hopefully this answers all the questions regarding add-ons. If there are any more, let us know!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Looney on

      How will you guys know that I want the

      How do you guys know that I want the $50 extra dollars I added to my pledge to go to 2 sets of dice vs a t-shirt and a slipcover?

    2. Omer Golan-Joel on

      How do you add the add-ons? I can't seem to find the option in my pledge (I want to add a T-Shirt and Dice!)

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Toberg on

      Hey this is awesome! Just wondering whats the best way to let you know what t-shirt size and dice set we are wanting? I'd like a small shirt and the glow in the dark dice.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick P. Cooper on

      i'm interested in backing the Print Block at $50. How much will shipping to Singapore be? I've already pledged $85 (book, dice, and shipping). Help, please?

    5. Missing avatar

      Forrest Aguirre on

      Dumb question - HOW do I add on a T-shirt? Where do I go to do so? "Manage Your Pledge" doesn't take me anywhere where I can add the money for the T-shirt.


    6. Randy Andrews

      It may be that I am overthinking it, but I want to make sure I get my pledge right. I'm interested in a foil MCC, 1 set of dice, and a tshirt. I have my pledge at $125, is that right? Should I add more for shipping?

    7. John Warren on

      @Raging Robot--If you need the DCC RPG book, it is available at the Goodman Games website (

    8. Stephen Murrish

      Sooo... foil is definitely gold and not green, eh?


    9. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      Shirt sizes up to 4XL

    10. John Dominguez on

      Shirt is sweet! What shirt sizes will you offer, since we gamers tend to run large.

    11. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      I just added $100 for add-ons. Now I'll just sit back and watch the numbers explode.

    12. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Sniderman: Goal is to make the MCC modules like traditional DCC modules - full color art, coated glossy covers, etc.

    13. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Jason: Should not have any impact on the PDF release date.
      @Skyland: +$5 just if you add on T-shirt, dice, and/or slipcase

    14. Raging Robot

      I'd be happy just to get the PDF of the DCC manual!!

    15. Raging Robot

      Can't you guys add-on the Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG manual? I missed this kickstarter and would love to get this manual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think others would also!!!!

    16. Wayne Rossi on

      I'm very happy to hear that the AI Addendum and Mutant Manual will be added to the core book. Mutant Crawl Classics is a game that I'd really like to get some play out of, and having to root through four books to find a mutation or an AI would be difficult at the table.

    17. Skyland Games on

      Is it +$5 shipping per add-on or just 5 if you get a T and dice?

    18. Sniderman

      Quick question: Will the print block of adventures be self-covered (like the MetAlpha supplements, as I recall) or card covered (like "typical" adventures)? Just trying to get an idea as to the end product to be produced.

    19. Jason Morgan on

      Would that delay the PDF release or will they come out separately when available?

      Thanks! Exciting stuff!

    20. John Warren on

      This is all good news. Thanks!

    21. Pandemic Games on

      Nobody does a KS like Joseph Goodman. You know how to make my wallet bleed, and even enjoy it in the process!