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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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Slipcases, dice tubes, endsheets, and more


Hi everyone,

A few more updates for the MCC faithful! In today’s news:

  • Jim Wampler chat session interview.
  • What’s on the endsheets? Answer: the color art!
  • Dice tube mockup
  • Thoughts on slipcases

Jim Wampler Chat Session

Here at Goodman Games, we work hard to maintain our old-school credentials. If we could take Diners Club for payment, and scrap the web site for a mail order operation, we probably would. Well, not really, but a little “retro” never bothers us. Jim Wampler is of a similar mind, and he recently did a chat room interview! Yes, a chat room – remember those from 1999? It’s a great interview where Jim talks about MCC, DCC, Appendix N, his playtest games, and all things related. Check out the interview here!

What’s on the endsheets? Answer: the color art!

Several people have asked, “If I pledge for the gold foil edition, do I miss out on Doug Kovacs’ awesome color cover art?” The answer is: NO!

We use the endsheets to make sure you get all the art. You can see recent examples in our other publications. Example: If you own a copy of the gold foil edition of the Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Hardcover, open to the very back. You’ll see the original Metamorphosis Alpha color-cover art appears on the endsheets. Another example: If you own a copy of the gold foil edition of our Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps edition, again, open to the very back. You’ll see Steve Crompton’s color-cover art appears on the back end sheets.

For Mutant Crawl Classics, we plan something similar. Basically we’ll use the back endsheet space on the gold foil edition to ensure you get all the same great art. Depending on stretch goals, it will hopefully be the “back” of the endsheet (the 8.5x11 page that is typically a blank white page) – because if things go well we may have enough funding to commission full-color art for the 11x17 endsheet spreads, similar to the DCC core book.

Dice tube mockup!

If you haven’t already added to your pledge for the dice sets, please do! As a reminder, you can get the “radioactive green” dice set for $25, or the glow-in-the-dark dice set for $25, or both for $50. Based on response to our last update, you guys clearly prefer the “left” (or more bright) green, so we’ll proceed in that direction.

Jim produced a mockup of a prospective dice tube. Here it is, in all its glory! As mentioned, this is a MOCKUP so the art is just clipped from the core book cover. We’ll end up commissioning new art in some form – but this is enough to show you the idea.

Thoughts on slipcases

Lots of requests for printed editions of the stretch goals! As mentioned previously, we’re planning a “print block” for the modules. Something like, “We’ve cleared X stretch goal modules, so you can get all in one printed set for $Y.” To repeat a good question that was asked, the pricing will be a discount off the retail price. Our modules are usually $10 each, so if we clear 7 modules and the retail price would be $70, we’ll offer you guys the complete set for less than that (still working through exact details). The advantage, on our end, of offering the complete “print block” is that it is easier to ship and fulfill than onesie-twosie orders. Hey, we’re learning here! And we can pass on some of those savings to you.

For the non-module add-ons, like the AI Addendum and Mutant Manual, there have been several requests to add those into the core book. At this point the core book is in layout, with art being commissioned, and generally in a good position to stay on track for release, so we’re leery of adding new material that requires re-edit, re-layout, etc. But it does make sense to include these somehow with the main book material. One possible option is to print them as inserts, and tuck those into a slipcase. This is an easy upgrade to the core book, and could easily be a Kickstarter exclusive. Backers who choose could get the slipcase (on either gold foil or regular color cover) and the printed AI Addendum and Mutant Manual can be tucked inside it.

What do you guys think of this option?

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    1. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @DM Cojo: Goal is to have full color covers on the modules, like the DCC line.

    2. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Steven: Dice shipping for US customers will likely be in the $5 range.

    3. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Diana: We will indeed use BackerKit after the fact, so you can add dice there. However we are doing a fixed print run so at some point we will close out the option if we sell out.

    4. Diana Sharpe

      I like the idea of having the AI Addendum and Mutant Manual added to the core book, even with a delay.

      Will it be possible to add-on dice through the Backerkit or only through the pledge before the campaign ends?

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Scholl on

      I say slip and tuck...

    6. Steven Roman on

      Re: dice
      How much more will it be in shipping to add dice? If I add $50 for both sets, do I need to add more for shipping them?

    7. James Floyd Kelly

      I agree with Pat three comments back... Drop new
      Content into appendices will work.

    8. Robert Diber on

      I like the slip and tuck idea. Make it so. :-)

    9. Stephen Murrish

      I'm good with a slipcase with AI and Creatures as an insert.

    10. miniatures_master? on

      One super awesome core rule book please.

    11. Pat Bellavance

      For what it's worth, I'd rather it be in he main book so nay to the slipcase option to slip in the extras. If time is really an issue since the book is already in layout, a couple extra appendices at the very end of the book for this expanded material maybe? Honestly, the main (foil in my case) hardback is all I really want in print for the shelf. I think it will look great with next to my DCC foil hardback which also doesn't have a slipcase. ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason D on

      I prefer one book with a wait.

    13. Laura Lundy on

      I would rather wait the extra time and have it added into the core book.

    14. Cory "DM Cojo" Gahsman on

      Will the modules have glossy color covers like regular modules or black and white paper like the Kickstarter modules for Metamorphosis Alpha? Also...full size or digest?

    15. Cory "DM Cojo" Gahsman on

      I would also rather wait for the book and get bonus material bound in. Plan b...I like the idea of a box set to hold all the modules and supplements with some room to spare for future products. Slipcase is plan c for me.

    16. Impact! Miniatures on

      @Nicholas Bjorkman ... just increase your pledge by $25 for one set or $50 for both sets over the level you needed to pledge for the non-foil hardcover. When the KickStarter ends and you get the pledge manager it will know you pledged the extra $25 or $50 and you can use it to get the dice.

    17. Missing avatar


      Slipcase idea is great :)

    18. Randy Andrews

      For the non-module add-ons I vote print them as inserts and maybe include them in the second printing of the book.

    19. Steven Latour

      I would love a slipcase if it is similar to the Metamorphosis Alpha one, and I would like all of the extras (or at least modules) in one book.

    20. SkyTwo

      Just realized her bandeau is made of a seatbelt. Clever. :)

    21. John Dominguez on

      Slipcase sounds good

    22. Joe Connolly on

      I'd prefer to wait the additional time needed for layout and editing to include non-module add-ons in the core book.

    23. Tony Hogard on

      I like the slipcover idea, with enough room for the extras. Cf: the MA kickstarter box that doesn't quite fit all the stretch bonuses.

    24. Craig Janssen

      Additions to the core book are always welcome. Sounds like I am spending more money on the kickstarter again with the other suggestions ;)

    25. Stinky1EyedOgre on

      If the layout is already done, then a slipcase will do, but when it comes time for a second print run... I would like to have them in one book with tabs. ;)

    26. Ragnar Hill

      If a slipcase is how we get the Mutant Manual and AI Compendium in print with the core book, let's do it! PDFs of core information that will be referred to repeatedly are annoying.

    27. Missing avatar

      bobloblah on

      I'd vastly prefer waiting through any delays to have the additional material in the main book.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan Sich on

      Slipcase: yes

    29. Missing avatar

      SheerTerror on

      I vote for the slipcase w/ the bonus material tucked in.

    30. Oliver Korpilla

      While I consider the DCC core book to be very sturdy, I had basically all my D&D5 manuals fall apart on me lately and since then I am not really keen on big books.

      Besides, smaller volumes make it more likely you guys will do more of them. People love DCC, but the "This is it, no more books" attitude is not something I'm super happy with.

      More books are a welcome addition, a slip case a bit like the icing on top.

    31. Nicholas Bjorkman on

      I backed for the non foil cover hard copy, but I want to get the dice as well. I don't so a kickstarter option for an add on for dice. How can I add them as well?

    32. Missing avatar

      Keith Nelson

      I personally prefer one volume. However, if it's a choice between no printed versions of those supplements and having them as inserts, I'll take the inserts every time! Oh, and a slipcover would be awesome!

    33. Missing avatar

      Wayne Fishback on

      I quite like the slipcase idea. I can see the appeal of getting them in one book, but having them separate is also useful.

      But why not a box set? I'd pay more for that.

      Getting all of the modules printed out is too rich for my blood, so I don't have an opinion either way.

    34. Skyland Games on

      add the AI and mutant manual to the print block - slipcase to hold both MCC and MCC adventures/appendices

    35. Reid San Filippo

      I like the idea of the adventures, AI Addendum, Mutant Manual, and any other stretch goals being printed as separate books but that you would need to order them as one set.

      I really DISLIKE the slip cover insert idea as I do not want a slip cover. If that is the only way to get printed versions of AI Addendum and Mutant Manual, I would be quite unhappy.

    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Vice on

      I just want the printed modules to have color. :)

    37. DW, Chancellor of Valoria

      One book is much much better. Don't care if it takes longer.

    38. Missing avatar

      Chris Weller on

      Seems like a kludge. I think if the AI Addendum and Mutant Manual were in the core book, they would never get lost and would be as protected as the rest of the rules. I think it's worth the extra time to lay it out in the core book. We've been eagerly awaiting this but also don't make a lesser product because of time pressures.

    39. John Taft

      Yes, slip & tuck.

    40. Charlie Day

      I actually prefer the idea of more smaller volumes than pushing everything into one book that only one person at a time can be looking at. Slip Cover + add-on books is a great solution

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      I like the slipcase plus inserts

    42. on

      I gotta say I'd prefer a single book even understanding the potential for delivery date creep. Slipcovers don't travel as well for me and make the whole deal larger than necessary. It would be better than several loose books, but not, for me, very many dollars worth better.

    43. Marc Plourde

      Did someone say slipcase? Yes, please!

    44. Casey Hutton on

      You all have done a phenomenal job with both the current stretch goals and future prospects!

      The concept of even getting my grubby hands on printed stretch goals is one I wouldn't be able to pass up, and to be honest if I could purchase one printed module I would purchase them all, so a lump "buy-all" isn't a bad idea at all!

      As for the slipcase, I'm all for it! Anything to keep things together and looking pretty on the bookshelf, as well as the gaming table, garners a kudos from me!

    45. Nathan Land on

      A slipcover is a great idea.