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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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Stretch goal #4 cleared! And the planned adventure path.

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Mutant Crawl Classics claimed another stretch goal today. All backers will get PDF's of the Mutant Manual plus three adventures!

The current stretch goals go up to $75k, which is four adventure modules plus two supplements (Mutant Manual and AI Addendum). We're tracking well so it's probably worth considering stretch goals past that. Based on that, we'd like to share creator Jim Wampler's proposed arc for 7 MCC adventures. If we clear the current stretch goals and lay out the ones that follow, I think all 7 of these could be a reality. 

(And yes, we've heard the many requests for print editions! Noted on that as well.)

Without further ado, here's a possible 7-arc adventure path for MCC. The first 3 adventures are cleared as stretch goals already. So help us keep up the momentum - spread the word - and let's find a way to get the complete adventure path published!


A Level-0 Adventure

Rite of Passage younglings are shocked to regain consciousness with no memory of how they came to be in a gigantic insect hive far to the north of their homelands, laboring as drone-slaves of the savage ant-men. In a land where an “insect revolution” has taken place, the PCs must contend with insectoid mega fauna and sinister artificial intelligences before facing the ominous Overmind: a building-sized insect queen cybernetically linked to a chaotic AI.

Appendix “M” Reference: Kamandi Last Boy on Earth by Jack Kirby


A Level-1 Adventure

A meteor strike in the taboo crater country opens up a chasm in which lies an un-touched city of the Ancient Ones. The resulting land rush to go claim the newly available cache of ancient artifacts draws interested parties from all over Terra A.D., and thanks to your tribal elders, that includes you and your Seeker team. Introduces basic artifact rules, lower level monsters and evil sentient races (Beast Things and Tibbars).

Appendix “M” Reference: Daybreak - 2250 AD by Andre Norton


A Level-2 Adventure

After a tsunami from the inland sea nearly washes away your jungle homes, you notice that there’s a new, unknown island lying offshore. Sent out to investigate in dugout canoes, you quickly discover a lost scientific installation of the Ancient Ones, along with the intra-dimensional horrors that they should have left alone, but didn’t. Are the beings found there millennia dead, or merely sleeping? Introduces the setting concepts of Vancian super science via weird artifacts and non-Euclidian technology and quantum monsters. This is not your father’s Gamma World.

Appendix “M” Reference: Madness from the Sea, H. P. Lovecraft; The Dying Earth, Jack Vance


A Level-3 Adventure

When your hothouse jungle villages are flooded with dispossessed refugees, they all tell the same tale. A conquering horde of warlords wielding magic boom sticks are wiping out whole communities and enslaving the inhabitants — all in the name of a surviving Ancient One they worship as a god. The tribal elders send you and your Seeker team out to investigate, and if possible infiltrate, the temple of the great and powerful ATOZ.

Introduces a new evil Patron AI and a new enemy race/Archaic Alignment.

Appendix “M” Reference: Zardoz (1974)


A Level-4 Adventure

When your tribe’s prize possession — a functioning medibot — finally breaks down, your Seeker team is given a holy quest. Take the dead bot on a long and perilous journey to the monks of The Holy Medicinal Order in hopes that they can repair it. But the monks are not as the legends portray, and there is definitely something dark and dangerous going on in the holy monastery. A hex crawl. Introduces higher level class options, including the option to join an Archaic Alignment from the core rulebook, and two Archaic Alignments (The Holy Medicinal order and The Vile Brotherhood).

Appendix “M” Reference: Hiero’s Journey by Sterling Lanier


A Level-5 Adventure

When stories of a rogue “smart metal” being the size of a mountain come to your village, no one takes them seriously, at least until the treaded 10-story-tall monstrosity begins cutting a swath through your hothouse jungle homeland. Invulnerable to even the mightiest mutations, your only hope to stop its menacing march is to find entry into its interior and access to its power sources and inhabitants.

Appendix “M” Reference: Cover art of Gamma World 2nd edition


Level-0 tournament funnel

Last night’s fierce glow storm and accompanying earthquake are not unheard of events in the oral traditions of your tribe. But the gaping maw in the ground that leads down to the ancient holographic historical archives that your village was built on top of was unexpected. The tribal elders ask for volunteers to investigate, and that means that you and your fellow mutant tribesmen are going on a grand tour of ages past, as you loot fabulous ancient artifacts while trying to survive simulations of the very historical events that led to the Great Disaster.

Appendix “M” Reference: Every Star Trek TNG holodeck episode ever

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    1. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      It's awesome to see the enthusiasm. Glad you guys are stoked!

    2. Diana Sharpe

      It isn't worth considering stretch goals past $75k. It is a necessity! Almost $64k as I write this. Looking forward to more DCC-like goodness, and I haven't even gotten my 4th ed hardcover yet!

    3. Cory "DM Cojo" Gahsman

      Pure awesomeness! So pumped for this game! Great job Jim!

    4. Hector Cruz

      Really good stuff! Can't wait to see the stretch goals and add ons for this crazy mutated train.

    5. Todd Beaubien

      I just love "Appendix “M” Reference: Every Star Trek TNG holodeck episode ever ".

      Love it so hard!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      AWESOME!!! I recognize some of these adventures names from various playtests and game cons. Thank you!! MORE!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      James Patterson

      All I need to know is how much money to add to my pledge! Thanks for all this awesome

    8. David Crowell on

      I really apreciate having some higher level adventures. My gaming groups and campaigns tend to come and go so high level adventures are something I don't have a lot of experience writing.

      Also I really like that the world of the Ancients was not just our world with some magic, err, ultra-tech sprinkled on top. 1st ed Gamma World had a sense that we would not really recognize the world of the Ancients as our own, that mystery declined as the editions went on. Nmes like Nuke Ork City wear thin after the first couple of sessions.

    9. José Luiz F. Cardoso on

      Print copies as add-ons please (maybe through Backerkit). We'll pay! (where is that Futurama meme picture?) :)

    10. Jim Wampler Collaborator on

      @Charlie D - We're on the same wavelength. The genius of 1st edition Gamma World was the combination of over-the-top science fantasy with deadly, earnest danger. I think that if a game and setting maintain internal verisimilitude, then it works well regardless of the relative level of "gonzo."

    11. Diogo Nogueira

      I am just goingo to reinforce the echo! Print copies, please! They don't even need to be stretch goals, they can all be addons and I am sure we all would get them!

    12. Charlie D on

      Don't apologize Jim! like the idea that MCC supports campaign play and not just manic one-shots. Why include higher levels at all if no one plans to play them? Please keep the idea of campaign adventure arcs alive! And I like the setting and tone being serious even if game play gets gonzo. If that makes sense. Keep the world and its inhabitents serious.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mr44 on

      Consider this to be an echo of what Mark just posted below....
      "I'd love to get print copies, even if it meant increasing my contribution!"

    14. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      I'd love to get print copies, even if it meant increasing my contribution!

    15. David Crowell on

      These sound like an interesting and diverse set of adventures. MCC is looking more and more its own thing.

    16. K Hugh Acton on

      I love the inspiration source comments; it'd be nice if we could get this for the DCC adventures too (though many are quite easy to suss out).

    17. Jim Wampler Collaborator on

      In this case the term just meant a general path of planned adventures, not an "adventure path" in the sense that term is used by another popular RPG. You can expect MCC RPG adventures to play exactly like DCC RPG adventures in terms of challenging game play. Sorry for any confusion.

    18. John Warren on

      Will the character mortality rate in MCC be similar to what it is in DCC? The idea of an adventure path for a game like DCC seems odd to me. Are 5th level characters in MCC supposed to be ultra-rare, like in DCC?