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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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Designer's Notes #2: Some Game Mechanics Have Mutated

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone - We're still on a roll! We just cleared the third stretch goal. Backers are now getting three additional items on top of their core rulebook: a level 1 adventure, a level 2 adventure, and now the Mutant Manual. You may be asking what these adventures are going to hang tight and we'll have an update on that soon.

In the meantime, here are some more thoughts from MCC creator Jim Wampler!

Some Game Mechanics Have Mutated

By Jim Wampler

While the core game engine and game mechanics of MCC RPG are 100% compatible with DCC RPG, there are some notable differences. Some game mechanics have mutated.

Power Levels: It might seem at first glance as though MCC PCs have access to more power earlier in the game than their DCC RPG counterparts. Mutations make all three mutant classes, in effect, mini-spell casters. This seeming game-changer is balanced out by these classes starting with a finite number of mutations that rarely changes with level advancement, rather than a list of mutations that steadily grow in number and in power. So while the mutated classes of MCC RPG do initially start out with perhaps more power, this power jump quickly balances out with level advancement and eventually tilts back the other way. Hopefully by that time your mutant PC is well-armed with artifacts.

Magic items/Artifacts: Whereas DCC RPG is a game system in which magic items are relatively rare, technological artifacts virtually litter the landscape of MCC RPG. The attainment of artifacts, is in fact, one of the driving goals of the game. This is primarily balanced in game mechanics terms by most artifacts requiring power cells to operate. In MCC RPG, power cells are the “gold” the PCs most often seek. There are also rules for giving any artifact its own AI and attendant personality — a situation rich with emergent role playing possibilities. In most cases your DCC +1 sword does not run out of charges or argue with you about when and where it should be used. Your MCC dazer pistol might do that.

Archaic Alignments: In the brutal post-apocalyptic world of MCC RPG, the core concepts of Law, Chaos, and Neutrality have largely loss their meaning and relevance. In MCC, characters are aligned by social constructs called Archaic Alignments. Based on ancient pre-disaster sets of ethos and goals, these Archaic Alignments vary in nature from the wise and sublime to the psychopathic and obscene. The PCs will join some of these and wish to fight others to the death.

Patron AIs: As the old world fell, so too did the old gods. The sources of higher powers and abilities in MCC RPG are a collection of supreme ancient artificial intelligences, each with a world-dominating agenda of its own. PC shamans may truck with these beings in exchange for great power, but that power always comes with strings attached.

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    1. Stephen Murrish

      I am in agreement with Clay. I love the designer insights into the game.

      I love learning about the decisions that were made and the reasons behind them.

    2. David Crowell on

      Definitely a different paradigm of mutation than Metamorphosis Alpha/Gamma World and other similar PA games.

      I am finding the hints of the AI systems to be the most tantalizing though. AIs with personality in dazer pistols and the like? Along with AI powered shamans? So much fun to be had with this brave new world.

    3. SkyTwo

      That alignment system sounds pretty great. So... what alignment would the Warrior of the Lost World be? Definitely not wise or sublime. Dull/hackneyed?

    4. Clay McGrew on

      These designer insights are great!