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Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
Triumph & Technology Won by Mutants & Magic! Return to the glory days of post-apocalyptic role-playing. Adventure like it's 1978 again!
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    1. Dani Jang
      about 16 hours ago

      Wow Marc's and my comments' yet to come.

    2. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      @Goodman Games: Thanks for your reply! Looking forward to finally receiving the printed books. :)
      Günther (Danulon)

    3. Goodman Games 22-time creator 2 days ago

      @Danulon Yes, we do! So sorry. Got back from Origins to a ton of messages. Still playing catch up. Promise that we aren't ignoring anyone.

    4. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Does anyone from Goodman Games still track this thread?
      Maybe my fault that I waited until last week, but still no news about my missing kickstarter package. :(
      Thanks in advance for your help!

    5. Dani Jang
      6 days ago

      I have to say, MCC2 adventure Fallen star got an updated copy... I see that 3rd page is fixed from 5th level adventure to 1st level adventure.
      Are we getting it anytime soon? Hope we get dtrpg codes for longer management.

    6. Missing avatar


      Hi there,

      unfortunately my mail to you stayed unreplied so far, too.
      I pledged and payed for a „MCC RPG Color hardcover with Print Block“. I waited for several weeks but non of the printed articles I pledged for did arrive so far.
      I‘d be grateful if you could check about the whereabouts of my package.
      Thanks in advance,

    7. Dani Jang

      Same question with @Marc.

    8. Marc Plourde

      Will backer be receiving codes for DriveThruRPG for long term PDF management?

    9. Jeffrey Olesky on

      Yesterday I received my slipcase. My order is 100% complete! Thanks GG! Looking forward to Grimtooth!

    10. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      Hi Andrew! So sorry about the issues you've been having. I just sent you an email about the matter, but I do promise that we WILL make this right.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gale on

      I have had a delightful couple of weeks with a lot of backwarding and forwarding to this wonderful experience, I was lured back in with a promise that I was not being ignored or neglected.

      I *had* made my peace with it, but Goodman Games; I still haven't got my pledge I paid for, or any indication that you can send me one. You haven't replied to one...two....three emails or a PM. It's a GOLD FOIL BOOK if you can't find my details again. Backer 2077.

    12. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Eric I just sent you a PM about this. Thanks!

    13. Eric Fields on

      Oh I also did not receive my slip cover and only just realized today that my pledge tier was eligible for one. What do I need to do to get one?

    14. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Andrew and @Jennifer I understand that this might seem hollow, based on your situation, but I promise you that we are not trying to neglect or ignore either of you. I have sent each of you DM's about this. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gale on

      @Jennifer, all good and I am sorry you are going through a similar experience.

      The optimist in me likens this to rolling '00' on an AD&D Skill check where I had a 99% chance of succeeding.

      The realist in me says that I have made my peace with it; I invested money along with other people into a risky venture (This is my first ever backed Kickstarter). Other people got dividends and I didn't and it is looking increasingly like I won't.

      Lesson Learned Andrew: Don't invest money you are not prepared to lose in risky ventures, however small the risk. All the best everyone and farewell, I have more important things to worry about than this and I hope that people here realise that this could happen to anyone.

    16. Jennifer Wojcik on

      While this won't make you feel better, they have been neglecting to give me even passable customer service also. Though I did receive a response, it wasn't anything but talk. After, essentially blaming the post office, they claimed I would have my tracking in one to two days. That timeframe expired three days ago. This experience has flown well below that bar of professionalism, and to say that I am disappointed would be gross understatement.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gale on

      Hi Goodman Games, I have received zero items and there has been zero response from your Kickstarter Team through the channels you mentioned in your final update --to even acknowledge that the Team at least know about it. I'm trying really hard to be respectful but please understand I gave you my money in good faith based on your past Kickstarter record, you took that money with a promise to deliver...but I have nothing to show for it.

      And when I mean 'nothing' -- I can wear the loss if there has been an error in shipping my goods or if it has been otherwise lost in transit; but 'nothing' in the sense that your silence is a little hurtful. Looks like the last time you touched this site was 19 May 2018. I'm an approachable guy and I would like to think that I am generally reasonable in my dealings with others, so how about it? Any information at all, however small?

    18. Jennifer Wojcik on

      I am still waiting for the tracking information for my initial shipment. When will I receive tracking information?

    19. David Crowell on

      Everyone who has the previous updated MCC rulebook pdf with the blurry page 23, hang on to that file. It is now a limited edition collector's item!

      The map hiding in the back of the rulebook escaped my notice too. Everything arrived in fine shape though.

    20. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Ernie The "MCC Core Rules pdf update II" was supposed to have been deleted, but for some folks it is still showing up. That is an older non-existent file, the new file is the "MCC Core Rules pdf update FINAL" file. You should be good there. Sorry for any confusion.

    21. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Kelly Nope, that's just semantics. You're good. Thanks!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ernie on

      When I got to the backerkit I get the message "MCC Core Rules pdf update II pending Your order has not been locked down yet." I have a link to download all the other pdfs. What is the issue with this? Thanks

    23. Kelly Davis on

      Hi, any difference in the "All Backer" and "Print Block" versions of the content out in backerkit?

    24. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Eric I just sent you a PM about this. Thanks!

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew Gale on

      Got my email from GG about MCCRPG being shipped to Australia. More than excited to get my hands on it! I am going to have to order some zocchi dice from somewhere and get a game going when it gets here. A big thank-you to the KS creators, the rest of the MCCRPG team and to the KS and GG community respectively. This was my first Kickstarter experience and so far it has been a pleasant one :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Eric Reiter on

      Hey guys, I got a little bit of damage to my book. It looks like a tear that happened during the binding process. Who do I contact about an exchange?

    27. Luke Martinez on

      @Chris Taylor: Thanks, there it is!

    28. Damien Laing on

      As stated earlier (below) I was missing a copy of the rulebook and the print block so I sent email to GG and they got back to me straight away with the promise to sort it out. Pretty impressed given I suspect they get loads of emails. Thanks GG.

    29. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      Hey all! If anyone is having trouble with a shipment and has yet to hear back from us, PLEASE send a PM to us or email We're swamped with messages right now, and getting to them as quick as possible, so we do apologize for any delays, but we WILL get to you. Thanks!

    30. The Crimson Ghost on

      Got my rulebook + print block + extra rulebook a few days ago...everything arrived perfect and undamaged!!! Thanks for taking the time effort to package books up so they don't get banged up.

      I'll be professional and not call out MODIPHIUS for shipping $200+ of Conan RPG books loose in a torn box held together by one piece of tape...all book were damaged...I'll also be respectful and considerate and not say what they can do with the $20 credit they offered me...yeah, I'll just keep that all to myself...

    31. Chris Taylor on

      Luke, check the back of the rulebook for the map.

    32. Luke Martinez on

      I may have missed something, so forgive me, but: I didn't get the poster map. Should I message about it or is it coming in a later package?

    33. Damien Laing on

      Got 1 hardcover (with poster, character & creature codex, judges screen, level 0 character record pad, and Goodman Games Gazette) but I was expecting another hardcover rule book and the modules print block.
      On my "order sheet" it has a "tick" next to "Mutant Crawl Classics Color Hardcover, GMC6200 without Print Pac: 1" but the listed item "Mutant Crawl Classics Color Hardcover, GMC6200 with Print Bloc 1" does not have a "tick" marked next to it.
      Does this mean it will ship separately? but if so that doesn't make much sense. I have sent a message to GG and hopefully the rest of my order arrives soon so I can praise, but it all seems a bit messed up at the moment. :(

    34. Missing avatar


      Got my Print Block but didn't get the 2 extra rulebook copies though they are listen on the pick list. For now I'm going to assume they're shipping the "standard sets" and then the extras.

    35. Dan Daley

      I'll take mine to work with me tomorrow and go through some of it then ;)

    36. Kevin Smith on

      Got my package yesterday, I'll get a chance to go through it this weekend.

    37. Dan Daley

      I received my print block today too... looks great. I haven't had time to go through everything yet, but there is quite a bit there!

    38. Mark Bruce

      Received my Print Block today and it looks great, but also missing the slipcase. :(

    39. Pat Bellavance

      Hmm... Still haven't heard back regarding my order mix up... I guess I'll try emailing directly tonight. :/

    40. Dani Jang

      I didn't finish the sentence there. I gotta run data orb with my group

    41. Dani Jang

      Now for the data orb

    42. Dan Daley

      Looks like mine should be delivered tomorrow... can't wait!

    43. Invictus

      My Leatherbound+print block also didn't include the slipcover despite the pledge level indicating that it does.

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin Dutta on

      Received the delivery today! Everything was there and correct! Thank you Goodman Games!

    45. Jon Tate on

      Goodman contacted me and said they would send me the correct foil cover and a shipping label to return the color cover that I received.

    46. Missing avatar

      Anthony Heafield on

      Arrived safely Australia today - awesome surprise package of mutant goodness - no tracking :)

    47. Stephen Douglas on

      It seems that my postal carrier decided to not deliver the package, and reported that it was delivered. I wish that Goodman games required signatures or used UPS or FedEx rather than USPS. I've started a claim with the post office, and I have 12 hours of security cam video showing that no delivery was attempted

    48. Pat Bellavance

      It's starting to look like they have a bit of a problem on their hands... I sent a message through Kickstarter but I expect that with more than a couple people reporting this issue, there will be some sort of update SOON.

    49. Jesse Parrotti on

      I received my hardback copy. I paid for the foil edition, but only received the standard edition... Not sure who to talk to about getting the edition I bought?

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