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A deluxe oversized compilation of rare journals and classic adventure modules from the Golden Age of Role Playing!
874 backers pledged $115,112 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve Kline

      I like Paul Wilson's idea but think it should be a completely separate KS which covers all the JG Runequest--a total of 6 items including the Judges shield. For the Second Volume of this KS, I like the suggestions of Anthony Adam and Rich Spainhour. I second what Rich says; I also would pledge for all the volumes he lists. Finally I would like to make sure that i can get all the JG Journals that were originally published in Newspaper format. I believe that they are the reason why this first volume was so large. If volume 2 finished these items, further volumes 3+ could be produced more easily in a smaller format.

    2. Missing avatar

      Spirit of 70 on

      For Volume 2: Of Skulls and Scrapfaggot Green, Inferno, Caverns of Thracia, and Glory Hole / Dwarven Mine.

    3. Dan Domme on

      I'm throwing my vote behind a Volume 2 focused on Jacquays and her contributions. She's also still active so I wonder if she'd be willing to contribute some sort of new material?

    4. Alarian DarkWind

      Dark Tower and Caverns of Thracia would be at the top of my list. With Necromancer games and the current (albeit extremely late) wilderlands KS stuff plus the original of course, I would note not to do the Wilderlands.

    5. John Dominguez on

      Inferno! You can fight God.

    6. Chris Perkins on

      I agree with Anthony Adam... overhaul the City State of the Invincible Overlord and Wilderlands setting.

      Currently, JG is struggling with completing their Kickstarter for the CSIO and Wilderlands setting. Maybe the two of you could pool resources to complete that project (and upgrade it). It could be a win-win for those who love Judges Guild and Goodman Games.

    7. Rich Spainhour

      Volume 2: Wilderlands overland supplements + maps (High Fantasy, Fantastic Beyonde, Magic Realm, Fantastic Reaches, etc.)

      Volume 3: City series (CSIO + Wraith Overlord, CS of the World Emperor, Tarantis, etc.)

      Volume 4: Region series (Spies of Lightelf, Pirates of Hagrost, Witches Court Marshes, Modron, etc.)

      I'm going on record and saying I'd pledge/pre-pay for all of them.

    8. Paul Wilson on

      Well I think that for Volume 2 - it would be cool if it contained the following scenarios :- Duck Pond & Legendary Duck Tower & City of Lei Tabor.. yes I know that they are all for Runequest but they are some of the best scenarios that Judge Guild have done..

    9. Jeremy Smith on

      At first I thought the classic Jaquays modules would be the best for volume 2 but as some have already been reprinted, something with all of the original Wilderlands installments and massive pull out maps might be best.

    10. Anthony Adam on

      For volume 2, how about the complete set of wilderness/overlord etc campaign maps and setting books? - I failed miserably to complete those amazing map sets (missed one set - I could never find it in the UK).

      That way we have the complete world setting to put those adventures in Volume 1 into.

    11. Trevor Stamper

      Glory hole dawrven mine is my vote for volume two!