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A deluxe oversized compilation of rare journals and classic adventure modules from the Golden Age of Role Playing!
874 backers pledged $115,112 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Christian Lindke

      When is the BackerKit closing? I'm still showing that I owe $8 and given that your website says Tegel Manor is sold out, I'm worried that I might not be getting the copy I ordered on my BackerKit.

    2. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      Soooo, what do I get extra in the box for the extra $8 your company is putting in its pocket?

    3. Missing avatar

      David Yozie on

      Kind of surprising to see no response to people like myself who have already paid the product/shipping prices that were indicated throughout the kickstarter campaign. So I guess I'll ask again: If you now have a credit shown after filling out the backer kit, will it be refunded or simply lost?

    4. Dan Domme on

      I just went back to my survey response and I can now see that my card was not charged yet, and will not get charged until the survey close date, which should be September 1. The shipping cost is now lower than it was before, so everything is A-OK.

    5. John Taft

      Everyone wondering about checks and balances from the shipping adjustment.
      It is my understanding that nothing has been yet charged by the Backer-kit.
      Final charges are to occur after it closes.

    6. Jeff Sipko on

      For those of us who are now ending up with a shipping credit, can that be applied to the shipping of something else in the future?

    7. Lisa Kellogg

      So don't you think it is a little unfair to lower the price of the item after you have our unrefundable money I guess you all figure with that extra $5 dollarl ooming out their that I will just buy something else so I won't lose it but I guess I'm just screwed.

    8. Anthony Cervino on

      The first screen (question screen) is still only charging $20 for Tegel Manor (+25 on the add on screen) and I keep coming up with a $5 credit. I'm assuming this will get fixed in the end and that I'll get charged the full $25 that I pledged for Tegel. If not, is that credit refunded? You might want to fix this or confirm the cost. Knowing I have a credit made me look a lot closer at the add on screen - but not knowing if this credit was real or not has me hesitating to add any more product.

    9. AaronT

      @Dan Domme: You shouldn't have anything to worry about. Usually Backerkit won't charge you until the close of the survey period. So if you blindly paid the excess shipping, you should be charged the proper shipping amount based upon the new information from Goodman Games. You could always log back in to Backerkit and see if the shipping charges are updated.

    10. Dan Domme on

      So, uhh, what happens if I blindly paid the excess shipping?

    11. John Taft

      Yesterday I owed $45 in additional shipping.
      Today I owe $1.
      Problem solved.

    12. AaronT

      I knew Goodman Games would get things fixed. I'll get my survey done tonight.

    13. Bob Brinkman on

      So, all of the corrections have not been made yet right? My only add-on is the $30 slipcase and I'm still looking at $10 additional shipping.

    14. Mitchell McPhetridge

      I came out +$4 to the positive.

    15. Mitchell McPhetridge

      The update says
      "That should be corrected by the end of the day. If you have already filled out your surveys you won't need to make any changes."

    16. Missing avatar

      Evan on


      If we already filled out the survey, do we use the same link as before to fill it out again? What happens to our additional charges?

    17. Churchill on

      are you sending out a survey again or should we just fill out the existing one?