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A deluxe oversized compilation of rare journals and classic adventure modules from the Golden Age of Role Playing!
874 backers pledged $115,112 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Anthony Adam on

      OK, I checked all my emails, I dont have a backerkit link at all that I can find easily...

      I have backer number 371, at pledge level $100, with p&p paid $115

      06/04/2016 Successfully funded which mention a backerkit survey will be set up, no link.
      06/04/2016 #22 - mentions the backerkit is to be set up, no link.
      05/06/2016 #23 - mentions the backerkit is coming soon, no link.
      07/07/2016 #24 - backer kit is LIVE and.... NO LINK!
      19/07/2016 #25 - backer kit update and... STILL NO LINK!

      So I am unable to help much here. Please can I have a link?

    2. AaronT

      @ Creator: Thanks! I'll keep a weather eye open and finish up my backer kit survey once the update comes out.

    3. Goodman Games 24-time creator

      Hi guys, we spent some time on the phone with the BK folks today and we've got it just about fixed. The Dark Tower is a simple error on our part, but the flat-rate shipping turns out to be something BK can't easily accommodate. But we've worked out a solution so that most of you will pay a much more reasonable shipping rate (probably less than you expected). Look for an update in the next 24 hours with full details!

    4. SkyTwo

      @John - Check the email address you used for your KS account. You should have received a message with a direct link

    5. John Rinaldi on

      Where is this backerkit thing? Is there a link somewhere? I'm kinda new and clueless. Sorry.


    6. Kelroy Was Here

      Just one more thing while you're checking the shipping costs. When I added Tegel Manor, Citadel of Fire, Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, Dark Tower, it wants to charge me $6 per each for shipping, for $24 total. That seems a little steep, maybe?

    7. AaronT

      @ Creator: Thanks for the response! We'll give you some time to take a look at Backerkit and get back to us. This may be the internet, but Gamers are one of the more civil and forgiving groups on the internet. As a backer of some of your other campaigns, I'm confident you'll sort it out in a fair and equitable manner that still allows you to make a profit on the campaign.

    8. Goodman Games 24-time creator

      Hi guys - sounds like we need to fix some things with the shipping cost! Noted, more to come soon...

    9. Marcin Segit on

      Same issue here regarding slipcase shipping. Well, I'll wait. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Larry Algee on

      Yep, seriously, you guys need to fix the shipping bug. Otherwise, I'll be picking out the one item I really wanted in the tabletop edition and you can refund the rest of the money to my card.

    11. Alarian DarkWind

      I got several T-shirts and it's charging me $5 shipping for each shirt. I thought it was just $5 shipping total, not for each shirt.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      $10 shipping for the slipcase when I've already ponied up $10 for the book? Did I miss that in the campaign description?

    13. Brad Littman

      The price for Tegel Manor is wrong. That is what I bid on and it says $20, but it should $25. It is telling me I have a $5 dollar credit when I really don't Just thought you should know. I will not complete my survey just yet.

    14. AaronT

      I was going to comment about the extra $10 shipping for the slipcase as well, but faster fingers have already done so.

      Instead I will urge folks to take a breath and give Goodman Games a chance to respond to the comments so far. I've backed other campaigns of theirs and they have been pretty receptive to feedback. I'll submit my survey when I know a bit more from the horse's mouth.

    15. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      And honestly why is it $6 for a tabletop edition that is also fitting into the same box with little weight change. I am a backer of over 400KS and a creator as well. I think a bit of an adjustment needs to be made. We bid in good faith for shipping after the fact but this seems out of proportion.

    16. Jazzy Bear Brown on

      Put my book in the slipcase and send it no charge! $10 on top of the rest of the EXTRA charges I am paying for a slip case is just wrong!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Jenkins on

      Not a big fan of that $10 you slipped in for shipping on the slipcase that wasn't mentioned anywhere in the campaign! If the book costs $10 to ship why would just the slipcase suddenly cost yet another $10 on top of that to ship. Seems you are milking the S&H a bit...

    18. Scott Moore on

      Selecting Dark Tower appears to only take $20 off of your pledge rather than the listed $30. I assume that is an error?

    19. Missing avatar

      Allen White

      The survey adds a shipping charge when a slipcase is added. The shipping charge wasn't mentioned during the campaign.

    20. Missing avatar

      Rick Summers on

      If I had known that you'd be distributing my contact information to BackerKit, or any other third party, I would never have contributed.

      That's the sort of thing you need to tell backers up front.