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A deluxe oversized compilation of rare journals and classic adventure modules from the Golden Age of Role Playing!
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    1. James Floyd Kelly

      Bill, do you or JG in general ever get feedback on your adventure layouts from TSR? JG had those colorful covers that were eye catching and when TSR first started releasing modules, they were the pastel versions. Just curious as to if JG had any comments from TSR about the look and feel of your products.

    2. Bill Owen on

      OTOH Bob Jr posted on the JG Facebook page a Dear Dealer letter I sent out announcing how our Play Aids were Approved For Use With D&D, before the WIlderlands installment (which was our first letter-sized web-press edition if I remember correctly) where I called it the Wilderlands. So the ad mainly shows how inconsistent I was!

    3. Bill Owen on

      I remember making the first ad and the minor flaws in it. It is interesting that we were not yet using the terminology Wilderlands which is a word that Bob coined once JG was in operation. Before that we would call it "campaign" which was a normal wargame term for the larger map area that the game/scenario took place (and thus in the ad) or D&D 'wilderness'.

      Bob had a weird way of mispronouncing (or was it intentional some times?) all sorts of words like A-shunt for Ancient or Mead-eve-e-al for Medieval, McPancake for a fast food stop on the way up to TSR. So it was a short trip of the tongue to re-arranging ordinary terms and names to make them unique to the world. Of course the players would occasionally get us back by mispronouncing and deflating our "poetic" nomenclature into coarse modern renditions. Sigh.

      To this day, I do puns and alliterations more than my wife prefers because of my time at JG!