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A deluxe oversized compilation of rare journals and classic adventure modules from the Golden Age of Role Playing!
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Add-ons, slipcases, awesome tees, and some freebies

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

At long last here are full details of add-ons for the Judges Guild Kickstarter. And we have more free items for you! We are inches away from the next stretch goal, so help push us over the edge!

First, More Freebies

Some backers have expressed an interest in our 3.5-era Judges Guild products. Many years ago, we worked with Bob Bledsaw, Sr. to publish D20 editions of Dark Tower, Citadel of Fire, and Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor. If you order the deluxe oversized hardcover, we will include PDF’s of these titles for free. That $100 hardcover looks like an even better deal – now that you get these free 3.5 books, the free Fat Dragon terrain, and the free 1E Judges Guild PDF’s! That's a total of 9 free PDF's!

Second, Add-ons!

We have several new add-on options: the slipcase, tees, and hard copy of our 3.5 books!

The slipcase: As previously mentioned, we’ve worked with the printer to add a slipcase option for the oversized hardcover. If you would like your hardcover to be packed in a slipcase, add +$30 to your pledge. The slipcase will be printed in full color and custom-printed to snugly fit the oversized hardcover. We do not intend to offer the slipcase through distribution, so this is your only chance to get it.

New Judges Guild tees: We have four tees based on the four titles in this Kickstarter. And they look awesome! Each tee is +$25 to your pledge. Additionally, please add +$5 for extra shipping if you order one or more tees. (The shipping goes up slightly because we plan to produce and ship these tees ahead of the main book shipment.)

Four new tee options for the Judges Guild fan!
Four new tee options for the Judges Guild fan!

The 3.5-era Judges Guild adventures. Our original 3.5-era Judges Guild books have been out of print for many, many years, but based on interest in this Kickstarter, we’ll do a small additional print run. If you would like to add on one of these titles in hard copy, you can do so. Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor is $16, Citadel of Fire is $22, and Dark Tower is $20. Note that if you ordered the oversized hardcover, you're already getting PDF's of these for free!

Our 3.5-era Judges Guild adventures, now available in print again for a limited time
Our 3.5-era Judges Guild adventures, now available in print again for a limited time

How do I add on the funds? You simply increase the “dollars” of your pledge by the amount you would like to add. At the close of this Kickstarter, we will use BackerKit to finalize your pledges, so you will have a chance to “check your math” at the end.

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    1. John Warren on

      Hey Will, I see a couple of different buttons when I am on this page. One says, "You pledged $XX," and next to that is a button that says "Manage." I also have a button that says "Manage Your Pledge." If you have either of those buttons, you should be able to click on those to change your pledge amount.

    2. Will Thompson on

      Sorry to be such a noob, but how do I add-on a t-shirt? I see my $100 pledge but no control or button that allows add-on. Thanks much.