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A deluxe oversized compilation of rare journals and classic adventure modules from the Golden Age of Role Playing!
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    1. Bill Owen on

      It's good to hear Bob's stories. For two years, we worked independently 95% of the time, I at our office and order fulfillment point downtown and Bob and family at their house. So I missed a lot of what was going on there.

      Being a wargame company, our largest room in our downtown offices was for a 4x8' miniatures game table with green outdoor carpet! I had built that for the original ICD wargame club when we were on 16th Street that became a product storage point instead. The sad fact is that I can only remember one game played on that table. From weekly game that's a big change. And if Bob had games at his house still, I never heard about it.

      When Bob moved our offices from downtown to University Ave he re-instituted games including giant ones in the gym of the former Sunnyside School.

      Then by the mid-80s Bob and I were playing games again together at my house and nearby towns like Winter War in Champaign, Flat Con in Bloomington or at Scott Wilhelm's giant wargame basement in Springfield. Once again, we had lots of fun together... and since we shared a similar experience of having been Kings Midas fallen from grace, there was a bittersweet commonality & chemistry that we knew.

      So when Bob wanted to redraw the entire Wilderlands digitally, I had the weekend free and before he even asked, I offered to help him take turns 'draw' (mouse really) non-stop until done. It wasn't such an odd thing really, sometimes when we were playing a long complex game, I'd have to wake him up to make his move!