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And That's A Wrap

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

As of now we are listed at 100% finished on this project! All shipping has been completed and all stretch goals fulfilled.

The last shipments went out this past Friday, so if you are a backer and you have not received your rewards by the end of the week, message us on Kickstarter so we can take care of it! We are working through a last few customer issues but to our knowledge all other rewards have been fulfilled.

On behalf of Goodman Games, thank you for your support and your patience with this project. We're very proud of the books, and hope that you are getting the same enjoyment from them that we are.

And be sure to check out our current Kickstarter as well! We are down to the final 48-hours of the DCC 0-Level Scratch-Off Kickstarter, so do not delay getting in on this unique character creation sheet. We've done all the hard work for you, all you need is a coin.

Thanks again, and see you at the gaming table!


Your pals at Goodman Games


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    1. Adam on

      I never received my digital copy?

    2. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Panik I just sent you a PM about this. Thanks!

    3. paNik productions

      I have not received anything regarding the download of my digital copy. (I happened to see "How to Write Adventures that don't Suck" for sale on RPGNow and thought "Don't I already have that?"
      It turns out: No, I do not.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dan seidel on

      I just received mine! Yay!

    5. Missing avatar

      angelo maiorana on

      Not yet received !!!!!

    6. Drew Hodgson on

      In the UK, no sign of my copy either.

    7. Missing avatar

      William C. Pfaff on

      sorry should be that I havent received the PDF yet (not a physical copy) was there supposed to be a link emailed or am I missing something

    8. Missing avatar

      William C. Pfaff on

      I'm in Maryland, USA, have not received my copy yet.

    9. Cameron Lapp on

      Ready to ship? I'm in Toronto, Canada and have not received my print copy yet :(

    10. Missing avatar

      David Wilson on

      I still have yet to receive my hardcopy of the book.

    11. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Dan I've just sent you a DM about this. Thanks!

    12. John Warren on

      I feel confident that it was not a scam, just perplexed that GG thought all the books had gone out 19 days ago, when clearly they had not. They've been very responsive to my messages, so I'm confident it will get worked out eventually.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dan seidel on

      I STILL have not received my shipment. I'm beginning to think this was a scam. Very disappointing.

    14. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Jerry @Jonathan @Ethan @Abraham I've sent each of you a DM about this matter. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Abraham Garcia on

      I haven't gotten mine yet either.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ethan Rodriguez on

      I haven't received my shipment.

    17. JonathanWestmoreland on

      My status is showing as "Ready to Ship" on backerkit as well. Have not received my print copy.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jerry on

      My Backerkit also still says "Ready to ship". Backer number 3,187 if it helps.

    19. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      The same for me. My Backerkit is still "Read to ship". Backer 1028

    20. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Lionel @Dan I have sent you a DM about this matter. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Lionel on

      Backerkit still says "Ready to ship" for HTWAMTDS print. Backer 3227

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan seidel on

      I have not received my shipment. Dan Seidel

    23. suburbaknght on

      Mine is still only listed as ready to ship.

    24. Gilbert Isla

      As instructed by this update, I'm also putting in that I have not received my book either. Backer #2,408.

    25. Frank Romero on

      Edit from below, my mail came today, but no book. Thanks!

    26. Frank Romero on

      Hi, backer #427 here. I still show "Ready to ship" on Backerkit, as well. I picked up HTWAMTDS at NTRPG Con, but I'm still waiting for the Adventurer's Almanac. My mail arrived today, but I book. Thanks for looking into this for me!

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard Kembleton on

      Once again, I am in the same position as @Chaderick and @John Warren.

    28. Chaderick on

      Backer #2007, also Still Ready to Ship.

      It's the end of the week, per instructions. Mail has come today with no package and the USPS is not aware of any packages coming to me that are not 100% accounted for as Tomb of Annihilation miniatures that shipped within the last day and a half.

      Any assistance would be deeply appreciated.

    29. John Warren on

      Backer #1990 still showing "Ready to Ship."

      I know you guys are working on getting this figured out. You've been very responsive to my messages.

    30. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Richard and @Chaderick As we mention above, not all of the tracking numbers have been posted. When they are posted, BackerKit moves you from "ready to ship" to "shipped." We are supposed to get the last of the tracking numbers tonight or tomorrow morning. As soon as we do, they will be posted and you should have that information. Thanks!

    31. Chaderick on

      Same here. Backer #2007 out of 3000+; ready to ship.

      USPS says there is one package headed towards me, but there is no way of knowing whether it's this Kickstarter coming through or new Litter Lockers from Amazon.

    32. Missing avatar

      Richard Kembleton on

      Backerkit also still shows my reward as "Ready to Ship".

    33. John Warren on

      Backerkit still shows my reward as "Ready to Ship."

    34. Missing avatar

      Adam Fulton

      I thought the final revision of HTWAMTDS would include the corrected version of Dead Man’s Chest.

    35. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux

      @Goodman Games Thank you! Have them loaded in my reader and devouring them.

    36. Keith M on

      Thanks again for making the designer essays available - a nice little bonus many of us pushed for!

    37. Stuart Bonham on

      Okay, went to backerkit and grabbed the PDFs, but still awaiting the print edition...

    38. Stuart Bonham on

      I have not got the print book nor the PDF - what happened?

    39. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Shami and @ Richard I just sent you DM about these issues. Thanks!

    40. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @E Bordeaux Yes, those are the correct and final files. Thanks!

    41. Richard Newby

      I never got my book.

    42. Frank Tonn on

      My books arrived 2 days ago, after spending almost 3 weeks in german customs, sigh.

      HTWAMTDS is simply gorgeous, every bit as promised, content, quality and look.

      Thanks for making this possible and please keep up the good work.

    43. Missing avatar

      E Bordeaux

      I just downloaded five digital rewards from Backerkit. 1) dust jacket - jpg, 2)The_Adventurers_Almanac_final, 3) H2WAMTDS_EssayBook_eBook, and see two versions of HTWAMTDS: 4) HTWAMTDS-V2 dated March 6th and 5) H2WAMTDS_eBook dated April 3rd. Because you named a Final version for The Adventurers Almanac, I could not tell whether HTWAMTDS-V2 means "final" version or not. Yes?

    44. shami Ahmed on

      What about the ones who are expected softcopy version