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First 400 Out The Door

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Following up on our last update, the "shipping pre-work" is done and books are starting to ship!

The first 400 orders are out the door and we've uploaded tracking numbers for those shipments to Backer Kit.

Note: These tracking numbers don't register yet on the USPS site. Normally it takes 24-48 hours for them to go live on the site, although due to the holiday weekend it may take a little longer this time around.

This is a holiday weekend in the USA so the remaining orders will be going out the door on a regular cadence after the holiday. We upload tracking and post updates as they go out.

First person to receive their shipment, let us know!

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    1. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Echelon I just sent you a DM about this. Thanks!

    2. Echelon Game Design

      When are they getting to Canadian backers? My FLGS has had half a shelfful for a couple weeks, I haven't seen anything.

    3. Kurt Jaegers

      Got mine today. Backerkit showed shipping two days ago. Everything is in great shape, and the books turned out very nice.

    4. Kurt Jaegers

      Got mine today. Backerkit showed shipping two days ago. Everything is in great shape, and the books turned out very nice.

    5. Kurt Jaegers

      Got mine today. Backerkit showed shipping two days ago. Everything is in great shape, and the books turned out very nice.

    6. Sean McGrath on

      when will the next round of books go out?

    7. Ivo Penchev Ivanov on

      Got mine on Saturday. BackerKit just told me that it's shipping, so definitely something weird going on with international shipping...
      Books look awesome though! Great job!

    8. Missing avatar

      Blake Foster on

      Just got mine, really excited to have a read of it. Sadly the corners were slightly damaged to both books, thank got it was a hard cover or else it would've been ruined.I do want to give a little bit of constructive criticism that will hopefully prevent this from happening to other's books. The books should be centered in the box with packing peanuts on each side, This prevents the box's corners from damaging the books when it gets tossed around. Overall great job!

    9. Olivier LEFEBVRE


      My box was used as a trollkin for an improvised trollball game... so both books took a beating, especialy the alamanac which spine has been damaged at both ends. :-(
      Any way to get a replacement copy ?


    10. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      Just got the book. Really like the dust cover and the inner cover art. Now I need to read it all.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jok Rowe on

      Just got mine on the doorstep. There must have been a sale on packing tape...just sayin'. The cover and the artwork are great.

    12. Missing avatar

      J on

      Got mine. Peanuts covering the floor now and wife is staring but I am happy happy happy!

    13. Joe Walsh on

      I got my shipment!

      The HTWAMTDS and Adventurer's Almanac hardcovers both look really nice.

      Thank you!

    14. Matthias De Wit on

      Mine arrived 30th June. Thanks guys!!

    15. Stan Bundy on

      Dillon - Tell me about it. The only other gaming related KS that I've supported that didn't run over a quarter late was a Jeff Dee art recreation kickstarter, and it went 1-2 months over because Jeff had other things come up.

      Kickstarter REALLY, REALLY needs to have that one essay they did years ago about Kickstarter not being a "store" and that times are estimates required reading every time a backer inputs a bid.

      I've had 5 or so that I've backed go that late, and only one of them have a bunch of asshat backers that act like theirs is the only gaming project in the history of kickstarter to be late, and continuously slander the manufacturer for shipping only the first wave of the product so far (2/3 of the promise product, or 4x their support pledge's MSRP value, if they backed any standard package instead of doing ONLY add-ons a la carte with no backed level).

      Then there's the other group of cranial-rectal insertion types that constantly slandered this product and the JG book because Goodman had an earlier product go over-long in the past, despite ample proof that most of the issues in question were not in play here.

      Sometimes I wish we could rate other supporters/commenters with the aim to mute the outright liars with enough negative feedback.

    16. Missing avatar

      Miklos de Rijk on

      got mine this morning :)
      Looks gorgeous! tx

    17. Missing avatar

      Xavier Daragon on

      received (don't think I'm really the first though?)! the books look gorgeous :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Russ Dibble on

      I'm not sure if in the first 400 or not, but I'm very happy about this.

    19. Dillon Burke

      So many of my gaming kickstarters are running 12-18+ months behind their original estimated delivery date. So its really nice to see one starting to ship out on time.

    20. Pandarian

      Good news!!

    21. Aaron Winemiller on

      Wooooooooo!!! I'm in the first 400!!! After receiving a tracking number on the very last day (After almost 3 weeks) for another Kickstarter. I feel like the universe smiled upon me this day!

      I'm so excited to get my hands on these!