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Advice on how you can write great adventures - from the company that has published more than 200 top-notch adventures!
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    1. Jeff Vandine

      Yes, it does sound like Vagabond Thief. If you want to check it out, you'll find it in Interplay #1, which I think is in the Web Archive site given to you below. It starts on page 9.

      Interplay was Howard Thompson's house magazine after he sold the Spacegamer to Steve Jackson. It lasted 8 issues before HT closed the doors forever on Metagaming and TFT.

      By the way, TFT is still far and away my all-time favorite FRPG. There's still a pretty lively internet community out there for it. And Dark City Games is publishing solitaire adventures to this day based on TFT (slightly modified)...

    2. Raymond Pompon on

      Sounds like Vagabond Thief.

    3. Lester Smith on

      Wow! Thanks for that link, Paul. I searched many sites and followed many links. I even ended up on at one point (where I found the other early issues, but kept getting the Better Games' issue #5 instead of this one). Your Web fu is stronger than mine, it would seem. :-D

    4. Lester Smith on

      Thanks, Vincent. I do recommend having a friend "DM," if you can. It definitely adds to the solo adventure experience, like the difference between reading a play and seeing it performed.

    5. Vincent DiCello

      Lester - thanks for the heartfelt recollection of the seminal role playing experience of your life. It was kind of you to share it.

      Those early solo adventure books were a lot of fun, though I never had the chance to have a friend "DM" one as you did. The extemporaneous flow of your game would have been very cool to experience!

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Excellent. You can see Space Gamer #5 here: but I don't see that adventure in that issue.