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A 460-page hardcover compilation of all 5 Grimtooth’s volumes & loads of extras! 500+ systems-neutral traps & DCC crossover module!
A 460-page hardcover compilation of all 5 Grimtooth’s volumes & loads of extras! 500+ systems-neutral traps & DCC crossover module!
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The Death Maze of Trapsylvania


Not so long ago (or very long ago if you're being stretched out on the rack - perception of time varies, does it not?), we presented you with a short preview of Grimtooth's Trapsylvania. This is the next volume in the Grimtooth series, currently edging closer to completion every day by Steve Crompton and his gang of slave laborers. Well, the time has come to provide another update. This time, Grimtooth himself joins us to provide a preview of his Death Maze Testing Center, in his own words no less!

All right, last time I promised you a taste of the wonders waiting for you in Trapsylvania.

So now, here is an abridged version of one of the many locations in my little empire. The actual version in my book includes more detail, more art and there are DCC stats for all the characters and dangers. Those stats are all listed in a separate section in the back of the book, so if you don’t use DCC, you can easily ignore them and they won’t interfere with my peerless prose. OK on to the preview. Anywhere you see three “…” means there’s more amazing text not revealed here.


Death Maze Testing Center 

This area is used to test outdoor traps and monsters in “real world” conditions to see how to develop new or improve existing engines of mayhem. And if someone gives me any trouble, I’ll often send them here to be used as part of the testing process. This maze was originally part of that silly Wizards school I took over when I invaded this valley. Rather than burn the hedge maze to the ground I decided to have my Research and Development unit use it as a testing facility for outdoor traps and creatures. Groodni Grimgri the Mad dwarf, who worked at the school when it was reopened for Trolls, was put in charge of maintaining and enhancing the maze under my direction.

Of course nobody would voluntarily just walk into a place called the Maze of Death, unless they had a good reason. So I’ve hidden some a-maze-ingly valuable items in there as an incentive. In fact, there is a sign at the entrance that lists the items and says that anyone who finds them will be allowed to keep them as prizes for getting through the maze. It further states that anyone who successfully navigates the maze will be given safe passage out of Trapsylvania.

Items of Value

Hidden in the Maze of Death are the following items, most of which are carried on the creatures that reside within the maze or hidden within a trap the adventurers might trigger. There’s a big sign out front that lists all these items as a lure to fool-hardy adventurers. 

Syrup of Eternal Youth – This syrup has been extracted from the tree of life and anyone who drinks the contents of this dark blue bottle will never age from the point at which they drink. However eternal youth does not mean invulnerability. You can still be killed by a sword, a falling rock or even the flu… 

 The Self-Fighting Quarterstaff – This 6ft. long hardwood staff has the ability to float in mid air and fight an opponent by itself. How it works: Pick a target and tell the staff to fight that opponent. It will fight until the opponent is defeated; runs away or the staff is broken or destroyed. When using this item, treat it like an extra weapon attack as if you are using it along with whatever other weapon you are wielding in combat…

Super-Climbing Vine Seeds – This small leather bag is filled with 24 dime-sized seeds that grow at super-fast speed into a vine that is perfect for climbing by a person. Plant a seed on the ground near a wall or building and within a minute a vine will burst forth from the ground and climb to a height of up to twenty-four feet. The vine has a short life span and will only last for a couple of hours. It can support the weight of one and a half people, so there is a 50% chance that it might collapse if someone is carrying someone or if more than one person tries top climb the vine at the same time… 

Golden Manna Fruits – At first sight, delvers will assume these are made of gold, but they are more valuable than gold if you are dying. These gold-skinned fruits resemble a pear and can restore the health of anyone who has taken damage to their Strength or Constitution. Eating one fruit will restore the health of a person from any physical damage back to their regular stats… 

Goblet of Desire – Hidden in the center of the maze on a stone altar is the legendary Goblet of Desire. Anyone who drinks from it will triple his or her Charisma or attractiveness. Persons of the opposite sex will fall in love with them and those of the same gender will want them to be their leader. They will be admired by all and respected by anyone who they meet. This sort of adulation is wonderful at first, but after a while it could even become annoying as people who you are not attract to, throw themselves at you and everyone wants you to take charge of every situation… 

Assorted weapons and armor – Scattered around are the weapons and armor of the poor wretches who previously entered the maze and were trapped or killed. They won’t be using this stuff any more, maybe the adventurers can find a use for it. Generate a list of potential items using a list of from the DCC rulebook. Common items will be shields, swords, daggers, helmets, and spears…

The burrs attack! (see below for more details)
The burrs attack! (see below for more details)

Things of Danger

Needless to say, I’ve also made sure that plenty of singularly awful creatures and traps to make it a true challenge. I like to run the Death Maze the same way they run those casinos in Las Vegas; lure suckers into your labyrinthine location in hope of winning vast riches, and then drain them of all their cash. Only in my case, I’m draining them of their lives.

Dwelling within the Maze of Death are the following creatures:

Bladderwort Giaganticus – To anyone caught in the maze the Bladderwort will look like a large, round shelter with an oval opening and inviting pillows on the floor. There are usually about half a dozen of these in the maze and at least one of them will have a valuable object in it (see the list for possible items). The Bladderwort is meant to lure adventurers into the pod. Once inside, the pod will snap shut and fill with a toxic coma inducing gas. It is very unlikely that the person trapped in the pod will be able to do much. Due to the gas, they will be unconscious in less than a minute. Then digestive juices will fill the pod and slowly dissolve the captured unconscious delver…

The Creeping Dread – Entangled within the twelve foot high hedgerows that make up the mazes walls, are a specially-grown creeping vine that has a taste for humanoid meat. If someone tries to crawl through the hedgerow or hack their way through the bushes that make up the walls, the Creeping Dread vine will quickly attempt to grab anyone that is near the hedge and drag them underground, where the roots will tear the body to pieces and drink the body fluids of its victim. The Creeping Dread moves very quickly and its vines are tough enough that they cannot be cut with a typical sword or axe. However the leaves can be affected by fire or blast spells and will retreat under continuous attack….

Exploding Sunflowers – These harmless looking Sunflowers look like they’re packed with sunflower seeds in the center of their yellow petals, but they are in fact hundreds of small dart-like thorns that shoot outwards at high speeds should anyone get closer than a foot away from the plant. To make matters worse, these dart seeds are also poisonous and will put anyone who is struck by more than 6 darts, into a slurring drugged stupor…

Rolling Burrgantus – Known as “Burrgants” These round 3ft tall mobile plant colonies roll along the ground in the maze looking for good places to leave some of their seeds behind. They usually move at about speed of a brisk walk, but can speed up to 25 miles an hour for short bursts. The outside of a Burrgant is very hard and covered with tiny spikes and hooks. They prefer to imbed their seeds in living flesh and once they find a person, 2-4 Burrgants attempt to roll up against the target from different directions trying to get as many of the seed spikes into the legs and arms of their intended victim. The thorns and hooks can penetrate cloth or thin leather, but not heavy leather or armor...

Mushroom men – These creatures are victims of Professor Groodni’s experimental fungus gun. These wretched souls were so infested by the mushrooms growing over their bodies that the spores got into their bloodstream and brain and they have become shambling zombie-like creatures. Anyone running through the maze may encounter some of these hideous things while turning a corner and immediately be caught in their grasp. These creatures will attempt to infect the victim by breathing spores into their face. The Mushroom men are impervious to pain and they will continue to attack until they are cut up into chucks…

Werewolves – Although not officially part of the maze, these hungry beasts often wander in by accident while searching for a meal. (Note: these are the same ones that live at the abandoned school.) Sometimes the plants defeat a Werewolf, but more often than not, they merely anger these overly large creatures, making them all the more hostile to anyone they find. During the day they revert to their original form, that of an easily annoyed ogre.

The Goblet of Desire Trap – In the apparent center of my maze is a stone altar 4 feet tall, 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. On the top of the altar in the center is the coveted Goblet of Desire (see item description about for why). It looks easy enough to just walk up to the altar and take it, and then take a sip from the goblet, which is half filled with clear liquid. Of course nothing is THAT easy in my realm. For one thing, a magnet keeps the goblet in place, so to remove it requires a fair amount of effort to remove it. So you can’t just fly over the altar and pull it off. It will take some strength and leverage. Also if the weight at the top of the altar is changed (either up or down) 6 inch long steel spikes will spring up the top of the altar and pierce anyone standing on it. See the trap diagram for a more detailed view of how this all works…  

Traps and quicksand – There are also pit traps and quicksand hidden in the maze. Refer to the map to see their locations. Needless to say don’t you dare share the maps with the delvers! If a delver triggers a trap, refer to the Traps list below and chose one of those that seems most appropriate. We are constantly testing new traps in there all the time so they’ll never know what might be in our maze. (See chart for additional traps to add)…


Characters You Might Meet in the Maze

Professor Groodni the Mad Dwarf – HT: 4’7 WT: 140lbs. Dwarven Male This mad scientist has worked for Grimtooth many years and is fiercely loyal to his leader. Groodni specializes in biological and chemical based Traps and taught biology and disemboweling at the Warthog School. After the school burned down, the Professor was put in charge of research and testing at the outdoor Death Maze…

The Professor almost always carries his “fungus gun.” It fires spores which cover an intended victim with hundreds of fast-growing mushroom-like growths. The effect is so shocking that it usually stops the target dead in their tracks as they desperately try to pull off the fast-growing fungus that attach to any non metallic surface be it skin, leather or cloth. In a few moments the victim will be unrecognizable, looking like some hideous “Walking Mushroom man-thing.”…

Garden Gnomes – HT: 3’6” WT: 75 lbs. The Maze is also tended by a dozen Goblins who assist Groodni in taking care of the plants, cleaning up body parts and the re-setting the traps in the maze. They avoid contact with anyone in the maze and know all the secret safe places to hide. However, clever (and fast) adventurers might be able to catch a gnome and force it to help them avoid the Maze’s Dangers. However Gnomes are tricky, and none of them know about every threat in the maze…

Scenario Ideas

A: Get some treasure and get out alive – This is the basis for the Maze as far as the adventurers are concerned. They either go in by force or by choice and try to see if they can find some treasure and the exit. 

B: Kidnap Professor Groodni – Groodni is the genius behind the Maze. Find him and you can get through, find the treasures and if you take him with you, his knowledge would be very valuable to other rulers in the area, dungeonmasters and perhaps the law, who would probably charge him with war crimes for all the people he’s killed…

C: Steal some secrets – A rival mystic botanist hires the adventurers to recover as many secret plants from the maze as they can get. He figures if you can’t get Groodni, the next best thing is to try and recover some of the rare and bizarre plant life that the Professor created. He will pay handsomely for some of the things he’s heard about that live there. Perhaps you can get some of the seeds from the Burrgantus, a sample cutting from the Creeping Vine or even steal the Mushroom Gun. Anything like that might be worth your time to try to get…

All right, you get the general idea of what Trapsylvania will be like. As you can see, it’s still “Traps” only now the entire location is a trap often filled with smaller traps. There also a lot more art than shown here, but I don’t want to reveal everything quite yet. Goodman Games says I am supposed to ask the following (not that I care)… So let them know what you think of this with your comments bellow. Note: I will be watching, so unless you want to be disemboweled – be careful what you say…

Grimtooth's Trapsylvania: Coming Soon!

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    1. Steven Crompton on

      ATTENTION GRIMTOOTH HISTORIANS!!! WE NEED YOUR RPG HELP! Do any of you have a copy of the Grimtooth's Traps Dungeon that was published by some fans back in the early 1980's? Goodman Games is looking for a copy of this Adventure to use as part of the next Grimtooth project. This was used at Origins by some GMs for demos. We are looking for a copy that we can borrow for scanning purposes. If you have a copy or know some one who does please have them get in context with me at you WILL be rewarded if you can connect us to a copy! Please spread the word to any other groups that might know of this. thanks! SS Crompton

    2. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Rick, the editor responsible for those errors has been executed by Grimtooth in a slow and excruciating fashion. We have a new editor now and she's much better. The errors shall be fixed. :)

    3. wolfknight75

      Grimtooth! No need to threaten. I'm in and all for Trapsylvanis. Let the Delving begin!

    4. Rick Hull

      Far be it from me to question Grimtooth, but for material that's supposed to be for DCC RPG there's a few "legacy" references like Constitution and Charisma (instead of Stamina, etc).