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Send your fantasy adventurers to face alien perils in Harley Stroh’s long-awaited sword-and-planet epic!
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Hey, look! Printer proofs! And that means: GEN CON PICKUP!

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

It's a good day here on the Purple Planet. As Harley alluded to on his recent Spellburn interview (which you've all listened to by now, right?), we sent Peril on the Purple Planet to the printer the nanosecond this Kickstarter funded.

What does that mean? It means printer proofs! Check out the attached picture. Yes, we actually use an old-school ("offset") printing press, with actual moving parts. Not digital! Real! And these moving-part machines generate proofs, which I have to initial and sign before the printer will release the plates to press.

In this photo you can even see the mockup of the gatefold map which they built (on the right side of photo), to show exactly which pages would fold out from where.

I have signed the proofs…and authorized production. And what does that mean for you guys?


The printer tells me they can ship advance copies for Gen Con delivery. This is not the complete boxed set, but the core module. The box, other booklets, and any other stretch goals will come at a later date. But the core adventure module is on track for Gen Con delivery. And that means backers can save on shipping if they pick up in person.

If you would like to pick up your copy of the adventure at Gen Con, email You must email Keith! If you would also like to pick up add-on modules, include that in your note. Make sure to tell Keith exactly what you want to pick up! We will get this same information in the survey at the end, but since that survey will happen while we are physically en route to Gen Con, we'll also need the info in advance to pack the Gen Con orders.

Mandatory Warnings and Caveats: The printer has not actually shipped the books yet, so something could still go wrong. UPS might lose the box. The convention center might lose the box. A warp portal might eat the books. Just be aware there are still some risks involved, but things are looking promising for Gen Con pickup.

A couple other final notes:

  • I anticipate sending out the PDF of the core adventure module to backers very soon after this Kickstarter ends.
  • If we end up with any extra adventure modules at Gen Con after all KS copies are claimed, we'll sell those to the general public.
  • Anybody want to own the printer proofs? We'll have them at Gen Con and if your roll is lucky, you might walk away with them. Visit the booth for more info…
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    1. Douglas Justice on

      If you would, send a survey to backers to get their rpgnow account email.

      I know I'm not the only one this effects :)

    2. Diogo Nogueira

      Sent my email also! I am gonna need an extra bag to carry all my loot!

    3. Michael Markey on

      Great news! Email sent.