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Send your fantasy adventurers to face alien perils in Harley Stroh’s long-awaited sword-and-planet epic!
Send your fantasy adventurers to face alien perils in Harley Stroh’s long-awaited sword-and-planet epic!
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    1. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Eric: Sent you a message with details on paying by check

    2. Eric Samuels

      For some reason Paypal is unable to process my debit card for the invoices I received. Do you have an alternative method of accepting payment for the invoices?

    3. Missing avatar

      Victor Kuo on

      what my shipping invoice came out to be $10.00. It was just the Complete boxed set and the poster. In case people want to compare shipping costs.

    4. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Eric: Sent you a message on your invoice

    5. Eric Lopez on

      I did not have any add-ons. Why did I receive a invoice?

    6. Eric Lopez on

      never mind I found it

    7. Eric Lopez on

      Where is the survey located?

    8. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Pozz70: As you know from our many dialogues on your order, your shipping was a special case! I'll shoot you a KS message reminding you of the details - we'll adjust the invoice down for your consolidated shipping, which is one of the exceptions our system doesn't handle well. However, our records do indicate that you added on some items which were never paid for - see details via KS message and let us know if our records are off.
      For others reading this, please remember to check your Kickstarter survey to remind yourself of what you added to your original pledge and have not yet paid for. The invoice is for shipping AND add-ons, and for most people who are surprised by the amount, the difference is add-on items which weren't covered by the original pledge. Hope that helps.

    9. Pozz 70 on

      I've just received my shipping invoice today and I have to say I'm shocked to say the least. $55.00 and I received the product two months ago, talk about leaving a sour taste in the mouth. You are doing this wrong Joseph and you will lose customers like this, I won't be taking part in any more GG games Kickstarters until this ridiculous shipping policy is amended.

    10. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Brian: It's unfortunately too late to add them through this KS, but we do have some available for sale on our online store

    11. Brian Johnson

      I somehow missed the .5 addon modules... is it to late to get these? I have gotten my boxed set already.

    12. Rick Koeppen on

      I just received the last of my add-ons today in the mail! Glad to be able to say that everything has finally arrived, and it all looks great. Now, I just need to find the perfect spot for that black light poster...and also get a black light.

    13. Tom Ryan on

      Just wanted to say my kids were watching the newest episode of "Peg + Cat" and it takes place on the "Purple Planet"...thought of you Tim :)

    14. M.E. Snyder, Master Mason of Valoria on

      Cool, glad to know my stuff didn't get lost in the mail. The poster is really superb! DEfficiently going to have it have it lering over my players during games!

    15. Rick Koeppen on

      My poster has arrived! It looks even better in person.

    16. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      Glad to hear the posters are trickling in! We're still working through the add-on orders and hope to have them all out soon.

    17. M.E. Snyder, Master Mason of Valoria on

      Just got my black light poster and it is amazing! Going to get it framed some time this week. Still waiting for the rest of my rewards, hope they show up soon! These posters are going to make for a fine decoration of my gaming room!

    18. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Will: Please shoot us a message on KS with your updated address.

    19. Will Arnold on

      What would be the best way to update my address? Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Viana Junqueira on

      I´m a international backer and a need this amazing poster. How should I proceed?

    21. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Same here: no main box yet. Hoping for some feedback regarding my message about mail forwarding concerns and tracking. Thanks for your help!

    22. Missing avatar

      John R. Lehman on

      I'm still waiting for my main box. :-(

    23. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      Hi guys - as noted in the last update, we're still shipping add-ons. We will post an update once they're all shipped!

    24. Theodore Haugen on

      Also haven't received my add-ons yet.

    25. Missing avatar

      Heron on

      I don't really have any use for posters, so I'd rather not pay to have one shipped. Where do I opt out? (Everything else has been awesome, btw)

    26. Dra8er on

      Yes missing add ons...


    27. M.E. Snyder, Master Mason of Valoria on

      Yes, I am also waiting for my add ons. Any news in that department?

    28. Michael Anderson

      A question for the goodman games folks. Have the add-on items shipped on this yet? All I have received is the the main box. Still waiting on the .5 modules,Xmas and the gen con program book.

    29. Anibal "AJ the Ronin" Delgado on

      Mine arrived. Won't be able to open the box until the weekend since I had to use an alternate address but the wait is (basically) over!

    30. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @John: The last round of USA orders went out the door on April 21. Media mail has been known to take 1-2're definitely on the later end of the delivery spectrum but do not yet abandon hope. =) I would say, give it another week or so...and if it hasn't arrived by then, drop us a line and we can sort it out.

    31. Missing avatar

      John R. Lehman on

      Seems like a lot of folks here in the U.S. have gotten theirs already. Should I be concerned that my Author's Edition hasn't arrived yet?

    32. Missing avatar

      Emmanuel Bouteille on

      My package arrived in France yesterday! Awesome! After the Chained coffin last week. Long hours of reading and play.

    33. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Jim: The blacklight poster will the same image as the old gold foil DCC RPG book (see ). Of course it's flocked velvet so it will be "fuzzy" and not quite as crisp...but physically larger...and with blacklight-reflective ink. UK shipping will be in the $20-$30 range depending on final weight/dimensions.

    34. Jim Borkoles on

      Still waiting for mine in the UK as well..... just have to hang on..... in eager anticipation...... I would love to see a picture of the blacklight poster in all its glory and know how much UK shipping might be though?

    35. Gordon Richards on

      So I saw today that Peril on the Purple Planet will be available in UK shops this coming Tuesday. Still not had mine yet. Anyone in the UK got theirs yet?

    36. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      It depends on the order in question but in general, add-ons will ship after all the boxed sets have shipped (either with the boxed set or later).

    37. Missing avatar

      Logan on

      Were add-ons supposed to come with the boxed set or are they being shipped separately? Got my authors edition a few weeks ago but none of the other stuff yet.

    38. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      Hi everyone - We're still in the midst of shipping, so there will be plenty of folks who haven't received it. As we approach milestones (such as "all of Country X has been shipped," for example) we will let you know, but for now there's no reason to be concerned yet. If you have specific questions or special exceptions please drop us a line and we can look into exceptions.

    39. Andre Valle on

      MIne got here today. Beautiful!

    40. Anibal "AJ the Ronin" Delgado on

      Last Saturday I received a slip from the USPS. I found odd that it said it was a second notice. Tuesday, when I went to pick the box I was told that someone already picked the box and it wasn't on the post office anymore. I told them that I only got one notice (the one I had at hand) and I definitely haven't picked up. They said that they couldn't help me without a tracking number.

      I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. I know is not Goodman fault but it took the box a while to get here (a month basically counting from the shipping post) and I'm not sure how to proceed. (I did PMed but haven't got a reply). Help please.

    41. Missing avatar

      Javed Mirza on

      Hi there, in Canada and still haven't received this yet.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      I was also wondering if some mail tracking info or such could be provided if my package has shipped already. I ask because I was one of the backers who had to due mail forwarding due to change of address, and I've been having mixed results on my mail showing up at the correct place. Thanks for your time.

    43. Missing avatar

      chaudron jean baptiste on


      I have not yet received my package in France. Is it normal ?

      Thank you to answer me.

    44. Anibal "AJ the Ronin" Delgado on

      Apparently mine got lost. I PM thru KS with the details.

    45. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @James: Well, you in particular should be worried. :) Just sent you a message on yours

    46. James Smith on

      I haven't received anything in the mail yet. Should I be worried?

    47. Legion on

      Ditto. Nice.

    48. Niels Adair on

      Got mine today! Very pleased!

    49. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Haha, yeah, that doesn't surprise me. I figured the poster would be a whole 'nother ball o' wax. I appreciate the effort on the awesome KS reward though; I'm sure the poster is gonna look awesome.

    50. Goodman Games 22-time creator on

      @Joshua: Blacklight poster will go to the printer in a couple weeks. It will be the very last component to be printed. It's a whole other project...believe it or not, printing blacklight-reflective custom velvet posters turns out to be a fairly specialized project. Whose idea was that anyway?? ;)

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