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DCC RPG enters its 4th printing with a bang! Pledge for exclusive cover variants, physically imposing stretch goals, and free modules!
2,259 backers pledged $215,369 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Rick Mobley on

      As of November 2, I have not received any of the swag items. Any chance of still receiving something?

    2. Goodman Games 24-time creator

      @backer-t Yes, they have. Send me a PM and I'll help address this issue for you. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar


      Hi, have you started shipping swag items to EU backers yet?

    4. Goodman Games 24-time creator

      @Kevin I have sent you a DM about this matter. Thanks.

    5. Kevin Long on

      Hey how do I get my money back, I mean I have left enough comment and no one gets back, and I feel that I should have gotten my book by now, so how do I get my 62 dollars back? Thanks

    6. Brad Littman

      I hope to receive mine soon. Though I can't remember if the swag was for everyone and what was in it. I seem to recall dice, pencils, dice bag and a pad of 0 level character sheets.

    7. Kevin Fernandes

      I just received a notice from the Postal Service that a package from Goodman Games has Postage Due of 0.97 cents (I wasn't home to receive it). Is this correct or should I return the package?

    8. Rob Meyers on

      Mine arrived, but was sent to an old address. It wasn't forwarded (even though we have forwarding set up), but the new resident had my info and let me know it arrived.

    9. Evan Edwards on

      We just got a reply from the fine folks at Goodman Games. Thanks! (For anybody curious: the package is USPS, so in our case it will be forwarded.)

    10. John R Davis on

      was a great surprise

    11. Evan Edwards on

      (And I just found out after posting the below that my lovely gamer wife emailed you about this a couple days ago, so it may be moot. We back many KS projects, and I apologize for being one of the small percentage of problem backers in this case.)

    12. Evan Edwards on

      Due to an unexpected move, we have a (now former) neighbor checking our old house for the package. Is it shipping USPS? (If so, it should forward to our new address on the other side of the city.)

    13. Thomas on

      I am also not sure what the extra goodies are.

    14. Missing avatar

      Stephen Pennisi on

      What were the other goodies? All I received was the three dice, two pencils, a dice bag, and a Goodman Games catalog.

    15. Troy Tucker on

      Thanks guys... I got my stuff today! So very cool what a nice surprise.
      However, there was a hole in my envelope ... I didn't my dice :(
      Can I just pick them up at GenCon? or something? Thanks.

    16. Joel Pearce

      Wow, mine arrived today in Canada already--thanks!

    17. Bellmoore

      Got my swag today!

    18. Missing avatar


      yay! looking forward to it!

    19. Jon Tate on

      Got mine yesterday!

    20. Dragonax on

      I received mine a couple of days ago. Thank you. Just a suggestion, can you please put "Do Not Bend" on your envelopes. My mail carrier bent everything by stuffing it into my mailbox. Thanks.

    21. TheGratefulNed on

      I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I got home from work and found a big brown padded envelope waiting for me with a Goodman Games return address. The dice and dice bag look great!

      Thanks for a wonderful Kickstarter! Now to continue waiting with bated breath for MCC and DCC Lankhmar. :)