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DCC RPG enters its 4th printing with a bang! Pledge for exclusive cover variants, physically imposing stretch goals, and free modules!
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Last Call for DCC Lankhmar

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hello, DCC RPG fans!

A couple quick updates for you.

Hey, where's my pencil?

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten. Your pencils, dice bags, and "D" "C" "C" dice are still on the radar. We are waiting for one last component to get produced, then we anticipate sending these items (plus the bonus items) out during the summer.

Extra Copies of Gold Foil Kickstarter Edition

While all of the "special" editions of the DCC RPG 4th printing have sold out, we still have some of the gilded "blue-cover" edition, in the Kickstarter box with all the bonus stretch goals. If you wish you had a second copy, well, now's your chance. We are offering these as add-on items in our DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter. But act fast, since you've got less than a day left to pledge.

As a side note, did you realize how much stuff you got for $40 in the DCC RPG 4th printing Kickstarter? That box of DCC RPG core book, modules, and all the swag and other items has an MSRP of $140. And you paid only $40! Sheesh, what were we thinking? The add-on version for the DCC Lankhmar campaign is being offered at a reduced price of $110, which is still a good deal compared to the full retail, and wow, it just reinforces how many extras were stuffed in.

Which reminds us, you can also get a lot of DCC goodness at a good value with the last 24 hours of the DCC Lankhmar campaign!

Last Call for DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter

Our DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter ends Tuesday. If you want to get in on another awesome old-school product, this is your chance. As many of you know, the Lankhmar works by Fritz Leiber were some of the original inspirations for D&D, as well as one of the key inspirations for DCC RPG.

We've put together an awesome boxed set to bring Lankhmar to life. If you pledge now, you get all the stretch goals - which as of right now includes six DCC Lankhmar adventure modules, an oversized map, a Locations supplement, an NPCs supplement, and some free terrain files from Fat Dragon. Plus if you upgrade to the print pack and pledge for the printed modules, you get exclusive covers with foil logos which won't be in regular distribution channels.

Check out the Kickstarter now -- not much time left!

Last day to pledge!
Last day to pledge!


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