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DCC RPG enters its 4th printing with a bang! Pledge for exclusive cover variants, physically imposing stretch goals, and free modules!
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96% Complete, and What's Next?

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Whew! It’s been a busy couple weeks. This update covers a lot of ground for DCC RPG 4th printing backers:

  • Resources for DCC RPG
  • Upcoming Events
  • The Road Crew
  • Future Projects
  • Hey, Where’s My Pencil?
  • Make-up Shipments
  • Custom Box Packaging
  • Lessons Learned
More than a myth! Read on...
More than a myth! Read on...

Resources For DCC RPG

At this point 96% of shipments are complete. For the 2,000+ new fans of DCC RPG, we hope you’re enjoying it! Here are some resources for you as you continue to learn the game

  • Online communities: There are many online communities for DCC RPG, most notably the G+ community and the Goodman Games forums
  • Podcasts: There are several regular podcasts for DCC RPG, mostly notably Spellburn and Sanctum Secorum. You can also check out the media page on our web site for various podcast interviews with our team.
  • Adventure modules: Goodman Games has a large catalogue of adventure modules for play with DCC RPG. You can easily run entire campaigns from these adventures, many of which are now in their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th printings. Many of the adventures are inspired by the works of Appendix N. Our annual Gen Con Program Guides are also a great potpourri of DCC-related content, including things like adaptations of the tournaments we run at Gen Con, all-new adventures, additional support for the Purple Planet and Chained Coffin settings, interviews with gaming legends like Lou Zocchi and Erol Otus, and other fun things.
  • Free RPG Day: Every year in June, Goodman Games releases free DCC RPG products on Free RPG Day! Use our retail locator to find your local game store, then make sure they are signed up way in advance to get the Free RPG Day swag!
  • DCC Third Party Products: We offer a license that allows third party publishers to support DCC RPG with their own titles. There is a huge library of great material produced by this community of supporting publishers. You can buy many of them in print form from the Goodman Games online store.
  • Appendix N: As you surely know by now, DCC RPG is in part inspired by the authors of Appendix N. We encourage you to further your own fantasy adventures by reading their works. You can find more information in many places, including the Adventures in Fiction column on our web site, as well as some of the articles published in our previous Gen Con Program Guides.

What are we forgetting? Probably a lot. There is a lot of great support out there for DCC RPG. If you have additions to the list, add a comment here for other backers!


Come on tour with us!
Come on tour with us!



Upcoming Events

We love gaming, and the crew is constantly out and about running games. You can find our 2017 convention schedule on our web site. If there’s a convention near you that you’d like us to attend, email us so we know about it! 

In the next couple weeks, the big event for us is Gary Con (Lake Geneva, WI, March 23-26). We have a ton of games on the schedule. There will be new releases for the show, including one new DCC module that’s not yet announced. If you backed one of our other Kickstarters, there’s a good chance we will have pledge pickup at the show (watch for the updates on Epsilon City, Judges Guild, and HTWAMTDS for more details). Many of us will be in attendance: Joseph, Doug, Harley, Mike, Brendan, Jobe, Jon, Jim, Chris, and probably some folks I'm forgetting. At Gary Con we traditionally hold our “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar, where every year we have a big announcement about a major new product. (This year is no exception, although this year the announcement is not DCC related.) We also launch a Kickstarter every year at Gary Con, and provide bonus swag to Gary Con attendees who back the Kickstarter on-site. (This year the KS is DCC related.) If you haven’t already made plans to attend Gary Con, consider it!


All this could be yours!
All this could be yours!


The Road Crew

We provide tons of free swag to gamers who run DCC (and our other games) in public venues like stores, schools, bars, and cons. Once again Dungeon Crawl Classics calls to the faithful to bring 1974 gaming to the masses! Join the Road Crew and help us spread the good news: gaming is awesome again!

You can learn more about the Road Crew on our web site. If you run enough games over the course of a year you’ll earn a ton of swag, including pens, bookmarks, dice bags (including a leather one!), note pads, a cup, pins, stickers, a custom belt buckle, and more.


The scratch-off zero-level character sheet: also not just a myth.
The scratch-off zero-level character sheet: also not just a myth.


Future Projects

We do this because we love it, and there’s always something cooking on the back burner. For those new to the circuit, here are some of the projects in various stages of completion which you’ll see announced in the year to come.

Scratch-off character sheets. Yes, really! After the popularity of our previous two scratch-off projects (the Holiday module and the Dungeon of Nocyrag), we are experimenting with scratch-off zero-level character sheets. More to come once we have all the details worked out.

The DCC RPG Annual. Some say it’s a myth, some say it’s a legend, others say it’s simply mis-titled (“Hex-Annual”?). The Annual does exist and shall be unveiled forthwith.

DCC Lankhmar. Goodman Games has a license from the estate of Fritz Leiber to produce official Lankhmar products. If you’ve been on the con circuit you’ll know we’ve been playtesting these rules for the last two years. This Kickstarter will (finally) launch very soon.

DCC Dying Earth. Goodman Games also has a license from the estate of Jack Vance to produce official Dying Earth products. You may have seen this also under playtest on the con circuit. More details on this will be announced over the coming months.

Lots of cool adventures. We always have some cooking. In last year’s Gen Con Program Guide we revealed the Erol Otus cover art that will grace one adventure being written by Michael Curtis. There are others in various stages as well.

Mutant Crawl Classics. If you missed the Kickstarter, you’ll still have a chance to buy the book when it releases later this year.

X-Crawl Classics. The larger rules set is still in the early stages of playtesting, but there are several X-Crawl modules already available which have been converted to the DCC rules.

Hey, Where’s My Pencil?

For backers of this Kickstarter, we still owe you three stretch goals: your DCC pencil, dice bag, and “D” “C” “C” dice. We’ll be mailing those later this year along with some other goodies. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten!

Make-Up Shipments

There are still 4% of backers who have some remaining issue with their pledge – an item missing, something damaged or lost in transit, or some other critical fumble. For this 4%, we’re really sorry you’re in this situation. As we’ve said throughout the Kickstarter, our goal is to make sure everybody gets their stuff. The make-up shipments are in various states of completion depending on the circumstances:

  • For backers whose shipments went to old addresses, we’re re-shipping your packages as they get returned to us by the USPS (assuming we have an updated address; see below).
  • For backers who had damaged or missing items, we’re re-shipping those components. Some of these shipments have already gone out and they will continue to go out over the coming weeks as we get these reports.
  • For backers in international locations whose original shipment was shorted or missed, we are now re-shipping those deliveries from the US.
  • We ran out of They Served Brandolyn Red during shipping. The good news is it’s a popular module! We’re re-printing another short run to fill the outstanding orders. Backers waiting on this module will have to wait a little longer while we do a fresh print run.

There are assorted other scenarios, but in general, “we’re working on it”! 

Finally, an appeal to backers: if you think something is wrong with your pledge, please message us through Kickstarter. KS allows you to post comments literally anywhere – on this update, on last week’s update, on last month's update, on last year’s update, and so on. We monitor comments but they’re much harder to track than the KS messages, which are queued up nice and tidy in our in-box, right next to your pledge info, your address, and any thread of prior communication. Our goal is to fill every order, and the best way to ensure we get your request for help is to message us!

For backers who haven’t received their shipment, another very important reason to message us is we may have messaged you. Log in and you may find you have a message waiting for you! We have a growing pile of returned mail from customers who moved since giving us their address. In every case we have messaged the backers. Many have not responded to us with an updated address. If you are missing your pledge item, make sure to check your messages on Kickstarter!

Custom Box Packaging

The damage rate on boxes shipped in this Kickstarter is running higher than previous Kickstarters, and the first impulse of many is to blame the custom boxes. I think there’s some truth to that, and to mitigate that factor the make-up shipments will be double-boxed. However, we have shipped other Kickstarters with custom boxes of similar design – but (key point) different artwork – and have had lower damage rates. What’s very interesting is where the damages are happening with the DCC RPG boxes.

EU/UK Shipments: Our shipping partner in the UK shipped all packages to European and UK backers. There were virtually no damage reports, either as an absolute value or as a percentage of shipments.

AU/NZ Shipments: Our shipping partner in Australia shipped all packages to Australian and New Zealand backers. There were virtually no damage reports, either as an absolute value or as a percentage of shipments.

International shipments from USA origin: Our shipping partner in the USA shipped all packages to other international destinations. There were virtually no damage reports, either as an absolute value or as a percentage of shipments.

USA shipments from USA origin: For shipments to USA addresses handled by the US Postal Service, there was a noticeable number of damage reports, both as an absolute value and as a percentage of shipments.

Those are the facts. Is it the box? Is it the art? Is the postal service? Is it something else? I’ll leave it up to you as to what conclusion to draw.

Lessons Learned

Wow, it’s been a busy time with this Kickstarter. Here are a couple things we’re adapting for our future Kickstarters.

  • Backer Kit for pledge surveys. We’ve already started this about a year ago, and the DCC KS launched before we had adopted it. In retrospect it would have made many aspects much cleaner.
  • Process for add-on shipping. Add-ons are a tricky business in managing Kickstarters. We’ve since adopted a process of shipping them quickly after the close of a KS, and separately from the main pledge, despite the added postage cost.
  • Packaging. Double-boxing seems like a good idea.
  • Customer response rate. Kickstarter message volume comes in peaks and valleys; no messages for a long time, then a deluge as shipping begins. We’re training additional folks to help out during future peak periods.

What’s Next?

We still have a number of make-up shipments to get out the door. We’ll continue working on those over the coming couple weeks.

That’s all the news for now. Enjoy your books!

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      Michael Marshall on

      @Diana Sharpe I know. It's like they have list of all my favourite geek things.

    2. Diana Sharpe

      @Michael Marshall

      Right? Between GG and another RPG company, I have less than no money for anything else.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Marshall on

      Lankhmar and Dying Earth.

      Please stop.

    4. Goodman Games 24-time creator

      @John Anderson: Yes, please message us with the details!
      @Silver Bowen: Have to say, I LOVE the idea of a scratch-off solo module. Very cool idea...

    5. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      Is it possible to change my shipping address for the pencil/dicebag/etc box?

    6. Silver Bowen on

      The annual is an auto-buy. Or back. Or whatever.

      Have you considered, perchance, something like a scratch-off solo module (short, I would guess)?

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Murphy

      Thanks for all your hard work. Very impressed.

    8. Oliver Korpilla

      You really do want to bankrupt me this year? Keep talking and take my money, all right. ;-)

    9. Bellmoore

      My custom box also arrived inside another box.

    10. Missing avatar

      Frits Kuijlman on

      As a EU backer I received my custom box inside another box with several addons. That might explain the lack of damage:-)

    11. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      As a newbie starting out, I've enjoyed the journey so far! Reading the book and getting ready to "spring" it on my buds - Level 0 and lots of pruning coming soon...