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A DCC RPG boxed setting for Lankhmar, officially licensed by the estate of Fritz Leiber. Adventure with Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser!
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Next stretch goal cleared: SIX free adventures. Plus, What's at the University of Houston?

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

HI everyone,

Great news! We just cleared another stretch goal! Backers now get all six DCC Lankhmar adventure modules! All backers get PDF, and if you backed the Print Pack you get printed versions.

In this update:

  • Help us clear the last stretch goals!
  • What's up with the University of Houston stretch goal?
  • Today's Lankhmar trivia question

How You Can Help Clear The Last Stretch Goals

There are several stretch goals remaining, and we'd like to clear them all! With two days left, here are ways you can help push us past the edge!

  • If you haven't already added the Print Pack, consider doing so! At this point it's a great deal: 6 adventure modules in print+PDF form for $50, at no additional shipping charge. Just upgrade your pledge to that level.
  • Add on the Rat-Snake dice game to your pledge! This was originally a Gen Con exclusive which we've been persuaded to re-print for this Kickstarter. We'll be doing one more production run, so if you want it, this is your chance. (Details are here.)
  • Add on other DCC modules (and other items) to your pledge! You can add print modules to a print pledge, and PDF modules to a PDF pledge.
  • Add on the DCC RPG 4th printing Kickstarter box! We have a limited supply left, which are being offered to backers of this Kickstarter first. (Details are here.)

What's Up With The University of Houston Stretch Goal?

One of the stretch goals is to send Michael Curtis to the University of Houston. What the heck do we mean by this?

One of the more innovative stretch goals in the DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter will send Goodman Games writer and designer Michael Curtis down to Texas on an adventure to benefit the backers. Michael will travel to the University of Houston to conduct first-hand research with The Fritz Leiber Papers collection.

The Fritz Leiber Papers is comprised of correspondence, writings, original manuscripts, photographs, and even the author’s sword collection, all of which were donated to the University of Houston Libraries by Fritz and Justin Leiber during a period from 1984 to 1997, and spans 30 linear feet of shelf space. The collection documents Leiber’s life and works from the years 1930 to 1996.

Michael’s goal is to conduct exhaustive research and examine Leiber’s original notes, manuscripts, letters, and other works in search of ideas and inspiration from Fritz, himself—ideas which can be elaborated on to create a brand new DCC Lankhmar adventure. This is the closest the world will ever get to seeing a Lankhmar role-playing adventure co-authored by Fritz Leiber! 

As far as we can tell, no other game company has produced material with Leiber's input since he passed away in 1992. Even TSR Hobbies never had full access to Leiber’s personal writings and original manuscripts. Who knows what might await the role-playing fans of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser in the Fritz Leiber Papers? 

Whenever possible, Michael will incorporate original ideas, details, and possibly even Leiber’s own maps, swords, artwork, and other personal correspondence into this special DCC Lankhmar adventure. Permission permitting, the fruits of Michael’s research and photos from his visit may also be reproduced in forthcoming Goodman Games releases such as the annual Gen Con program or on the website, allowing backers and fans around the world a unique view into the personal life and raw writings of Leiber. Let’s hit that stretch goal and get Michael down to Texas! 

Interested in learning more? You can find the index to the Fritz Leiber papers online here. It makes us salivate - hopefully it gets you just as interested!

Today's Lankhmar Trivia Question

According to one story, the best thieves in Lankhmar aren’t Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, but these two. Name them.

We'll post the answer tomorrow! And the answer to the last update's question is: The Blindfold of True Seeing and the Cloak of Invisibility.

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    1. Edward Veal on

      I work for the Houston Public library and manage the Digitization Lab. We have a pretty close relationship with the UH Archives. I would really enjoy providing any assistance to Michael if I can.

    2. Steve Dodge

      I left out then click on "Change your pledge". You can then enter any amount you want.

    3. Steve Dodge

      @Scott, you can add any amount you want to your pledge. If you go click "Manage your pledge", you can change the amount (we hope higher to a higher total).

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      Scott Meredith on

      OK, I have to confess, I have no idea how to add to my pledge. All I can figure out how to do is change it to a different category. Is that what I'm supposed to do?