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At long last, the elusive first official expansion for DCC RPG, six years in the making: the DCC Annual. And other forbidden artifacts!
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Black Friday Stretch Goal: 5 DCC Free Modules - Spread the News!

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Hi everyone!

It's Black Friday, and no, we don't mean the shopping day. Black Friday is the name of our hungry demon that demands to be fed deals - deals, feed me deals! - so we have a deal for him (and you).

Everybody who backs the DCC Annual Kickstarter for one of the three "main books" gets 5 free DCC modules.

Yes, you read that right! DCC modules are one of the best part of playing DCC RPG. We have dozens (dozens!) of adventures generally considered among the best in the industry, and you can build an entire campaign on them. And now 5 can be yours, free! They will be delivered in PDF format once we process the pledge manager.

If you're reading this, you already pledged your support, so you're getting an extra bonus. What we ask of you in return is that you spread this news! Let all your friends know, so they know about this demonic Black Friday deal. 

And remember: You can still add on funds for the foil demon skull edition of DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea and the foil demon skull edition of the DCC core rulebook! There are exclusive variants only available via this Kickstarter.

Demon skull BFFs! Get them as hardcover add-ons with this Kickstarter.
Demon skull BFFs! Get them as hardcover add-ons with this Kickstarter.

The Fine Print:

  • The bonus adventure PDFs apply to pledges of the three main books of this Kickstarter. Those are the DCC Annual, DCC #83: The Chained Coffin, and DCC core rulebook.
  • The bonus adventure PDFs apply to pledges of those three books in print or PDF form.
  • Pledges to add on DCC #67: Sailors of the Starless Sea don't count toward the free PDF.
  • We're working with BackerKit to figure out a way for you all to select your free PDFs, but the interface may be a bit clunky. 
  • The 5 bonus adventure PDFs don't stack with the previously-announced stretch goal of 1 free PDF per book. So this basically means you get "5 or more free adventures" depending on how many books you order. Five or less books = 5 free adventure PDFs, 6 or more books = one free adventure PDF per book.

Thanks everyone, and happy Black Friday!


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    1. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Ryan: See 4th bullet point above! @Chodes: You'll get 5 for the Annual and 3 for the $2 starter.

    2. Dark Я. on

      Goodman Games is awesome!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chodes on

      So if I back a PDF Annual and add for the lovely $2 starter... how many free PDFs am I currently getting?

    4. Knarfenstein on

      Just getting into DCC so this is welcome news. Kudos!

    5. Missing avatar

      Ryan Kubryn on

      If you already own some adventures but not all, will they be selected at random and what if there are duplicates etc..? Thanks

    6. Randy Andrews

      For the veterans who already have all the PDFs then you can probably pass your codes out to friends.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hoffmann on

      The PDFs are absolutely phenomenal for newbies. What about the veterans, who have certainly got each every Adventure already? :)

    8. Luciana on

      OMG this is AWESOME!! Thank you GG \o/