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At long last, the elusive first official expansion for DCC RPG, six years in the making: the DCC Annual. And other forbidden artifacts!
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The Demon Skull Returns

Posted by Goodman Games (Creator)

Greetings, heathen-slayers and warlocks!

It’s official: the DCC demon skull cover is returning! And by "demon skull" we mean this design:

Thanks to everyone who responded to our post yesterday. There’s a lot of interest in the DCC demon skull cover.

Personally I love this image. It is the original “iconic DCC image.” And also the first to include a secret message. Many of you have probably heard the story about the hidden "Roslof" text included in the runes at the bottom. Jim Roslof was TSR’s first art director. He is responsible for many of TSR’s famous illustrations, including the cover to Keep on the Borderlands. The very last illustration he completed before his passing was for DCC RPG. This is why some of his illustrations in the core rulebook are unsigned – he was quite sick at the time he drew them, and passed away before they were finished. The core rulebook is dedicated to him, and his name appears in the demon skull illustration. 

When the 7th printing of DCC RPG is printed, we will include an alternate cover of the core rulebook that features the original DCC demon skull. For backers of this Kickstarter, it will be printed in gold foil with a faux leather cover in a burgundy or brown tone (exact details to be determined). It will be immediately distinguishable from the original 1st printing, which was gold on black. (This one’s for you, Diogo!) 

How to add on: To include the demon skull edition of the core rulebook, simply add +$60 to your pledge. When we launch the BackerKit at the end of the campaign, you'll be able to use that to tell us “what the dollars are for.”

Thanks for the support everyone!


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    1. Tommy Baldwin on

      Yes I love the the idea also that @David Bettsack had about leaving it black but making the foil color red. I would get one for sure! SOOOOO Killer !

    2. Jesse Roberge

      I think the $60 add-on for the demon-skull is for an additional book. I don't think they have a substitution-ary add-on option.

    3. Goodman Games 23-time creator

      @Jim: Sorry man...but it will be the first demon skull edition to have your son's name spelled right...

    4. Missing avatar

      David Bresson


    5. Missing avatar

      Jim Skach on

      This makes me sad.

    6. Missing avatar

      Robin Gonzales

      It reminds me of the Lich, the last scholar of Golb, from Adventure Time

    7. Missing avatar

      Mazkarel on

      Yeah hard pass on Brown for me. Burgundy if those two are the only choices; but I like the idea @David Bettsack had above of leaving it black but making the foil color red. That would look *amazing* and still distinguishes it from first edition.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Hazen on

      Here is a question. If I bump up to landed lord doubling my 150 dollar pledge, will the demonskull get included?

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Hazen on

      I vote for a deep burgundy/coagulated blood red for the demonskull version. Since it must be distinguished from the first printing, that is

    10. Missing avatar

      David Bettsack on

      I've pledged at the Favored Retainer level, and added +$20 for the Sanjulian cover. If the skull cover could be an upgrade to a bundle tier I'd be very interested.

      If we are still soliciting color ideas, I'd prefer a black cover (to match my MCC foil), with some other foil color - perhaps silver, or blood red.

    11. Radosław Grzanka on

      Additional $60 confuses me. Sorry. If I back at $150, so I already do receive one of the special covers - will ADDITIONAL $60 upgrade to skull one? Will it add additional book? Or will I be able to choose skull cover instead of Sanjulian or Doug Kovacs covers? What if I back at $300?

    12. Missing avatar

      John Marchione on

      1 vote for Burgundy and I've increased my pledge amount!

    13. Missing avatar

      Blake on

      Is this price for the demon cover completely separate from the backing at other levels or would I be able to have an add on of 20 dollars to"upgrade" my core rulebook printing to the demon cover? I'm currently backing at the name level pledge.

    14. Peter Foxhoven on

      Brown would be nice. It would give it a much different feel from the current Burgundy leather bound editions.

    15. The Baragoon