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Official DEVO documentary film needs your help to finish editing the film this year.
Official DEVO documentary film needs your help to finish editing the film this year.
790 backers pledged $70,150 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

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      Lefae on May 20

      How does one go about getting a refund from something like this?

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      Jon on March 4

      I see the boys are releasing their own book now. I wouldn't be surprised if it's related to this in some manner and killing this gets more books sold. Either way....this project has been a disaster.

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      Ian Ashman on February 23

      Let's be straight here. Backers were scammed into thinking this project was fully authorised. It wasn't. If I am wrong, show me the contract between you and Devo which attests to this being authorised.

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      Ian Ashman on February 23

      Let's be straight here. Backers were scammed into thinking this project.

    5. Don Arntz on January 28

      Scott, I'm not sure if that was the terms and conditions when we contributed.

    6. Scott McMillin on January 28

      I'd like my refund please.

      A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward. Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

    7. Bronwyn Cragg on January 22

      I, like others, are feeling pretty hopeless about this whole project. I pledged a LOT of money that I didn't have but felt was necessary to move the project along in my first year of high school. I have now almost graduated -- that's a long time! I think a lot of us would appreciate at /least/ a few more regular updates. It's nothing less than tiring and grating to hear the "ask Mark" excuse ad nauseam. That said, I look forward to any updates (hopefully positive) (or any refunds!)

    8. Missing avatar

      wilcoxon on January 21

      Some more information please? As near as I can tell, no updates with any info at all have been posted anywhere (here, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, blogspot) since August 2015 (and those mostly just seemed to say "it's up to Mark"). Almost 800 people helped fund this film - we deserve to be kept in the loop about what is happening.

    9. Magnus Jacobsson on January 2

      some information please

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott Reed on October 29, 2015

      I filed a complaint today.

    11. Missing avatar

      Scott Reed on October 26, 2015

      Nearly 2.5 years late. Can someone tell me how to officially file a complaint and ask for my money back? As far as I am concerned it is not happening- surely Mark M is not designing and signing shirts, so the fair thing to do would be to return all money. Remember this is 3 times as much as they asked for.

    12. Missing avatar

      S M on October 4, 2015

      Going to be great.
      Excited as a spud could be to see this documentary.

    13. Missing avatar

      Cametethea on August 31, 2015

      I feel scammed bamboozled beguiled bilked burned conned deceived duped finessed gypped hoodwinked overcharged swindled tricked victimized ripped off and sad.

    14. Rob S on August 14, 2015

      If anyone is going to the DEVOtional this weekend, it would be nice to get a report on this project. Also, during Q&A maybe nailing someone down to answer to the issues.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mal Padgett on July 13, 2015

      Fo mine, I say get the video out, compromises or not, then release a 'director's cut' some time in the future - kinda like Apocalypse Now. Plenty of great directors compromise their visions because of interference from the studio or, in this case, the subject matter. It's two years late and you've had the trust of we Backers. Let us decide if the film is flawed or not when we see it, hopefully sooner than later. I sympathise but you need to also appease your shareholders. Good luck!

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Ronningen on July 8, 2015

      I'm a huge Devo fan and this film looked like it had great promise. This is the only Kick-starter project I've ever backed and now I need to find out how I get my money back :(

    17. Charles Cousins on July 7, 2015

      Sorry to hear about your woes. I hope it all works out.

      I do appreciate the update.

    18. John Fallon on July 6, 2015

      I think it's class action law suit time. What a crook.

    19. Gordon Reiselt on June 21, 2015

      I will try to be reject full and considerate. I used to like Devo and so when I backed this project in 2012, I did not expect a lot. But what I got was a lot less then what I expected. When the deadline for the film and the rewards to be due, I waited. Then I wrote to Tony several times just wanting some quick update as to why nothing had happened and why everything seemed so secretive. The result of all of this is that I do not trust Kickstarter for getting involved with Devo and I think that Devo is a big mess. Don't think they or anyone involved with them on this project are crooks, but they are not to be trusted and all involved are incompetent. I am not going to cheer them on because they no longer have my respect. It takes little time and effort for someone associated with Devo to set this record straight. I don't expect an important guy like Tony to have the time to get involved, but maybe his maid or butler can lend a hand. Get with it guys and stop throwing crumbs and start telling us what is going on.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ian Ashman on June 12, 2015

      These guys are either crooks or the most incompetent kickstarters on the planet.No contact with backers. Just hopeless. Refund time.

    21. Don Arntz on May 27, 2015

      It pains me to say it, but I think it's time to request a full and accurate accounting report of where the money went. If there is any left, it's time to start processing refunds based on percentage contributed. I encourage backers to report the project due to lack of transparency. There is a "report this project to Kickstarter" link at the bottom of the campaign page. I don't blame the producer or director for things beyond their control, but it is clear at this point they do not wish to share what has happened / happening.

    22. Michael Rowe on May 13, 2015

      May need an "Un" authorized cut to be released...

    23. William James Cuffe on May 5, 2015

      I believe there actually is a film, as the clips that have been shown have a professional polish to them. The problem seems to be getting the band to approve the film as is. General consensus seems to be that it is Mark that is holding up the approval process, with inference that it is because there is some mention of drug use in the band's past. I can understand why Mark would not want that sort of thing out there with his recent success in the Lego Movie and his Yo Gabba Gabba activity. But that "admission" is a matter of public record -- Bob 1 successfully reacquiring the "Blue Potato" Ibanez comes to mind. I think the question that should be asked at this point is: How important is it for the released film to be "Official"?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ian Ashman on May 5, 2015

      OK, I give up.

      This is either a scam or the most incompetent filmmakers in the world.

      Which is it???

    25. Robert G. Schaad on April 28, 2015

      A lot has happened in DEVO history over the past few years...but when is the finished docu/dvd coming out??

    26. Missing avatar

      Jay Richmond on April 23, 2015

      I thought this was a Devo doco not a Sex Pistols 'Swindle' doco
      Product or money back please

    27. Magnus Jacobsson on March 26, 2015

      some information, please

    28. Don Arntz on March 19, 2015

      Here's an interview from late 2012 (near the bottom). Seems like the tension was already there that far back. It would be nice if the very professional producer and filmmaker would weigh in on the matter...

    29. Missing avatar

      Dan Doyle on March 18, 2015

      Its been so long I almost forgot I'd foolishly gotten involved in the first place. I'm sure there is zero possibility of it ever happening, but I'd really like a refund..... which will of course be handled professionally like all everyone else's questions / concerning, ignored.
      Bye bye hard earned.....

    30. Don Arntz on March 13, 2015

      They've apparently already blamed Mark Mothersbaugh for the delay, but don't have the huevos to tell any of us that this is a matter of fact or why.

    31. Missing avatar

      John Freedman on March 13, 2015

      I posted this comment on the last update, and will repost here to let it be more widely visible:

      Mr. Pemberton and Ms. Friedman:

      And the February update is . . .?

      Please process a refund of my contribution, thank you.

      John Freedman

    32. Michael Kellner on March 11, 2015

      Hello. Still hoping this will happen. It is the oldest Kickstarter of the 90 projects that I've successfully backed that hasn't delivered yet.

    33. Don Arntz on March 5, 2015

      I've been slightly vocal too, even though I didn't put in a great deal of money. I'm disappointed for the same reason, they totally disregarded the whole point of kickstarter. We paid money because we many people WANT to be in on the loop. I enjoy hearing all aspects of the documentary process especially because I have a RTF degree. Many of us practically begged for updates. How much time would it take to write one? 10 mins? 30 mins? You took our money. You to a significant amount of money. You ignored questions. You ignored requests for updates. You couldn't be bothered to give us the nitty gritty of the process. You couldn't be bothered to do anything except take our money. Is the band (or Mark) holding up the process? Is someone else? Nobody is mad because it's delayed as so much as you're not honest. You're not on the level with people who supported you. You don't deserve what you've been given. If the documentary shows the level of care about the subject as it does about the contributers, it's probably awful anyway. So take that to the bank (along with all our money).

    34. William James Cuffe on February 28, 2015

      The SxSW 2015 Line-Up was announced earlier in the month:

      As could be guessed, Are We Not Men? The Devo Documentary was not on the list. The reason I've been posting these links is a demonstration that there have been multiple opportunities to post updates to the project that would have kept us, the pledgers, informed. None of those opportunities were used.

      Now, I have probably been the most vocal person here when it comes to the level of feedback we have received. I understand that as creators you don't want negative press, and so Tony and crew have chosen to remain silent rather than post an update that essentially puts their plans on hold.

      This seems to be the main reason the project is late. They seem to have a very inflexible plan for release. They want the documentary to have as wide an audience as it can for maximum impact. This means making the circuit of film festivals. The problem with this approach is that the festivals only happen once a year, and not getting into them means waiting a whole other year before the established plan can be tried again. A whole other year with no updates.

      Maybe what Tony hinted at February 5th is the producers finally agreeing they can't meet the debut plan they have set for themselves and have restructured their release tactics. Maybe a cable network has shown interest in airing it? That would be a hopeful turn of events. While I found that heartening when Tony first posted a possible change in the near future, I am now forced resign myself that since February is now over (or will be in about five minutes as of writing this) and there is no new information, that the new plans have fallen through.

      I keep coming back to Devo's song "Enough Said" from New Traditionalists:

      None of you would help me when I baked my bread.
      Now all of you would help me eat it.
      I can see that you are very well fed.
      This indicates that you don't need it.

      We helped bake this bread. We're not even asking to be allowed to eat it. We don't even know if it's done yet. Bread eventually goes stale, and the longer we wait, the less likelihood there is that we'll see anything.

      Cutting through the mental grease and grime,
      William James Cuffe

    35. John Fallon on February 21, 2015

      Why isn't Kickstarter getting involved? Is it too late to withdraw and get my money back? Worst Kickstarter ever!

    36. Creator Tony Pemberton on February 5, 2015

      Dear Backers,

      We hope to announce new updates about our film in the coming month of February, with some positive new twists. Please be patient, it will be worth it. The film is still happening.

      —Tony Pemberton & Roberta Friedman

    37. David Cole on February 1, 2015

      Any update? Even if it's bad news, we deserve to know.

    38. Don Arntz on January 30, 2015

      I don't recall if I posted this, but here is a message from the director dated July of last year and my response I sent today. Because this was so long ago, this makes me think there is some serious issues with the bad about the film. Of course, how would we know because they will not tell us anything:

      Dear Don,
      Currently are in negotiations with rights issues, and issues with the band. Hopefully to resolve this by end of the year for Sundance 2015.
      Send me your phone number if you would like to further discuss and I will have Roberta Friedman the producer call you.
      Don Arntz

      Hi Tony,

      I appreciate the previous message, but why aren't you giving updates about the doc to the kickstarter supporters? Even when you do give updates, they are vague. I imagine we are adults and can be addressed as such. You really have to be honest with the supporters, even if it means that things are not going well with the project.



    39. Missing avatar

      Ian Ashman on January 23, 2015

      I've started using this project within the company I work for as an example of how NOT to run a project. It has all the elements; unrealistic deadlines, promises made that could never be kept, non-existent communication and a general panicked air of incompetence.

    40. Don Arntz on January 21, 2015

      I'm having the feeling there is a problem with the band? Otherwise why wouldn't he give us updates and why wouldn't he post more clips? I'm just guessing at this point because of the lack of communication. I know it is their baby, but what they have done to those who contributed to kickstarter is really not right. The producer and director asked the contributors for help, and in return there should be an openness and frankness about the doc.

    41. Missing avatar

      John Freedman on January 19, 2015

      Hi all,
      This is my first comment here. Like many of you, I am distressed at both the lack of progress on this project (was fully funded in August, 2012) and the lack of communication from the producers (a flurry of optimistic emails last August).

      According to the Sundance link provided by William James Cuffe below, Are We Not Men was passed over by Sundance for this year.

      I funded this project because I love the band. I know nothing about the production team, and I wonder if Mr. Pemberton either has some severe illness or personal issue, or if this is some sort of a con game. Has anyone been able to get a recent response from Mr. Pemberton?

    42. Missing avatar

      Scott Reed on January 13, 2015

      In August of 2012 the film was 95% complete and needed editing.
      January 2014 I got a tweet about a test audience.
      A year after the test audience and nothing?!
      July 2014 an update to "hang in there."
      Six months later "still hanging."

    43. Magnus Jacobsson on January 9, 2015

      Hi Tony! How are you and what has happened since the last update? //Magnus

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