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Triangulation is a semi-professional annual SF, Fantasy and Horror Anthology that prides itself in encouraging new writers.
Created by

Steve Ramey

50 backers pledged $2,341 to help bring this project to life.

Table of Contents

Here's the Table of Contents for Triangulation: Last Contact:

"A Claw from the Western Paradise" by Gwendolyn Williams

"The Good Daughter" by Aaron Polson

"In the Shadow of God There is Fire" by Sandra M. Odell

"The Gold in the Straw" by Amanda C. Davis

"The Bright Air That Breathes No Pain" by Eric N. Schaller

"Boll Weevil" by Nathaniel Lee

"The Customs Shed" by John Walters

"Ezekiel" by Desmond Warzel

"Ocean Daughters" by Jaime Lee Moyer

"City of Bones" by Deborah Walker

"In Ruins" by Jo-Anne Odell

"Lord God Bird" by Sarah Frost

"Norms" by Cynthia Ward

"To Rule, Do Nothing" by Tristan Davenport

"Zafir the Saudi Superhero" by Madhvi Ramani

"Twilight's Last Gleaming" by H.L.N. Fullergon

"Lack of Charity" by James Beamon

"To Give the Perfect Dewdrop" by Dawn Lloyd

"The Party" by Christopher N. Nadeau

"The Reel" by Helen Tarzwell

"The Last Cyborg" by M. Yang

"A Feast of Kings" by David Sklar

"The Charnel Pit" by Stephen Gaskell

"God in the Machine" by Charles Brownson

"Seedling" by Eric Zivovic

"The Loss of Pain" by Amy Treadwell

"Mikeys" by Robert J. Sawyer

I will be blogging teasers from various stories at Ramey Writes.

Thank you so much for making the anthology possible this year. You have no idea how much this means to us. We're certainly doing all we can to make sure the collection rewards your support.

Our next goal is to get the book to the printer before June 30. This will save approximately $100 in printing costs, so wish us luck. Less money to the printer means more money to authors next year.